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  1. I've checked for you; During that timeframe 11 chests dropped, 6 of one kind, 5 of another - you managed to pick up 3 - leaving 4 of each on the floor. We can't check why things didn't pick up for you, we're assuming it was probably range related - which is there to prevent cheaters. I've sent you 4 of each in your mail box, and be mindful of being close enough next time (or use oreads, as suggested!).
  2. Hi there, Can you let us know what exactly you mean by "not having been able to pick up Draki Chests"? Did the loot box not open? Did it open but when you clicked the item it wasn't moved to the inventory? Was there any message in the information box (right down side, the one opposite of the chat box)? etc. Kind regards, Aesteris
  3. Point of them expiring is to prevent the stacking. Thank you for the feedback though
  4. Generally speaking it is instant, it merely indicates it might take up to 72 hours. In any case, our payment processor needs to receive the funds before they tell us you’ve paid and we’re able to give you the KC. What specifically are you having problems with?
  5. I never said Hepa’s are there, I said Exceptionals are there.
  6. Exceptionals are available from Booro / Balrog already and are upgradeable to (+21)
  7. Should be fixed now, closing.
  8. Right, that wasn’t actually the intention - the rate wasn’t supposed to be nerfed. This one’s on me, will fix it asap
  9. What timezone are you in (so I can analyze when your morning downtime is)?
  10. Honestly quite surprised, please tell me why you are suggesting this - if it's something worth looking into we may consider it.
  11. We’ll re-enable Clan NTs next weekend. While we are reworking the system, it’ll be turned on every other weekend.
  12. Changelog Added the remaining PK rewards to the new system; The Bifrost Chest can only be obtained while the Bifrost Event is active. The Ultima Chest can only be obtained while the Ultima Event is active. The Under the Castle Chest can only be obtained after Plwitoon has died during the Under the Castle event. What's inside is something you'll have to find out for yourselves, but we can tell you we wouldn't want to miss out on any of them Note, items from these chest can both be tradeable and untradeable (in the case of armors / weapons) Re-enabled the Bifrost event. It will run at the same times as indicated on the website Ultima event has been tweaked. The event now starts 30 minutes prior to Ultima spawning, and last for upto an hour in total. Fixed collision detection in wars for prisons and warder castles. P.S. We're working on a Castle Siege War and Lunar War (+ invasion) chest in order to spice up those event some more as well
  13. I think it's just fine as it is, and only opening up hepa's for certain classes doesn't make sense. Statistically, making a (+21) really isn't as cheap as you make it out to be.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions, we’re taking them in and reviewing what we can do. Some of the issues you’ve mentioned indeed need looking at
  15. Aesteris

    pvp chest

    Chests are not always rewarded.
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