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  1. lpp windforce +11,caos nebiros +11,dual se +3,eme +3,sse +3,garges shield +8,holy animor +11 pm on forum thanks...
  2. i would say lupin visibility range is extremely short
  3. mrhankey


    i can tell over than 2 months prololy 3 months or so
  4. if u were to delete 2k 300 ac sc then you have to deweaponise the gears to have balance,like +0 accesories and +7 or +8 weapons max.if u dont wanna pk last longer i dont think its for lvl 83 cap.on servers has lvl 80 or 70 cap combat lasts less longer.still there is something wrong with apexstyle combat
  5. fena çevirmemiş daha ne istiyon
  6. basicly there is nothing left to sell and every1 has gbs and lots of items +8,+7,+9 thus the kc is high priced,market is dead yes
  7. i see two outcomes here as if i were to be listened.either apexko admin team ll play with all classes and then see the ups and downs of the classes or have someone do that.all the other options to solve server problems will be temporary and fade out eventually
  8. i have already given up for a logical answer or whatsoever.all we need is a free class scroll for kurian players since u f-ed up the class yet no answer to that either
  9. mrhankey

    8635 Damage

    malice geldiyse normal divide ile warior kuriandan 4-8k asastan 8-20k yersin
  10. Twostarz could you tell me which specific defence skill boosts hp? i couldn't find out exact definition on any def skill.
  11. all the fundemantals of classes adopted to krko or its just kurian?
  12. apples and oranges man.as on playing warior u dont need to think about at all.set up the macro and move on to the target.on the other hand kurian players calculate like minumum 5 to 15 variables.kurian players calculate pull,rush divide timing,protect priest and other members while attacking and descenting back.apples and oranges dude.there is much more to talk but haters gonna hate. its been like 10th post maybe i am still asking aesteris what the heck happened to kurians hp? any logic behind just deleting fixed hp? why dont u wear off some hp from other classes? is it a monthly rituel? are you gonna wear off 500 hp every month?
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