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  1. xD try using that ice skill that has 1k dot dmg
  2. I feel you bro we mostly online on dead hours and will choose 1 out of 2 ultima events because joining 2 is too much, 2:30am and 9:30am for me.
  3. I tested it and ask people if it work, they see me sometimes do it and sometimes not.
  4. I ask the person who got mentioned to be doing this "slide" thing and he told me to watch this video .
  5. maybe this is what he mean by slide, I also saw on twitch some players playing priest dragging their mouse left and right fast then go to a direction they want.
  6. a warrior in his clan also do, but ye you need to record a video of them doing it or else gm's will see this as hoax.
  7. 4 clan leader of top human clans already voted to impeach, how many votes does it need to kick him as a king or do it need some time like 24 hours to take impeachment in effect?
  8. How is a war commander ruining pk now? its action command is disabled and only a few can be given, like 4 each nation?
  9. so if the king quit the clan should fix it?
  10. Just wipe all np's to 0 so people will work for new upcoming items on np store ( with decent price )
  11. I think they already fixed this, instead you get rooted ( which you can cast skill while this curse is active) not stunned.
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