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  1. Twostarz could you tell me which specific defence skill boosts hp? i couldn't find out exact definition on any def skill.
  2. all the fundemantals of classes adopted to krko or its just kurian?
  3. apples and oranges man.as on playing warior u dont need to think about at all.set up the macro and move on to the target.on the other hand kurian players calculate like minumum 5 to 15 variables.kurian players calculate pull,rush divide timing,protect priest and other members while attacking and descenting back.apples and oranges dude.there is much more to talk but haters gonna hate. its been like 10th post maybe i am still asking aesteris what the heck happened to kurians hp? any logic behind just deleting fixed hp? why dont u wear off some hp from other classes? is it a monthly rituel? are you gonna wear off 500 hp every month?
  4. actually '' we are making kuian work as it does in usko'' is a cover up.apexko is a private server you can implement anything as u want.You dont need to be the same as usko at all! that is not an excuse i get.and yes as u said g1r0 i have checked skill trees.only one choice left to be made.its that lame ass support class as korans does.make yourself hp armor + descent.divide in party.if u are lucky you ll get 1 kill.but you can not attack and do any damage.this is as it is.and still it not a supportive way to do.you cant tank still.no shieldino dot damage almost half the damage of a warior... basicly what i believe is it is an excuse to let kurians give up playing.thats what i did.and i still demand free class change scroll which Aesteris doesnt care at all.we have invested time ,money and effort on a class and now its not playable anymore.i dont know how may i make my self more clear. and i wont be wondering around the bowl as a half of the skills working kurian.
  5. can be exhibited in a museum
  6. Really? You have lowered 500 hp on my kurian just like that and you claim it is to be played supportive? Really? hahahaha
  7. Give us free class change scroll and let us go.none of us playing kurian anymore thanks to you
  8. it was all bullshit at first tough,nerfing the skill,can you think of archer arrow 70 skill fails %50? or mage blink fails %50? oh yeah what a great explanation,we took off half the kurian skills so you can explore that it is a %30 warrior now.
  9. Twostars Could you explain me losing 500 hp on midget kurian? cause i had no bonus from nothing.i am not on devil transformation thus i am not getting any hp bonus.thus how come i lose 500 hp? is it bc you took off a fixed amount hp off kurian? if so what was the purpose? moreover kurian does damage way too less than a warior yet still got nerfed. i am sure u aware of it.it took me 1 year to get dual rof3 to add some hp and ap yet you took it away without a logical explanation.dafuq is a hp loss? we all deman free class change scroll.still i tried to explore a way out maybe be a tanker like full def.whats the point kurians cant wield a shield.can not dot can not hit far can not hit much as warior and 60 skill fails %60 %70 yet you still suggest us playing? absurd!
  10. let me know if any of gms play a char on apexko.Playing as kurian is rough.we got multiple issues.first everyone targets kurians,second kurians cant wield a shield,third u fucked up kurians defenses and survival ability,fourth,you lowered the hp,fifth deleted dot damages,and maybe the most important of kurians cant attack as far as mages or wariors do.thats a huge downside.when u have 2-3 feet distance of enemy a warior or a mage cant hit a kurian yet kurian can not.of all those downsides you still nerfing the kurian.thats why all kurian users complain about. So my suggestions remains the same.either rollback what u have done or give us free free class change scroll or basicly delete the kurian class since its not playable anymore. as mage4life mentioned above i am too being suspicous of some players asking nerfing kurians.probably the same guy who cried on forum for like 3 months about dot kurians way too back
  11. nath i play a midget kurian yet somehow i lost 500 hp thats what i am saying and yes i am aware of your points.bıth attack and poison kurians nerfed till they cant pk properly.its better delete the class or nerf back whats done
  12. hey nath , i assume yur talking about using 1k hp pot when transformation on.what i mentioned is entirely different.new patch removed a fix amount of hp from my kurian which is 500.what i dont understand is,if kurian is a threat to pk which sounds absurd cause every class happens to be,even to be considered,then just remove divide skill and give back us %100 stun and 1k hp pot on transformation and give bck my fuckin 500 hp like used to be.Also if u wanna be fair give kurian a shield like captain america.all classes can run away and save their asses wielding a shield except kurian.
  13. at least you dont call us a whiny bitch as aesteris calls.Thanks for being kind.I ll take ur advice and find a way out then.still saying nerfing the hp is idiotic
  14. you know whats fair.Just give kurian owners a free class change scroll and admit that it was your intention at the first place cause there isnt any other explanation for your actions.Whats the point of nerfing aoe stun and decreasing kurian total hp at the first place? ıts like whole cz is after one kurian and you go like oh lets just punish him and lower the hp so he cant survive anymore? even if thats the case,accepting the stun nerfing why nerf the total hp? anything makes sense? every each kurian player says the same '' it a kind way to tell us just dont play kurian ''. thats how we interpret
  15. ben bişe derim de sonra paranoyak dersiniz ama ne hikmetse sadece kuriana oluyo her seferinde gerisi de var da demicem
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