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    55555555555 reacted to TheBeastaq in Suggestion for Juraid event.   
    well they can add lego sos mino etc to bifrost event
    -the way both events are going to be active
    -will have more farm in server
    iyi idea kanka
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    55555555555 reacted to at1layy in Yere vurma saçmalığı ve öneriler   
    tişikkirlir fıxtrıt     
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    55555555555 reacted to Pogo157 in Sell items - warrior krowaz set+5rev/wiri+8rev   
    Weak Dwarf Wirinom+9rev (203ap)
    Draki dex S.S.B
    2x Rol+2
    Pm me with offers here.
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    55555555555 reacted to SacrificeProductions in Warrior Aoe (Balance idea)   
    well he really isn't trying to gain an advantage, what he is requesting is something all of the other mage clans wanted( the ones that stayed after mage damage was corrected ), also because i know a few people will say these things at some point, yes i am mage currently, yes before i supported mage dmg being fixed and the aoe change, yes i support the change to warrior aoe to bring back mages, no it's not for my own gain, but mages make private servers lively so it would be nice to have them back, plus even when i was playing warrior, literally no one would use cry echo, it was always torment then aoe like it was the main attack skill in fights.
    Just an added suggestion, we could do something to buff up the mages hp and defense a little, i mean on scrolls( minus the lion scroll)  mages are pushing 6k hp and about 1k def, while other classes are higher, just so mages get abit more survivability.
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    55555555555 reacted to SacrificeProductions in !!!!!!!! New Server Suggestions !!!!!!!   
    sure usko opens new servers, but you notice usko is dying so they  keep opening/ merging servers to try to stay afloat, it's alot different on the private server scene then usko, multiple servers for a private server doesn't always look to good on a private servers name. Plus who cares for 50vs50 tournament?, we have clan vs tournaments now( which can be 50vs50 ) but there are no clans that play as 50 players at one time.
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    55555555555 reacted to Ouss in Warrior's Aoe Skill   
    Best bullshit update knight online, Warrior AOE Hard damages update.

    AOE Damage (NO Cooldown) and 2k damages. this fxcking bullshit. Mage meteor 1.5k max damage and 2second meteor use, Warrior aoe 0 cooldown attack and 2k damage and 2x fast damage  

    Warrior = TBL Mage AOE = Berserker AOE (BULLSHIT) 

    This server Private server (players suggestions database) this need change after minimum 8-9 mage clan join the server but melee server now ) 

    nvm. have a nice day
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    55555555555 reacted to VERSACEONTHEFLOOR in Buy sash+2   
    babayaro,, ngee ngee ngee ngaaa ngaa ngaa ngoo ngoo ngoo
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    55555555555 reacted to KSER in S> Warrior items, B>Archer Items   
    -4x War krowaz+8(no pad) for rogue krowz set +8
    -dual ROC+2 for dual ROL+2.
    -2x we+2, sos+0, 25k KC
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    55555555555 reacted to 55555555555 in Buy Chaos wirinom-baal   
    forum message
    for kc
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    55555555555 reacted to S4k in SELL> GG WARRIOR GEAR SK WIRI +11/ UNDEF NEB +11 / STRINGS +2   
    Armal sorry bro, try noww  BUMP!