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    But.... but.... but..... not everyone in USKO has full +11 gear at their disposal. Also, small mobs do drop materials - you guys generally don't seem to care about them though
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    Reading is hard is all I've got to say really.
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    I’m saying it’s technically impossible to distinguish between non-unique (/unique reverse) armors and weapons, they all use the same generic upgrade entries defining feasibility, rate, and materials required. We will however increase the upgrade rate for older unique weapons (FT, Juraid, and Bifrost) to beyond +11. Although I don’t know whether what you’re claiming is true (with respect to 1.5-2k damage spam from warriors on undebuffed targets), that seems really excessive to me. Nothing actually changed for warriors, yea, there’s more AC but AC, similar to resistances, curves off after a certain point and simply becomes worth less. All in all, from where I’m standing right now, you guys just want your easy mode warriors w/ underpowered other classes back, which I doubt will happen.
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    Increasing upgrade cap is a no-go, armors will be receiving the same increase. Warriors losing 15 STR bonus equates to what, 200-300AP if even that while you’ve already got 5k+? Please tell me more about how this’ll affect your damage massively.
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    About kurian class

    Officially, at least on KRKO, the cooldowns persist throughout sessions (e.g. relogging to get back your devil transformation doesn't work there). We can update Kurians to their latest incarnation, if you'd like
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    Prolonged Cure Glitch - Rogues

    Thanks, i'll review the material again and try to find out if there's anything there that gives us a clue as to why.
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    Prolonged Cure Glitch - Rogues

    I'm at a loss here, what is it exactly that's wrong here?
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    I was there the entire time, and aside from kill a few adds (and admittedly screwing up once on Purious), I didn't help at all. UTC isn't intended to be a 20-30 minute event, and you guys clocked in around an hour this time (as opposed to 45 minutes before). If you feel it needs discussion, feel free to open a topic. I'll be closing this as there's a reason the shoutbox is gone, and this thread isn't about to take it's place.
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    Quest premium and Karivdis issue

    The intent was never to let you stack multiple hours of DC premium to apply as you wish, it was intended to be a one-off 1h usage of DC premium per day, at most. We could look into offering premium that only ticks when online, but the development time for this would probably be better off spent elsewhere.
  10. Aesteris

    Quest premium and Karivdis issue

    In both cases, these rewards weren’t meant to be stacked. As such, we’ve changed the way they behave and automatically applied the 1h DC premium.
  11. Aesteris

    ummm the anvil deciding what items to give now ?

    This is now fixed, thanks for the report PM me with the screenshot and I'll send some boots your way
  12. Aesteris

    Tears / Trinas expiration date.

    I don't see a need to increase it any further, the 24h expiration time is there so you're forced to use it, or forego getting it altogether. Closing this topic
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    They'll be fixed in the next restart. Closing topic.
  14. Aesteris

    About BDW tears

    You're free to upgrade using tears as you get them, it's your personal preference that doesn't want to do it. Contrary to popular KO belief, upgrading a bunch at the same time vs. upgrading items one at a time has no effect on upgrade rates and doesn't give you any more chance of succeeding to upgrade.
  15. Aesteris

    Apexis chest lost inside magic bag?

    There is a limit as to how many chests you can hold in 1 stack but they shouldn't be disappearing, can you tell me your character name so we can investigate?
  16. Aesteris

    Aoe Genie

    This sounds to me like an official client bug, aoe’s are meant to target a specific location and send that locations coordinates to the server during casting; seeing you dont actually click anywhere, chances are the coordinates being sent by genie are simply not there, resulting in casting failed. Does this work on official and if so, how does it work?
  17. As much as +8 -> +9 straight up makes sense here, that’s not something we can do for normal high-class armors / weapons (think hepa shards, etc) due to the way the upgrade system is designed; it’d also open up for krowaz, dark knight, and secret armors and all other non-unique armor and weapons To clarify, it’ll cause confusion to only selectively open it up for the older +15 rev locked unique weapons and not for everything else
  18. Aesteris

    Genie and manual arrow shower

    Does letting genie do arrow shower (instead of manual) work at all?
  19. Aesteris

    Daily DC prem and actual DC prem users

    I've just tried to reproduce this on the live servers, it correctly added the DC premium.
  20. Aesteris

    UTC achievements

    For reference, 'Under the Castle I' 'Under the Castle II' 'Emperor of 1000 years' 'Darkness, Snakes, and Magic' 'Blocking of Consciousness' 'Flame Destroyer' Are the ones that need looking into; The others are merely "complete some combination of the above 2 to complete"
  21. We’ll have to take a look at how far we need to take these outdated items (e.g. what +) to be useful at all, as well as balance the rate at which these are obtainable vs. chance to get to the required + to be useful. (And then there’s the debate of do we want to let them surpass newer content, but that comes later) All in all, I quite like the idea and see opportunities to revive older content
  22. Aesteris

    UTC Expansion Official Review by me

    Thank you for the review, it's appreciated We're actively looking at ways to improve, and will have something coming in next patch day (Friday, before the first UTC event)
  23. Aesteris

    Many Topics & UTC

    We're actively looking at ways to improve, and will have something coming in next patch day (Friday, before the first UTC event)
  24. Aesteris

    Required Light Rest and INT

    You can't stop stuns, no matter how much resistances you have (int on your character doesn't affect the stun rate, int on the mages end does)
  25. Aesteris

    make ultima harder

    I'd like to say that realistically any boss with significant HP is always going to have this problem due to rogue drains :x