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  1. Changelog Castle Siege War schedule changed. Castle Siege War is now held on Sunday, 17:00 server time. Castle Siege War rewards improved. Temporary Castellan weapons are now given at (+5) reverse for non-mage items and (+7) normal for mage items. Each player in the winning clan that has been a part of the clan for at least 2 weeks, and participated in the event will receive: 200 Apex Points 50M Bounty Hunter Contract [Dispatched Knight] NPCs added to Ronark Land bowl. These respawn fairly
  2. Dear Apexians, We'll be moving the Castle Siege War to Sunday, 17:00 server time. This change is in effect immediately, meaning the next Castle Siege War will be held on Sunday, April 18th at 17:00 server time. As a result of this change, the Special Collection Race that was set to run at that time has been removed from the schedule. On top of the schedule change, we'll also be updating the rewards to be more attractive to everyone! The temporary Castellan weapons have been boosted. All clan members that have been in the winning clan for more than 2 weeks at the t
  3. Changelog The Month of Ramadan event is now active! You may find the [Month of Ramadan] NPC in Moradon, near the stairs. He'll graciously be taking donation packages to help the poor! He may or may not reward you with a Chest of Ramadan for your kindness. You will receive Flame Bombs for all PvP kills for the duration of the event. Don't throw these away, they're the only thing that'll deal damage to the Ice Golems that are part of the Month of Ramadan event in Ronark Land! The Month of Ramadan eve
  4. Dear players, We're at the brink of the month of Ramadan commencing. This year, in order to stand side-by-side with our brothers and sisters, we've prepared an event for the occasion, exclusive to Apex Forever. We'll bring you the very first Month of Ramadan event, lasting the entire length of the fasting. We wish everyone participating in the Month of Ramadan good luck during their fastening! We'll be welcoming everyone after their daily iftar feast has been consumed by joining us in-game for the Month of Ramadan events! NOTE: The events are started 3 times a day, once fo
  5. Thanks for the feedback, we'll be examining this and will evaluate our options
  6. Medal system is there, works exactly the same minus the fact you don't use ladder points to buy them. Simply killing players can get you mysterious fragments, which can be used to get the medals
  7. Changelog New players will now start at level 80! Added support for Discord integration! This means you can now show your friends you're playing Apex, and they'll be able to see your in-game status. You may toggle this feature off in the Options Editor (or globally on Discord) You are no longer required to relog when applying Switching Premium. Previously you weren't be able to switch to other premiums without relogging, this is no longer the case. Disconnecting while you've not completely finished loading yet, will now also pr
  8. Changelog Added a new teleport option to the Ronark Land teleport gate, Bowl Hill! This will take you directly to the hill allowing entry to bowl, allowing for faster paced PvP! As per our poll, we've made the following tweaks to the usage of Tournament Ronark Land. Tournament Ronark Land will now activate 30 minutes before Boss Events, and stay active an additional 30 minutes after the event is done. Tournament Ronark Land will now also activate during PvP Happy Hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Rebirth stat point redistributions no lo
  9. Thanks everyone for voting, this poll has now been closed!
  10. Dear Apexians, We'd like to gather some feedback on the recent implementation of the tournament Ronark Land map. We believe it's something a lot of you are enjoying a lot, and we're looking at expanding it's usage. In this poll, a variety of options are available. To ensure we get an accurate answer to our question, please choose 3 favorites! Kind regards, Aesteris
  11. Changelog Christmas Moradon has (finally) been reverted. Under the Castle bosses' scaling has been changed a little to be easier when there's less players attending. Starter items and starter tips are now mailed immediately when logging in for the first time as opposed to on level up to level 61. Starter items now include weapons. Deleting your characters is now available for 3GB instead of 10GB from the [Character Deletion] NPC in Moradon. Kings will no longer be able to use the King chat when muted. You may now obtain Mysterious Fragments from PvP k
  12. Balrogs are already among the best in terms of income per hour, I see no need to adjust them even further. You may try to expand your party, as the party-sized based boosts are enabled for Balrogs. Furthermore, for these party-sized based boost enabled spots, if any of your party members use genie or are AFK, they will drag your average drops down as you won't be getting a boost for them being in the party.
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