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  1. if you want to to do it under 2.3mins try click the last one which I remember you go directly on bosses
  2. freaking lazy people even blocking trade cant fcking do
  3. sometimes happen even tho scrolls are not finish when you get debuff
  4. I agree nt Alcoholics to human because they are online when its orcko need to balance at least.
  5. as far as I know they down the nps received for future reward's
  6. In morning's here it is always HumanKO 4 pt human vs 1 pt orc
  7. I would say run a event similar to snowman with kind of similar rewards.
  8. your build is not good here, so you need to adopt on op class kurian in apexko style not usko
  9. lul so you cp only 2 skill to combo before cp time runout and cp+spike always 900 dmg full fail np, nice idea knk.
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