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  1. S> Restricted Diet raum 10 S>2x Ets 11 PM on Forum
  2. Luster

    B> Mage items

    PMed you back @IronHarpoon_
  3. Luster

    B> Mage items

    B> Undef/Trainor Kate Fuitol 11 B> Draki MP SS B> Dual Flame 3 B> Dual LKP 3 PM via forum.
  4. Luster

    S> Rouge Krowaz Set 9

  5. Luster

    Ultima spawn at csw time

    Keep cz open and change the ultima time
  6. Luster

    B> Mage Support Items

    damn man.... memories for sure.
  7. Luster

    B> Mage Support Items

    Looking to come back to this game. B> Krowaz set 8 mage dual Rol 3 Draki Pendant SSS Dual SSE 3 PM ME ON FORUM
  8. S> Mage items Undeaftable Fulitol 11 rev IBOL +2 EP +3 Dual Flame Rings +3 SSE +3 LKP +2 Chitin Shield +0 Iron Belt +1 Draki Pendant SSS Magic Kro mage 3x +8 2x Rosetta 8 Looking to sell together. PM ON FORUM OR PM FLUFFY IN GAME
  9. Luster

    B> SSE +2, SSE +3

  10. Luster

    B> SSE +2, SSE +3

    B> 3x SSE 2 B> SSE +3 PM ON FORUM
  11. Luster

    S> Some mage items

    S> 4x Krowaz Mage 11 pieces SOLD Pauldron SOLD Pads SOLD Helmet SOLD Guants SOLD S> Undef Fuitol 11 reverse S> 2x Flame Rings +3 PM ON FORUM!
  12. Luster

    Timmeh/SirBangAlot Looking for a clan

    those signatures are hurtful