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  1. What would happen if they were tradable? I used to buy hundreds to treant farmers anyway at like 110k each.
  2. @twostars is everything okay?
  3. character name is AMAZINGDEALS on one acc, and I guess zephyr on the other? But no matter the account, none will work on my pc or laptop. Is this normal? I don't think anyone else is experiencing this. Loading information gets stuck at a % and then never moves again.
  4. None of my accounts will get past loading information after getting dc'd in moradon. What's going on? I was trying to sell items with "no trade" in the spam, for those that don't know, it means not trading for other items (aka "no takas" in turkish). I wanted IGC KC.
  5. You could make helis do 500% damage and a BP would still get focused and die in 0.3 seconds in a crowded pk situation.
  6. They probably want newcomers to stay away from cz because getting raided over and over is toxic.
  7. Sins have to juggle 2 RNG formulas: CP not critting, and skills not failing. Even if CP crits, the skill might fail. Even if the skill doesn't fail, CP might not crit (yay for 800 damage spike on warriors). David is right, every single spammable skill in the game has some serious MP costs (on par with their unlock level). Sins I suppose got low mana costs because their best skills are on a 10-60 seconds cooldown and you must use every single one of them to finish a damage rotation, as opposed to other classes that just equip their latest unlocked skill. Not to mention how minor healing is integral to their gameplay, and more mana consumption in damaging abilities means less healing. All things considered, KO as a base game is decently balanced but it's clear that rogues (and in this server, archers) have got the short end of the stick. They're good at what they do yes, but in the current metagame they're kind of a liability. Hopefully archers will get ice and light unnerfed, styx back to reasonable cooldown levels (something not on the 3 digits of seconds at least) and the speed penalty. As for the topic at hand, even if they can't be made failsafe, it would be nice if the % chance of failure was at least lowered. I suppose it must be like 10% rn. Also, what's up with these skills failing so much on higher level mobs like isi, greeds and such?
  8. The first two ideas are silly. We don't even have +1 jewels and you want draki and super shells? Lol. CR's are bad yeah, same with lunar wars (the trademark event of KO mind you, with the invasions and stuff). Bifrost CR is weird... there's only one type and it awards a LOT of frags. The reward is good (gluttony could be reduced to 3 from 5) and it's worth doing at least (unlike the CZ or war ones) but at least some variation? Maybe add ashitons, PVP kill requirements, etc.
  9. 30 titans 30 kills CR, my party was the first one to complete it, with 20 minutes left for the 90 min duration CR to finish. People just don't bother anymore...
  10. Archer nerf still needs reversing (been a month ?) Chaos Dungeon still needs to be added (been 2 weeks since the poll) +1 needs opening soon. War still needs changes (been over 1 month since people suggested adding refugees and the alseides plains map) Collection races desperately need updates. People no longer go out of their way to play during them because the rewards are meh and even the best ones are worth like 10m (been nearly 2 weeks since suggested) Kill GM events are nice even if weekly but that's all the things GMs have done. Still no boss events, find the gm, or overall no gm presence outside caribe kicking FT afkers lol. No "what we're working on posts". Does that mean nothing is being worked on? ? Instead of doing the bare minimum, just think of how much better the server could be if you guys were on top of things. The best server ever probably.
  11. By simplifying the amount of tasks you have to do in-game with your hands, it becomes easier to focus on doing everything else, therefore getting an edge over those who choose not to use it. It's not rocket science tbh.
  12. Whatever you guys do pls don't mess up the +1 stuff with a non guaranteed success rate... people don't gear up and farm hard to obtain uniques (you know, unlike armors and weps that come and go) just to have them go boom by some RNG chance.
  13. It's literally mage's paradise. They just nuke the isiloon and the surroundings for 25k NPs in a little less than an hour but let's nerf rogues xd.
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