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  1. Sell Reb +11 Priest Krowaz Set Sell Reb +11 Gab Adamant Sell Reb +11 Kaul Faun Sell Reb +11 Book of Flame Pm: Sanchoo, Panchoo, Aronmage
  2. Hey @Aesteris please dont close the topic and go away, we have more talking. 1-) Eden said the bug to gm_eos months ago, even islambol has changed his nation with us who is very closely friend of Gm_eos. And we report this to GM the bug and he said admins already knew this bug and they're not gonna fix it so we go on the nts bug 2-) Seeing if the bug is the ban reason, why did not u banned ppl who used knight mace and killin ppl at csw town, u just alert ppl. 3-) Seeing if the bugs are the ban reason, why did not u banned ppl while the guard towers were inactive and some ppl enter the karus town-human town and killing ppl fastly. 4-) if there is a crime, then you should ban ppl who used the bug and changed nation, ur bans are so ridicilous. Laikcibuffer was unrelated with this bug but u banned him too And im asking now is it funny my explanations or urs?
  3. i have asked the gms to that is it permanent-banned or? they said me ask admins, i have asked admins but they did not answer to me. Also we dont use the bug for abuse, we have used it just for pk, we got banned in return it. it is so funny
  4. You have announced the time of csw at 5 pm for Turkish time yesterday but it is 4 pm at schudle on your site. It will be harmful for that bring more party to csw in our opinion. The new time can be caused that the eu ppl maybe can not join the csw. We require that please set back old time as soon as possible.
  5. sanchoo

    Delos Bug

    We handled the delos as lRebeLLioNl two times before while ''Meret'' being king and there was not any problem here. You can check it. There is one our request that give back the delos to us which one is handing by us with our effort. So we will be pleasure if you working on it.
  6. sanchoo

    Delos Bug

    Is it new rule? We had a king in clan while keeping delos before. And we did not have any problems with this way. It is interesting and shit that the delos dropped from us with this way while ppl crying about delos on forum.
  7. sanchoo

    Delos Bug

    It seems like that delos is not belong us. We can not enter castle
  8. sanchoo

    Delos Bug

    Hi. The Castle belong to us for 9 weeks. But we could not enter inside the delos ''town'' today. We spawned in town which one is outside the castle.
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