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  1. Aesteris

    Patch notes (14/01/2019)

    Changelog Nerfed excessive NP gain during wars and invasions to pull these in line with the other NP related changes. Implemented more thorough checks for certain skills players should not be able to cast. Note that this was previously already fixed, but in a hacky way - now it's enforced throughout without the need for manual intervention by us Fixed HP/MP Maestro potions failing as a result of this change. Fixed a bug with Dark Knight Mace anti-heal behaviour causing other unrelated cases (e.g. using snowballs) to fail. Fixed a bug with scrolls not properly being removed visually in certain circumstances involving debuffs. Fixed a bug causing some debuffs to be able to be unintentionally indirectly extended in certain circumstances that involved very tight timing. Clan notices can now be removed by using /ClanNotice without any corresponding message or (visually) when leaving the clan. Monthly ladder ranking rewards can now correctly be redeemed up to 5 days before the end of the month. This matches the expiration behaviour, which was intended. Undying scrolls now have a small cooldown to prevent them from being spammed. Event items will now always be removed from the repurchase list on login. Christmas event is now over. All Christmas event items have been removed. Disposable/throwaway e-mail addresses can no longer be used on the forums or website for new accounts or e-mail changes (existing e-mails are fine, but we may invalidate them in future). Aside from the trolling, the other major reason for actively enforcing this is that players using them often had to come back to us asking us to reset their e-mail address because they created it with a throwaway and couldn't modify their account details since they no longer had access to the throwaway e-mail account.
  2. Update; Exchanged Darkness weapons will also be removed at this time. Güncelleme: Kırdırılan Darkness silahlar da kaldırılacaktır.
  3. Dear Apexians, We hope everyone has enjoyed the Christmas & New Year event that's been running since December 21. As with all good things, they must come to an end, and so will this event. Monday, January 14th marks that day for this particular case, so we encourage you to reap the most until then! The following items will be removed from your characters once the event finishes: Undying Scroll Red Potion Blue Potion Duration Item DC premium (1 day) WAR premium (1 day) EXP premium (1 day) Offline Merchant (1 day) Darkness Weapon Voucher (3 day) Exchanged Darkness weapons (+11) Have fun & play fair, The Apex Team
  4. Aesteris

    Prem from event

  5. Tell me, how many ranks did you fall down? The answer: none.
  6. Aesteris

    VIP Vault Key

    I believe we allow anything to be stored in the VIP vault that you can store in your normal inn hostess.
  7. Aesteris

    stun rate increadseD?

  8. Dear Apexians, Today marks the start of the new year, and as such everyone in the Apex team wishes you a very happy new year! What we'll be doing today will lay the groundwork for Apex in the future. We know it may come as a blow to you personally, but everyone is equally affected. Here are some of the future updates we will be pushing now that this band aid has been ripped off: 1. We will be adding gear to the NP store (purchasable with NP, not LP), which'll allow you to advance your character. 2. We will be adding expanded rewards for those on the monthly ranking board (up to the top 200, subject to change), indulging more of you (and more newcomers!) in some sweet upgrades by simply playing. 3. We will be adding a weekly ranking board, which will also be used to reward a whole bunch of you with some gear. 4. We will be able to activate PK more easily by triggering NP events at certain times, to quickly (re)populate Ronark Land after events (and during downtimes). 5. We will be changing how PK rewards work; You will be able to obtain gear simply by PK'ing, with special events running to spice up what you can get, consistently, and randomly. 6. We will be able to create an environment that allows us to provide you with more competition and activity throughout the whole day by giving more incentive to keep the nation's balanced. 7. We might even dabble with seasons and seasonal tournaments now that the monthly ranking will actually be that, a monthly ranking, rather than a "who's bought their medals the latest" ranking. These updates won't come all at once, and some will come later than others, but we expect them to be implemented by the end of the first quarter. We hope this will give you a clear view of where we want to take Apex, and we hope it gives you something to look forward to in 2019! For those unaware, what we've done is the following: 1. Reduced everyone's national points by 90% 2. Reduced everyone's donated national points by 90% 3. Reduced the requirements for clans to advance grades 4. Reduced the cost for capes (except for the new Castellan capes) 5. Remove the medal merchants in Moradon, El Morad Castle, and Luferson Castle NOTE: Previously purchased medals will NOT be removed, you are free to keep them, or exchange them, as you wish. Sincerely, The Apex team
  9. Aesteris

    Knight medal?

    Medals won't be deleted, the NPCs will be removed. This'll happen somewhere during the day, we're preparing for it now
  10. Aesteris

    Ininal kart ile kc çekme

    Send me a PM with the account name you've tried to purchase for, I'll see what I can do for you
  11. I'm not 100% on this but I believe the "language for non-Unicode programs" needs to be in the language of your choice (Chinese / Korean) Failing that, perhaps ask the Korean players and figure out what the difference is between your computer's settings and theirs.
  12. Aesteris

    Xmas event when

    As I told you on the other topic, you can attend 3/5 no problem, 4/5 if you push yourself a little. Which is no different from the other timezones, so stop making it all about you....
  13. Aesteris

    NP reduction & Medals

    Considering not knowing all the facts before allowing this discussion can't possibly lead to a constructive one, I'm closing this. Your NP will not be worthless, even after being reduced.
  14. Aesteris

    about snowmans

    This is actually a great suggestion and something I've completely overlooked when coming up with this. I'll see how feasible it is to create nation-specific snowmen to address this issue before the event is scheduled to finish. Thank you!
  15. Aesteris

    xmas event bug

    Your particular timezone wasn't exactly a priority when selecting the event times. Having said that, I can see you should be able to attend 3/5 of the events ran every day. Perhaps 4/5 if you push yourself a little. Morning / evenings, afternoons there's nothing for you. (EU / Brazil / US do have events during their afternoons). Closing this topic.