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    NLoveMyLife reacted to Sirbangalot in !!!!!!!! New Server Suggestions !!!!!!!   
    I'm geared as well as any other but ill advocate for a new server as well. With the experiance the mods have now of what too do and what not to do,  and the notoriety of Apex (plenty just waiting for a new server). I would be confident in an Apex restart. Yes other people and I have invested into Apex however, at this point its become a mundane battle of the same 30ish players. Some new ones come but they don't stay for too long. Kurians can be further nerfed, mages can be made op (I don't care if they're destroying the melee's, the more there are, the better). I've been playing Apex since the original beta and its okay at best now, but nothing like what it used to be. Make Apex Great Again
    Btw, peak Apex Pk was when shell 7's were free and everyone was going for Dragon armor i think it was called? The least disparity between top players and lower level players.