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  1. Welcome to ApexKO! We're a light-farm, PK oriented server that has been online since December 2015! Based on the newest Official KO version, we strive to provide a seamless, quality service to all our players. Here's a small guide to get started in ApexKO. 1. Creating a character: After finishing creating your account, you may create a character. Each character will come equipped with the following items: 5 day Cospre items (Cospre armors, Pathos Gloves, Wings) vouchers that can be redeemed in Moradon for free. A name change scroll that can be used within 24 hours. 5 million noahs. 2. Customizing your character: You can acquire starter items to suit your class at the [Gear Dispenser] NPC, situated in front of the stairs in Moradon. It's completely free. 3. Stop by Sundries to get PUS PvP scrolls and other goods. In our sundries you can find the following items, which'll aid you in your endeavors in Ronark Land: HP 1500, AC 300, Swift and Wolf scrolls for free! Weapon and Armor enchant scrolls. Lion Stat Scrolls. HP 2000 and AC 350 scrolls. Teleport to Friend scrolls. EXP, WAR and DC flashes (can't be acquired anywhere else). Unbind Item (required to unlock bind-on-equip items like Krowaz Armors). Scrap of Steel and Nest Scraps (required to upgrade old uniques) can also be purchased in sundries. Level 62 scrolls for free (Absolute Power, Scream, Magic Shield, Judgment). Now you're ready to head into CZ! 4. In-Game events: Additional to the PK / PVP modes that Knight Online is known for, you may also access a multitude of other activities in-game. Apex KO currently offers the following events: Border Defense War Chaos Dungeon Forgotten Temple Juraid Mountain Lunar Wars & Invasions Bifrost Ronark Land (Base) Wars / Boss event Castle Siege War Delos Dungeon (exclusively for CSW winners) Draki's Revenge Under the Castle For event schedule in your own local time click here, or check the hourglass in-game. 5. Farming for gear. NOTE: Do not forget to do your daily 1 hour DC Premium and Oreads quests before going farming. If you do so, you get free autoloot and significantly better drop rates. Find [Analyst] NPC in CZ town. Farming in bowl By killing Cardinals, Undyings, Dark Eyes and Harungas, you can farm Gold Coins worth 1 million noahs. Atross and Riote drop a Silver Bar worth 10 million noahs and a gem. Do not forget to slay Etaroths wandering around, they drop Krowaz chests. Try not to miss Chaos Stones, as monsters spawn after killing it whom drop Apexis chests and gems. If you see an Orc Bandit Leader, do not hesitate to kill it has a chance to drop a Trina's Piece. Farming Blessed Upgrade Scrolls Blood Seekers and Beasts have the highest chance to drop Blessed Upgrade Scrolls. If you want to avoid being raided, try killing Cardinals (not the ones in bowl) and Dragon Tooth Commanders. Mini bosses Each of these mobs spawn at a specific location outside bowl. It's your task to find out where they are. They spawn every ~30-33 minutes and their drops include valuable Krowaz items. Farming Rosetta Armors (+7) They can be obtained by slaying Medikmash, Keramash and Nigmash situated on top of the platforms. Farming Super Shells (+7) and (+8) Falcons drop Mythril armors. Titans drop both Dragon Scale and Trial's armors. Evil Wizards drop Ron's armors. Exchanging quest rewards or medals Doing your daily or weekly quests rewards you with Apexis, Garges, Felankor's and Ultima's chests. Exchange them in Chaotic Generator and get valuable items. Please, keep in mind that you need to have 5,000 ladder points to be able to take "Felankor Hunt" and "Ultima Hunt" quests. PKing gets you ladder points. You may turn them into medals that can be exchanged in Chaotic Generator. 6. Various ApexKO™ features and convenient information (Click on them for in-depth information where available): Event entry: To access BDW and Juraid Mountain you need to be at least 83/1 or have 800 National Points in your character. Anti-DC feature: In events like Border Defense War and Juraid Mountain, accidentally disconnecting won't remove you from the event. Vote Kick feature: In instanced, automatic-party formation events, you can cast a vote-kick on a user that you think deserves it. Anti-Spam feature: If you spam the chat too quickly, you will be timed out for 2 minutes! Please don't spam the chat. Letter feature: You may send items through letter, or regular mail to the enemy nation. This has been disabled in official KO for ages. Rental feature: For 150 million noahs, you can rent the best weapons in the server for 1 hour. Find this NPC in Ronark Land. Offline Merchant: You don't need to be logged in to the merchanting character anymore, turn off your PC or play on another account meanwhile. Clan Online Rewards: The more members of your clan you have online, the higher the EXP, NP and drop rate bonuses will be! Clan Bank: ApexKO provides a clan bank at Moradon. Upgrade Rates: +9 and +3 are the maximum upgrade levels in ApexKO. You may only reach +8 -> +9 through rebirth upgrades. NOTE: Personal weapons; Forgotten Temple, Bifrost, Juraid items (weapons and shields) can be upgraded to +14 Reverse. Nation Transfer: You and your clan can nation transfer for a very small cost. Changing Class: You may class change for a reduced cost. Lunar Wars: This event has been readjusted to properly reward both attackers and defenders. Daily, weekly and monthly CZ quests: ApexKO has implemented quests to give you a reason to visit CZ every day for your PK fix! Player monthly and permanent symbol rankings: Head over to the ApexKO website to see more. Clan rankings: Head over to the ApexKO website to see more. Player information: Check the items of any ApexKO player. Just change their name in your browser navigation bar. Sealing items: You don't need to have premium to seal your items and secure your valued goods. Unbinding items: Items that bind on equip such as Krowaz Armors and Draki Pendants, require special unlocking measures. Personal weapons: The personal quests reward you the weapon of your choice at +8! Character Rebirth: You may rebirth your character up to 5 times, increasing your stats and resetting all quests, including the personal weapon ones. Medal exchanging: You may turn your ladder points into medals which can be exchanged in Chaotic Generator. Find [Nation Point Merchant] NPC in Moradon town (near the teleport gates). Rewards for ladder leaders: At the end of each month, Top 4 ladder ranking users will be rewarded for their hard work throughout the whole month. 7. GM List and asking for support / reporting bugs and cheaters. Here's the list of ApexKO's current staff members. If you need help with an issue in-game, click here. If you want to report a bug, click here. If you feel that the reported bug or exploit might be gamebreaking, please notify an admin directly. You will be rewarded if it is indeed severe. If you want to report a possible cheater, click here.
  2. Aesteris

    Why is it locked?

    There's no pushing anything in this case. Locking this topic.
  3. Aesteris

    Clan Grades

    Hey everyone, Quite a few people have asked this throughout beta, so here's a list with the total donated NP needed to advance your clan a grade in our server. Grade 5 to Grade 1 (Knights) is the same as USKO. Grade 1 (Knights) to Grade 5 (Accredited) - 900,000 NP (NOT donated, just cumulative) + Quest Grade 5 to Grade 4 - 126,000 NP Grade 4 to Grade 3 - 180,000 NP Grade 3 to Grade 2 - 270,000 NP Grade 2 to Grade 1 - 360,000 NP Grade 1 (Accredited) to Grade 5 (Royal) - 450,000 NP + Quest Grade 5 to Grade 4 - 540,000 NP Grade 4 to Grade 3 - 630,000 NP Grade 3 to Grade 2 - 720,000 NP Grade 2 to Grade 1 - 810,000 NP Hopefully this answers any questions you may have, if not, ask away below!
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    Please make a video of this, that'll help us identify what's wrong.
  5. Aesteris

    Patch notes (01/12/2018)

    Changelog Rebalanced Ultima and Felankor: - HP reduced - AC reduced and Magic Damage reduction increased; This results in mages and non-mages now dealing comparable damage. War commanders will now only be able to be commanders for the nation they were with when the war started. Warriors' and Kurians' AoE skills are no longer reduced in damage depending on how far from their target they hit (this change may or may not stay, subject to evaluation) Items that sell in your selling merchant and put you over 21GB will now have the remainder which you cannot hold at that moment mailed to you, so that you can claim it after loading off some cash.
  6. Dear players, We'll be trialing a different timing for Castle Siege War than usual in an attempt to accommodate more players to attend (and ultimately, increase the enjoyability!) The time we're looking at is 14:00 Amsterdam time (16:00 Turkey, 21:00 China, 23:00 Australia, 09:00 Peru, 12:00 Brazil). We're hopeful for a greater turnout than usual (and our analysis of you guys' playing behavior seems to indicate we'll be able to do just that!), so please make a reminder to yourselves - time for Castle Siege War on December 2nd is earlier than usual. We can't wait to see the amazing action that'll unfold. NOTE: Today's Castle Siege War will still be ran at the old timings Have fun! The Apex KO team
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    UTC miss

    Check the schedule and find the Bifrost entries, the 2 that are in closest proximity to now (in the future, obviously), are the ones at which UTC will be.
  8. Aesteris

    UTC miss

    You've not read the announcement, they'll be ran today on the Bifrost times (last one was 2h 47 minutes ago, next one is in 2h 13 minutes from the time of this post).
  9. Aesteris

    Where is my Apex Point and why banned ?

    Easy cowboy, let's get a few things straight. 1. I asked you to send me a PM on the forums with the name of the account/character you were having issues with, which item(s) you lost, when you lost them, and what you were doing when you last touched them and when you noticed them being gone. 2. After your continued reluctance to do so, I told you that unless you send me a PM with the required information, there would be no support. On top of that, if it turns out that you're lying, I'd ban you for lying to an admin; This is where you said "ban me pls", and so I kindly complied. I'll lock the topic as this isn't going anywhere, and on top of that, still misses the information I've explicitly requested from you. Looking forward to your PM.
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    Please let us know which monsters are behaving as such so we can look into it.
  11. Aesteris

    Kurian's AP/Skill bugged?

    I've investigated this by creating a new warrior and kurian character. I've statted them both 255 in STR and left the remaining stat points undistributed.I've taken of all armor / accessories / cospre items, and equipped the Untradable Hepa's Raptor (+11) reverse. Furthermore, skill point distribution was as follow; Kurian: 75 points in Attack (rest undistributed), Warrior: 83 points in Passion (rest undistributed). This yields the following results: Kurian AP: 2215 Warrior AP: 1856 Furthermore, as the warrior requires the buff to be able to use Cry Echo, the AP for the warrior increased by exactly 100 to 1956 upon using the buff. The damage on the <Iron Scarecrow> in Moradon was as follows: Kurian: 1800 ~ 1970 Warrior: 1600 ~ 1790 The damage difference is easily explained by the difference in AP, what's causing your difference - I don't know, but I'm guessing you're not accounting for something. Closing this topic.
  12. Aesteris

    Halloween event

    Alternative is allowing archers to use their normal attack, but that heavily favors archers because everyone else has to get close to hit it except for them, so that's not happening either. Locking this.
  13. Aesteris

    Drain issue

    What's your specific use case for multiple drains? If it's a legit one, we could consider adding exceptions.
  14. It's recently become popular to make topics selling characters "in Cypher Ring", while this is indeed something we allow, we'll be requiring everyone to show proof of having purchased a Character Seal scroll (in case you want to play while trying to sell the character), or otherwise a Cypher Ring (with the details of 'who' is inside) in the main post of the topic. Note: We don't support any other way of selling characters (whole account sales) so any topics that sell characters and do not abide by this rule will be deleted. Turkish: Son zamanlar Cypher Ring ile char satiyorum konulari cok populer oldu, buna izin verdigimiz halde herkesden bu konuyu actiginda Character Seal Scroll satin aldiklarinin kanitini gormek istiyoruz(chari oynadigin halde satmak istiyorsan), yoksa da Cypher Ring (icinde hangi charin oldugu detayi ile beraber) konuda bulunmalidir. Kisaca Character Seal Scroll'un veya Cypher Ring'in resimi olmadigi sure butun konular silinicektir.
  15. It scales linear, the more people the better the bonuses, hardly warrants a guide.
  16. Aesteris

    INSANE lag after new update?

    Any info as to what that bug might entail?
  17. Aesteris

    Fire Rain WF

    As I've replied to your PM - if it wouldn't proc for AS / MS, we can have a look - otherwise, it's working as intended (c) Closing this.
  18. Aesteris


    This was fixed, thanks for the report.
  19. Aesteris

    fps option

    Seems to save just fine for me - is the client crashing for you by any chance? A simple relog should save your preference to the configuration file.
  20. Aesteris

    Hello GM

    This was fixed, thanks for the report.
  21. Bumping doesn’t speed things up, and gets annoying after a while. I’ve already replied saying we’ll look into it. Whether that’s polling it ingame (my preference), or having some (or all) of these as temporary (expirational) items for a trial run (which’d be done regardless of whether we run a poll or not).
  22. Aesteris

    Explaining the FPS cap

    Hey everyone, Since patch 2078 we've introduced an FPS cap on the game. Some of you think it's "completely pointless" and "you should remove it". As I'll outline below, there are plenty of reasons the cap needs to be there and going forward, we will not be removing the cap until the underlying issues as to why it's needed are resolved (which are beyond our means at this point in time). 1. Animation speed being either too fast or too slow due to fluctuating FPS 2. Cooldown on skills being faster on high FPS machines (we're talking up to 33 milliseconds faster, which on minor with its 100ms cooldown, is 1/3rd!) 3. Interpolation issues with movement; Ever fell through some stairs in Ronark Land or Juraid Mountain? Now you know why. 4. Going over 1000 FPS completely screws with almost every kind of timing there is (it's a speedhack / animation hack / cooldown hack, except you don't need any tools for this to work at all - a strong desktop computer will do the trick) 5. The Korean official servers have implemented it (presumably for similar reasons) We have hopes for these issues to be resolved by the multi CPU support the Korean official servers have very recently introduced (but we haven't yet checked out, and most likely won't be introduced to the non-Korean servers for a while), as without resolving these, supporting multiple cores would most likely result in these issues becoming even bigger. Hope this clears things up!
  23. I feel polling this in game (and more detailed) would be nice - there's a small majority that wants one (or all) of these things, so we should investigate what exactly it is the majority wants. Need to investigate whether in-game polling is an option, and go from there.
  24. Aesteris

    Why Nerf Mage ???????

    Don’t know, ask official.
  25. Aesteris

    Now Failed R in BAAL skill

    Should be fixed now - let us know if there's any more problems.