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  1. New Server Delivery Needed Knight online users 'meeting with Apexko' usko style combination is possible in the coming months
  2. You can ask this to your users by polling the management will allow it
  3. New Server Coming Soon We are looking forward to it @Sierra @aesteris @root
  4. Clan Tournament and Party winning the whole tournament dollars to be Usera olucaktır help Entering the Server. If you now make sure you're doing a large-scale clan tournament is open server 1000 UserA passes.
  5. UTC imbalance would certainly need to open the New Server Light pk
  6. Why should it be a terrible idea Always Smart Innovations is a good example Usko Why Opens New Server New User, and for a New Audience Why does the Clan tournament Usera should open a new Server to entertain More Clan tournament must be done.
  7. At Apex putting one will stay where they are to use, but make sure you Apexko 2 is 1000 times its current userin if Angle future;)
  8. Evet sana katılıyorum kesinlikle Serverde Sürekli ayarlarıyla oynanmaması düşüncesindeyim cz arkası dk ya raptor itemlerini tekrandan eklemeleri lazım hem yeni gelen userler daha kolay item yapabilir.
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