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  1. Rosetta Armor manufacturing guide (alternative) What materials are required? The Rosetta Armor you receive is for a RANDOM class - you can not choose. The chance to succeed is 45% without a Shadow Piece, and 100% with a Shadow Piece.
  2. Krowaz manufacturing guide Where to obtain the required ingredients? Krowaz Weapon materials may be obtained from Enigma, Cruel, Havoc, Hellfire (and their respective adds) in Ronark Land. Krowaz Armor materials may be obtained from Giga Hammer, Cuff Binder, and Krowaz during Krowaz Invasion events in Ronark Land. Additional materials required for manufacturing may be mined from the "Dragon Fossil of Draki" and "Dreadium Fossil of Dragon" NPCs in Ronark Land (requires a mattock!) What materials are required? The Krowaz Armor you receive is for a RANDOM class - you can not choose! The chance to succeed is 45% without a Shadow Piece, and 100% with a Shadow Piece. The Krowaz weapon you receive is RANDOM (Chaos / Undefeatable / etc.) - you can not choose! The chance to succeed is 45% without a Shadow Piece, and 100% with a Shadow Piece.
  3. Dear Apexians, This Friday, we'll be taking the server down at approximately 2AM server time to ensure a smooth rollout of the long anticipated Krowaz Expansion! The expansion will go live at 1PM server time - please refer to the countdown below in case you're uncertain. Please note that the very first Krowaz Invasion event will run 45 minutes after the server comes back online! Happy gaming! ~ The Apex Gaming team
  4. Changelog New content Draki's Tower event enabled. In order to be eligible to enter Draki's Tower, you must meet at least one of the following requirements: Have premium (excluding Platinum Premium) Have at least 1000 monthly NP Have at least 5000 total NP Non-premium (& Platinum Premium) players may enter only once per day. Premium players (excluding Platinum Premium) may enter upto three times per day. Draki Pendant manufacturing enabled. Materials to manufacture these may be obtained from "Old Draki Supply Box" and "Superior Draki Supply Box", obtainable exclusively through the Draki's Tower event. Krowaz Armor & Weapon manufacturing enabled. Weapon materials may be gathered from the Enigma, Cruel, Havoc, and Hellfire demi-bosses in Ronark Land. Armor materials may be gathered from Cuff Binder, Giga Hammer, and Krowaz. These bosses spawn during the Krowaz Invasion events held 9x per day. Check the event schedule at https://www.apexko.com/schedule to see when these are in your timezone! Miscellaneous materials may be mined from fossils located in the backside of Ronark Land. Check out our guide for more information. Upgrading unlocked to (+8) reverse for the following items: Forgotten Temple unique weapons Bifrost unique weapons Juraid unique weapons Castellan weapons 70 & 80 quest <selfname> weapons Changes to old content Daily quest rewards changed from Super Shell (+1) to Secret Armor (+1). Secret armor upto (+7) may now be converted to Rosetta Armor. Check out our updated guide for more information. Rate for Exquisite Armor Scales and Exquisite Weapon Fragments mining increased by 3x. EXP rewards for Collection Races doubled. EXP rewards for Events (Juraid, BDW, FT) doubled. Border Defense War and Forgotten Temple now reward you with 4 blue chests for winning the event! Augmented Armor Mold price reduced to 1,000,000 coins. Exquisite Armor Mold price reduced to 5,000,000 coins. Fantastic Armor price increased to 5,000,000 coins. Bifrost Monsters in Ronark Land will now drop Secret Armor materials. Rosetta Armor manufacturing is now also possible via Super Shells (only at (+1), and the resulting item is random). Check out our guide for more information.
  5. Dear Apexians, We're happy to announce the release of our next expansion, the Krowaz Expansion, is scheduled for next week Friday, October the 15th! What's included? Krowaz Weapon manufacturing Materials available from fossils, and the demi-bosses (Keramash, etc.) in Ronark Land (15 minute respawn timer) Materials from the demi-bosses will easily be obtainable (2x per loot box, guaranteed!) Krowaz Armor manufacturing via farming the Krowaz bosses When killed, each boss spawns up to 4 reward chests (2x boss-specific materials per box, guaranteed!) Krowaz Events in Ronark Land (9x per day, 3x per evening for each timezone!) 1x each Krowaz boss + 1x random Krowaz boss (4 bosses total) will be spawned every time! Upgrade to (+8) reverse unlocked for the following items: Forgotten Temple, Bifrost, and Juraid Mountain weapons Personal (70 & 80 quest) <selfname> weapons Castellan weapons Draki's Tower, and with it, Draki's Pendant manufacturing. Premium users (excluding Platinum) may enter upto 3 times per day! Non-premium users may enter once per day. Improved Border Defense War and Forgotten Temple rewards (4x Blue Chest for winning, each!) Reduced prices on Augmented, Exceptional, and Exquisite Armor Molds We hope you're excited for this expansion! Happy gaming, ~ The Apex Gaming team
  6. Changelog The Halloween event has started! Check out this announcement for more information on the event! Implemented support for currencies (these will no longer clutter your inventory!)
  7. Hey guys, It's that spooky time of year, so by bringing back community favorites and introducing content that the community has been requesting, we hope you too will enjoy this year's new and improved Halloween Event! When you enter Ronark Land, you'll find [Jack O Lantern] welcoming you in your base. He'll offer you various quests which you may undertake, ranging from things like hunting Pumpkin Lanterns to finding and Trick or Treating with the [Costumed Citizens] around Ronark Land. Each of these quests (and many of the new residents of Ronark Land) will award you with [Toffee Apples]. These can be exchanged at [Jack O Lantern] for a variety of items, including exclusive items such as Blessed Potions and Limited Edition scrolls. Or perhaps use these to purchase a [Halloween Chest] where you have a chance to obtain great rewards, such as Rosetta Armor, Under the Castle weapons, and (Exceptional) True Silvers! When you find a [Costumed Citizen], be sure to stop and say hello. They may just "Treat" you to some [Toffee Apples]. Be careful though, some may "Trick" you! Be sure to dress up for the occasion (wear a Halloween mask!) and they'll be sure to give you more. Group up with friends so that everyone can share the rewards! Throughout the Halloween event, invaders will periodically break through into our world and try to take over the Ronark Land bowl. Put a stop to them and earn a ton of [Toffee Apples] in the process! Ronark Land has also been overrun with Pumpkin Lanterns. In their travels, it seems they've picked up a lot of [Toffee Apples] that you'll be able to make your own once you deal with this frightful gardening concern. While the Halloween event is active, you'll also receive [Enemy Corpses] when killing players in Ronark Land. These can be turned in to [Jack O Lantern] so that he can help their souls to cross over -- and give you a daily reward for doing so. Just because the world is being invaded with those from another world doesn't mean we should be slacking when it comes to dealing with our world's threats. Complete the Juraid Mountain, Border Defense War, Chaos Dungeon, and Forgotten Temple events during the Halloween event for tokens that [Jack O Lantern] will exchange for more [Toffee Apples]. This year's Halloween event will run until November 5th, 2021, so there's plenty of time (and activities!) to obtain the loot you want - even for those playing more casually, the quick & easy daily quests will net you at LEAST a guaranteed [Halloween Chest] a day. You'll be farming even more than that while actually doing these quest activities. Also note that if you forget to pick up one of [Jack O Lantern's] quests, it'll be picked up automatically when you make progress towards it. So nobody misses out! We hope you have as much fun with this event as we had putting it together for you guys. Have a happy (and SAFE!) Halloween.
  8. Hey, These are <selfname> Blessed Upgrade Scrolls, they are intended to be untradeable (their drop rate is pretty high!). Their rate is the exact same as (tradeable) normal Blessed Upgrade Scrolls, they're just not viable to farm coins. If you're looking for coin farm; Treants & Ancients, as well as Etaroths (as a party). Kind regards, Aesteris
  9. Changelog The Under the Castle event has been moved to Ronark Land. It will now be ran on Fridays (as usual), and Tuesdays (at the same time as on Fridays, right after Bifrost finishes). The event now lasts 3 hours, and is held in Ronark Land. Every 20 minutes, a boss spawns in the middle of Ronark Land. Each contributor to the demise of the boss that is in range at the time it dies, is rewarded 2x Under the Castle weapon fragments. There's also a 5% chance for a random Under the Castle weapon (straight up) All Ronark Land based PvP Collection Races have seen their reward tables tweaked to the following: Random Hepa Weapon (+3) (1/5 chance - meaning 4/5 if you can finish the repeat CRs!) Class-Specific Secret Armor (+1) (1/5 chance - meaning 4/5 if you can finish the repeat CRs!) PvP Bounty Contract (10M) (medium chance!) PvP Bounty Contract (5M) (high chance!) Untradeable Karivdis Tears (14 days) (rates boosted by x3 compared to before!) Untradeable Trina's Piece (14 days) (rates boosted by x3 compared to before!) Spirit of Genie (5 days) 2000 HP scroll (5 days) 350 AC scroll (5 days) Spirit of Merchant NP increase item (5 days) Dye Decoration Jewel Five Colored Skein of Thread (3) PK Chest (season 5) Updated the Castle Siege War PvP Collection Race reward tables to include the following: Untradeable Exquisite Armor Mold (high chance!) Untradeable Class-Specific Rosetta Armor (+1) Random Under the Castle weapon fragment Random Under the Castle weapon (+1) PvP Bounty Contract (10M) PvP Bounty Contract (5M) Random Castellan Weapon (+1) Random Hepa Weapon (+5) Boss Chests will now reward (+1) uniques instead of (+2) uniques The idea behind rewarding (+2) uniques was to give players something to strive for, however this had an unintended side-effect; If one nation was more overpowered to begin with, they'd get even more overpowered as time went on. We've therefore decided to reduce the uniques rewarded from (+2) to (+1); This should still prove to be an attractive reward for newcomers and alt characters, whilst being able to reduce the advantage it gives to an already strong nation. Bifrost timers sped up a little: A draw is now declared if the monument could not be killed within 15 minutes. The time until the opposing nation can enter has been reduced to 15 minutes. Implemented automated exchange of Mysterious Ores for [Miner] Jaro He'll help you exchange as many rewards as possible in your inventory
  10. Changelog Implemented the Refer-A-Friend system. You may now obtain rewards for referring new players, and convincing older players to make a return. For more information, check out our guide Implemented the Manner Point system. You may now obtain manner points for PK'ing together with new and returning players. For more information, check out our guide Returning players will now receive: A Name Change Scroll (expires in 72h, non-tradable) A Nation Transfer Scroll (expires in 72h, non-tradable) A Returnee emblem (expires in 30 days) Fixed Exceptional Hepa weapons not being upgradable when reversed.
  11. Manner Point system You may obtain manner points for killing players / assisting in killing players in Ronark Land, while having a newcomer or returnee in your PK party. The player(s) you're helping must be near where the kill is made. The longer the player(s) you're helping are in the party, the higher the chance. You may obtain up to 10 manner points per day. Rewards You may find the [Manner Point Merchant] NPC in Moradon, next to the teleport gate. The following (non-tradable) rewards are available.
  12. Referral System guide You may fetch your referral link from the website by navigating to the Referral System page via the sidebar. Get anyone you know to sign up via your personal link, and you'll both get rewarded! Once someone you've referred completes the requirements, you'll both be sent your rewards.
  13. Dear Apexians, This coming Saturday, we'll be taking the server down at approximately 8AM server time to ensure a smooth rollout of this week's update. Downtime is expected to last between 1 to 2 hours. We've got 2 new features that we hope everyone is excited for; Manner Point system Help new and returning players by inviting them to your PK parties, and earn some neat rewards in return! Refer-A-Friend Help us grow the community by referring new players, or convince old players to make a return, we'll make it (both) worth your while! Updates on when exactly the server will be available again will be provided via Discord and the forums. Thanks for your understanding and patience, ~ The Apex Gaming team
  14. Changelog Added Super Shells (+6) to the armor merchants in Moradon. Mage starter items changed to Ron's armor (+6/10) instead of Complete (+8/15). Priest starter items changed to Trial's armor (+6/10) instead of Chitin Shell (+8/15). Daily armor quests in Ronark Land now reward (untradeable) Super Shells (+1) . Daily weapon quests in Ronark Land now reward (untradeable) Hepa Weapons (+1). Unfortunately this week won't see the release of the manner point system, nor the refer-a-friend system due to unforeseen personal circumstances having prevented us from completing them. We're currently looking at releasing these at the same time as another (big) update in the beginning of September. For our community polls, we're maintaining a 75% threshold as to whether or not we should go ahead with something. This means that as per the poll results, we'll be working on moving the Under the Castle event into Ronark Land for next week. The Draki's Tower release didn't get enough votes in favor (it was really close though!), so we're putting this on hold for now; We'll be re-polling this in the near future when other updates have been pushed out. Enjoy your weekend! ~ The Apex Gaming Team
  15. Changelog Implemented support for various kinds of new NPC shops, including but not limited to: Monthly NP Seasonal NP (inactive) Manner Points (inactive) Added the [Monthly NP Merchant] NPCs to Moradon (next to the warp gates) NOTE: ALL items purchased from this NPC are permanently untradable. You may sell back incorrect purchases to this NPC only from the character that's originally purchased the item. The following items are available for purchase (we're open to suggestions for more - let us know! ): Secret Armor (+1) Rosetta Armor (+1) non-exceptional Hepa Weapons (+7) Knight's Medal Royal Knight's Medal King's Medal The character info UI is now capable of displaying all 4 kinds of contribution points: NP LP Seasonal NP (inactive) Weekly NP Increased the manufacturing chance for Hepa weapons to 100% w/o Shadow Piece. Increased the manufacturing chance for non-selfname Under the Castle weapons to 100% w/o Shadow Piece. Increased the manufacturing chance for Secret Armor to 100% w/o Shadow Piece. Increased the manufacturing chance for Rosetta Armor to 70% w/o Shadow Piece, and 100% w/ Shadow Piece. Added Under the Castle weapon fragments as possible drops to event rewards. Removed materials obtainable via item disassembly from event rewards. We originally planned for the 'old tier exchange system' to be released this week, after having talked with a bunch of you regarding this change, it became apparent there is some confusion on what this system actually does. As such, we've decided to re-evaluate this proposal by gathering more of your feedback on it prior to releasing it - if it isn't liked, we'll simply keep things as-is. We're hoping to be able to release the promised Manner Point system (+ associated store) next week, alongside the Refer-A-Friend system! Got ideas on how we can further improve the server? Don't hesitate to contact any of our staff (in-game or on Discord), or make a post in our suggestions forum! Enjoy the weekend! ~ The Apex Gaming team
  16. We've reviewed the evidence and listened to accounts of the incident from you guys, the players, and have decided upon the following: Considering the fact they were unable to attack anyone (bar novas), and were unable to be attacked, alongside the fact they weren't bugged inside the castle for more than a few minutes (e.g. no perpetual abuse), we've decided we won't be taking action. If the abuse would've (in)directly lead to them winning the Castle, or would've given them an unfair advantage during critical periods of the event (e.g. the last 15 minutes), we would've taken further steps. We hope you understand our decision in this matter!
  17. Changelog All new verified accounts will now receive 7 days of Platinum Premium. Increased the Super Shell drop rate on Shademares and Dreadmares in Ronark Land bowl. 5 random materials (for the winning side) and 3 random materials (for the losing side) are now added as an extra reward to: Juraid Mountain Border Defense War Chaos Forgotten Temple We're currently hard at work to make the Monthly NP merchant a reality, as well as come up with a fair exchange system for previous tier items. This is taking longer than originally anticipated, apologies for that - we hope you'll be able to see it's a lot more polished than it is on any other server out there once we release this With regards to the exchange system for previous tier items, we can say that it will only be available for a limited amount of time after a new expansion has been released (and temporarily after we first release this, to enable you to allow you to upgrade to Rosetta & <selfname> UTC, if you so wish). Furthermore, we can also say that we'll be REMOVING the ability to manufacture items beyond (+1) once this system has been released. Finally, we're also in the process of finishing up the following additions: Refer-A-Friend system, where both the referrer and referee are rewarded. Applicable to both new and returning players! Manner Point store, as an incentive for oldies to help out new players. Automatic exchange for the Ores obtained from mining. Got suggestions? We're all ears, and already have a few more questions ready to poll with you guys. Thanks for your continued support!
  18. First off, a big thank you to everyone that has taken the time to vote on the polls, without whom this patch could not have become a reality! We plan to keep the polls coming so you can guide is in the right direction. Changelog Starter items boosted as per the community polls held on Discord: Warriors now start with full Chitin Shell armor (+8), Raptor (+8), and uniques (+0) Rogues now start with full Rogue Chitin Shell Armor (+8), Shards (+8) and Iron Bow (+8), and uniques (+0) Mages now start with full Complete (+8), Elixir Staffs (+8), and uniques (+0) (including flame/shio/imir rings!) Priests now start with full Priest Chitin Shell Armor (+8), Lycaon Hammer (+7), Shield of <selfname> (+4), and uniques (+0) All newly created characters now receive 3 days of Gift cospre, 2 scroll sets, and 1000 HP & MP potions. You'll now be able to find various [Armor Merchants] and an [Accessories & Weapons Merchant] in Moradon, allowing you to mix and match your starting setup to your liking. Upgrade rate changes as per the community polls held on Discord: Upgrading to (+5) with Trina is now 100%, without is now 80%. Upgrading to (+6) with Trina is now 70%, without is now 45%. Upgrading to (+7) with Trina is now 30%, without is now 20%. Unique accessory upgrades without Apex' Piece costs 1GB and has a 50% chance. Drop rates changed as per the community polls held on Discord: All item drops (excluding trash items, tradeable BUS/BES, and other coin farm methods) in Ronark Land have been tripled. Unique drop rates for bosses in Ronark Land (both Chaos and normal) have been doubled. Starting level increased to 83, with automatic level-up feature if you were to drop down to 82. (hotfix) Fixed an issue with farm Collection Races not having 4 stages. (hotfix) Farm collection races now award 300m EXP. (hotfix) Decreased the minimum amount of players needed to start events. (hotfix) Kills on clan members no longer count towards Collection Race progress This was only possible during the Party PvP event and while being a Mercenary to begin with, but we've removed this to avoid abuse. (hotfix) Unique weapons obtained from gems, chests, and fragments will now drop at (+5). (hotfix) Mining speed and rewards updated. You will now gather up to 10 ores per hour (depending on premium & golden mattock usage) The ore drop list has been updated to include Black Gem Fragment of Arrogance High-class weapons (+1) (shards, raptors, etc.) <selfname> Blessed Upgrade Scroll Exquisite Armor Scale Exquisite Weapon Fragment What will we be changing further (in the upcoming weeks, or as hotfixes where possible) The addition of the NP merchants. An exchange system of some sort for older gear to be changed into new gear. Material gathering via alternative ways (mining and events).
  19. Changelog Implemented support for staged Collection Race events. You'll now be greeted by Collection Races that allow you to go above and beyond - the higher you go, the more rewards! All Ronark Land-based PvP and farm CRs are now twice as long, and reward up to 4 times as much! All Ronark Land-based PvP CRs now only credit the killer and their in-range party members. PvP CRs will now always run at the same time for each timezone Exceptions to this are made when the Under the Castle event coincides with the CR. All Asian peak-time PvP CRs will now start one hour earlier. Implemented [Event Gear Officer] in Border Defense War and Juraid Mountain The [Event Gear Officer] will borrow you a set of (+9) chitins, (+9) weapons, and (+1) uniques for the duration of the event. The level 70 and 80 personal quest monsters have been moved to Ronark Land. They can be found on the sides of bowl, with a reduced spawn timer. Reduced the cost of Exceptional Super Shell manufacturing. The Exceptional Armor Molds now cost 10m coins each. Those who've previously bought these molds at their original price will be pleased to know they're getting the difference refunded! Reduced the cost of Rosetta manufacturing. The Exquisite Armor Molds now cost 15m coins each. Those who've previously bought these molds at their original price will be pleased to know they're getting the difference refunded! Reduced the cost of opening PK chests to 500k each. Reworked the following price tags on [Misc. Exchanges] Apexia: Magic Increase Scroll now costs 19m coins. All tattoos now only require 1 event certificate Lunar Tattoo now costs 5m coins. Stellar Tattoo now costs 3m coins. Monster Stones are now available from Soul Gem exchanges. Switching Premium (3 days) now costs 200 soul gems (down from 500) Medal prices have been reduced: King's Medal now costs 1m to open. Royal Knight's Medal now costs 1.5m to open. Knight's Medal now costs 2m to open. Reverted archer nerfs made at the start of the server: Styx' cooldown reverted back to the original cooldown. Light Shot and Slow Shot damage nerf partially reverted. Duration Item may now be purchased from the Power-Up Store for 59 Apex Points. Boss Events are no longer held in the Tournament Ronark Land map, instead they'll be held in the normal Ronark Land map. <selfname> Blessed Upgrade Scrolls drop rate in Ronark Land boosted on the following monsters: Blood Seeker Beast Cardinals Finally, we'll be putting out polls during the weekend to get your input on some very important topics! Stay tuned for more information on that front. Enjoy the weekend!
  20. Dear Apexians, Despite the warnings given with the introduction of the Weekly Rankings, the following players had troubles following the rules. As a result, they have been banned for 7 days and have seen their NP reduced by 25% due to being found guilty of NPT'ing. SCAMMERZZ IPOSTEDBYALLAH OnlyGodSavesMe MikasaACKERMANN Vieri ImLev1n STALIN KORSAN Barcero NightKiss PAPASITO Jawward BestMAKROnoCry678 lmparatoreNebun ImReeBeLD20 GhostOfKing4rthur MACHETTE Please keep the reports coming, and we'll make sure to deal with them! Thank you. ~ The Apex Gaming team
  21. Dear Apexians, We're happy to announce that we've implemented support for Weekly Rankings! As a result of this change, you will see your weekly NP instead of your monthly NP in-game from now on. The weekly rankings last from Tuesday 00:00 through Monday 23:59 (server time). We hope that by making this change, the competition to be on the board will be more fierce than ever! Alongside this, we've increased the daily stipend you may collect for being on the weekly rankings to the following: Dragon Holders (rank 1) - 20m coins H-symbol holders (rank 2 ~ 4) - 15m coins N-symbol holders (rank 5 ~ 9) - 10m coins S-symbol holders (rank 10 ~ 25) - 7m coins M-symbol holders (rank 26 ~ 50) - 5m coins K-symbol holders (rank 50 ~ 100) - 2m coins This change also brings along extremely strict enforcing of NPT-related rules, if you want to VS your friends, go to the arena. Good luck out there! ~ The Apex Gaming team
  22. Changelog Implemented newcomer protection Newcomers were quickly discouraged from continuing playing here as a result of being dominated by older players, as such we've come up with the following for newcomers: Newcomers will now receive a time-limited newcomer title, this title only gives bonuses in Ronark Land. The bonuses include: Making the characters tankier while outside of the bowl, so they are able to better fight off (over)geared players coming to raid them. Inside the bowl, they'll deal a little more damage and take reduced damage, to be able to compete. Added two new (party) farm spots right outside of the bowl at the north and south entrances. "Most Evil Wizard" is designed for mage parties to farm. "Etaroth" is designed for melee parties to farm. These farm spots focus on coin farm as a party, and are targeted to be better than Treant / Ancients in terms of hourly income. The Felankor and Bowl Hill teleport options will now be disabled during the peak Asian PvP times due to popular demand. These will still be enabled during other peak PvP times - unless there's popular demand to have them disabled then too! The Summer Event has ended All accessories, armors, and weapons obtained from the Summer Event have been removed. We're currently hard at work finishing another addition to this week's patch, namely Weekly Rankings! The monthly rankings will still be a thing, but for the purposes of the in-game symbols, they'll be based off of the weekly rankings. On top of this, the daily stipend will be based on the weekly rankings as well, and will be increased dramatically! More details on this when we release this feature tomorrow!
  23. Changelog Fixed an issue with monsters / NPCs despawning instead of dying when they should've been dying. This mostly affected the Under the Castle event, as despawning would prevent the event from progressing to the next stage. Border Defense War Collection Race event added. You will now be able to obtain either a 10m or 25m Bounty Hunter Contract for completing this Collection Race. Fixed an issue with Guard Towers not defending El Morad town in Ronark Land during Party and Clan PvP events. Fixed an issue with threat being transferred to players by attacking other players who already fully disengaged monsters/NPCs. This change directly helps remedy the issue with Felankor / Ultima boss threat transfer abuse we've seen recently, causing these bosses' AoEs to interfere with Ronark Land PvP action. Fixed an issue with Castle Siege War winners sometimes not receiving their reward. Using Genie no longer negatively affects party sized based drop boosts in Ronark Land. Ultima, Felankor, and Isiloon PK Chests now reward class-specific (+2) uniques. Balogs in Ronark Land now have a chance to drop normal Hepa Weapons (+1). King's, Royal Knight's, and Knight's medals rewards have been reworked. Given the fact they're hard to obtain, they should be more rewarding than they have been. The chance for good unique accessories (including Iron Necklace) was increased. All unique weapons are now obtained at (+5). All Chitin Shell and Tier-1 High-Class weapons are now obtained at (+7). The rewards now include: Class-specific Secret Armors (+1) Non class-specific <selfname> Under the Castle weapons (+1) Chitin Shell grade Goblin armor have been replaced by class-specific Super Shells (+1) Essence Collectors no longer perform debuffs, and their armor and resistances have been reduced. Shademares and Dreadmares no longer spawn the Stonified versions of themselves in the center of bowl. Item Disassembly costs have been reduced. Unique Accessory disassembling has been enabled. Disassembling unique accessory will grant you between 1 to 5 Stone Spell Powder. 20 Stone Spell Powder may be exchanged for 1 Forgotten Accessory Box. Unique Accessory disassembling costs 250k per attempt.
  24. Queridos Apexianos, Este viernes, desconectaremos el servidor aproximadamente a las 11 a.m., hora del servidor, para garantizar una implementación sin problemas de la actualización del Rosetta Expansion. Se espera que el tiempo de inactividad dure entre 1 y 2 horas. Las actualizaciones sobre cuándo exactamente estará disponible nuevamente se proporcionarán a través de Discord y los foros. Gracias por su comprensión y paciencia, ~ El equipo de Apex Gaming
  25. Sevgili Apex halkı, Bu Cuma, bu haftaki güncellemenin sorunsuz bir şekilde kullanıma sunulmasını sağlamak için sunucuyu TSİ yaklaşık 12:00'de kapatacağız. Kesinti süresinin 1 ila 2 saat arasında sürmesi bekleniyor. Tam olarak ne zaman tekrar kullanıma sunulacağına dair güncellemeler Discord ve forumlar aracılığıyla sağlanacaktır. Anlayışınız ve sabrınız için teşekkürler, ~ Apex Gaming ekibi
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