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  1. mrhankey

    im sick, tired and pissed off

    Actually kurians were pretty good here back then but got nerfed due to some requests from VIP players
  2. Actually back then you could find a gm online almost everyday,getting responses in a second via pm
  3. i remember gms having transfered some clans to balance the server like 2 years ago or so but i am not sure if they are requesting lately.somebody should keep an eye on
  4. mrhankey

    Need help on xmas event

    Zeez from rebellion smoke screens on xmas event.Is there any sentence for that? His clanmates are supporting him as well telling us we should do the same
  5. mrhankey

    Testing out Streaming at 'Twitch'

    oh i forgot most of us wonder how you got unbanned please enlighten us for the KC sake
  6. mrhankey

    Testing out Streaming at 'Twitch'

    its odd how you start opening topics and appear to be supporting community after whats done is done.is it kinda redemption or what? or have u find another way to spam free topics on forum cause i pay for each word i type here xD
  7. mrhankey


  8. mrhankey

    Christmas Event

    if i remember correctly all the snowman events i have been encountered happened to be take place in either lufer or emc.that should be the case,once event starts you should be able to punch it not throw snowball.as said above ur lucky if ur snowball reaches snowman.i know gms dont bother at all.i am just writing anyway
  9. mrhankey

    Priests bug abusing Dark MAce in Delos town

    krowaz chests,wings or pathos gloves ( for 1-2-3 days ),would have been fine.Red,blue pots and dark weapons are lame imo
  10. mrhankey

    Ultma Event About

    Go tell them to plsblockdrainers syndicate
  11. mrhankey

    Halloween event

    punching is faster mate besides disarming takes a lil time
  12. mrhankey

    Nerfing drain was a bad idea?

    Naaaaaaa John i dont think either fela or ulti gonna die down regarding lack of drains.Your pic shows half of the story,yes ultis hp goes down like %60 then it stands still as well as felankor was alive for almost 2 hours in bowl today cause u know why ,humans gave up on.Let's see how it works whithout drains yet 3-4 parties on felankor.I doubt it dies
  13. mrhankey

    I think Rogue Amor Assassin Weight is too low

    use prem hp pot mana pot and armor enchant scrolls via doing daily prem quest.those will reduce pots and scrolls
  14. mrhankey

    TS & Stun & Slow

    dafuq is that staff range pls do check 2starz.i am getting hit from miles away every time.meret has point
  15. mrhankey

    portu ların (party) 75 sikili

    O dedigin özellik butun portuların zehri işliyor o eskidendi kaldırdı gm ler çünkü tbl kankamız ve başkaları şikayet etti gm e portuları.Gm de nedense kaldırdı.Daha geri dönülmez sanmıyorum hakan Tbl 1 ay dil döktü ama forumda zehir için