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  1. Dear Apexians, We're extremely excited to be able to welcome the next expansion in 2 weeks time, on the 29th of January, 2021! In this expansion, we'll be introducing the Under the Castle event, it's armors, and it's weapons, as well as Jamadars. Now, we hear you all go "WHAT?! ARE THEY STUPID?!" from various corners of the world. Rest assured, they are unlike the <selfname> Under the Castle items you are accustomed to (which, rightfully so, should be met with outcries!). Please also note that the Under the Castle unique accessories will not be introduced with
  2. Changelog Various fixes for skill behavior that caused successful skill casts to be ignored. These fixes are experimental and may cause unintended side effects, if you notice anything off, please do let us know! Fixed an issue with disabled quest progress still being counted behind the scenes (and thus, technically making you eligible for the rewards). This didn't affect anyone directly, but would cause disabled quests to possibly be completed if or when they get re-enabled for certain players. The Christmas event will officially end on January 17
  3. Aesteris


    We've found an issue with mage damage and have rectified it (auto data import was incorrectly importing it), will be fixed with the restart later today.
  4. Changelog Fixed an issue with mage damage being slightly too low as a result of an automated skill import. All skills affected were hitting roughly 50 damage less than they should on players. Fixed an issue with teleports in war zones (both with and without prisons), including, but not limited to: Descent Blink Summon Friend Gate Wild Advent Rental Item price from [Daily Weapon Rental] Soren has been reduced to 2m (down from 10m) per 6 hours. Daily limit on PvP Happy Hour Rental gear has been i
  5. Thank you for taking an interest in this, we'll be evaluating these suggestions
  6. Dear Apexians, First and foremost, a HUGE thank you to everyone that's been with us during the past year, we truly appreciate it and hope to be able to continue what we started with your support for many more years to come. May 2021 be an infinitely more better year on all fronts for you, your family, loved ones, and friends! Happy new year to all of you! Kind regards, ~ The Apex Gaming team
  7. Thanks for your feedback, we'll look into it
  8. Karus Warriors' range was fixed, the rest is the same as it was before.
  9. Changelog Fixed an issue with Warrior AoE range on Karus charactesr This should've been reverted, but wasn't. Oops. Christmas Events now last twice as long In order to prolong the action surrounding them, we've made them last twice as long. Kill the GM Collection Race updated with better rewards 3 days Solar Tattoo 4x Advanced Leather 2x Dark Mithril Fragment The Boss Event on Sunday after the Kill the GM event will now guarantee a Felankor spawn!
  10. Thank you for the suggestion, you are indeed correct - the Kill the GM event rewards need to be updated
  11. Changelog PK Collection Races for U.S. and Asian timezones have been made easier to complete This should make it far more attractive for anyone to attend these - remember, there's a double-digit chance you get some Power-Up Store item as a reward! The event schedule has been reworked for the North and South American timezones. To see the schedule in your particular timezone, head on over to https://www.apexko.com/schedule The days on which events were being held were off-by-one, and have been corrected. The in-game scheduler has been updated to ma
  12. I like this idea, we'll be looking into adding this. Thank you for the suggestion!
  13. Visa is currently unsupported, we're working on restoring functionality but as things are right now that may take a while. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  14. Advanced Leather is available from PK collection races, PK chest (season 3), and at a VERY low rate from Item Disassembling. It is intended like it is now.
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