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  1. Changelog Fixed an issue where kill quests couldn't be finished if the amount of kills would put you over the fulfillment requirements. GMs and users using Genie are now exempt from the merchant tax lottery. Fixed an issue with genie not properly resetting for players upon logout, making them unable to use genie anymore even though they would not exceed the max. active genies per IP limit. This caused us to temporarily disable the genie restrictions, these have now been re-enabled.
  2. Changelog A lot of this week's changes have been focused around community feedback, as provided to us in various channels - a big thankyou to all those who have given their time to provide us with feedback & suggestions regarding various issues. We are by no means done and plan to continue prioritising tackling these particular issues over the next few weeks, so please - if you have any concerns/feedback, we encourage you to please post it in our feedback section so we can address them now. Thanks again for all of your continued feedback & support. Certificates of Event Participation and Stickers of Event Participation are now account bound. This means they can be freely transferred between any of the characters on your account, via your inn hostess. This also means they can not be put in a Cypher Ring anymore to be transferred off of your account. Isiloon will now spawn at set times every day, 3 times a day. Between 03:00 ~ 04:00, 15:00 ~ 16:00, and 21:00 ~ 22:00 server time. On Sundays, Isiloon will spawn right after Castle Siege War has concluded. Implemented dynamic kill contributions based on party size for Collection Races and daily quests Killing a player while in a party that has less than 5 players in it will now contribute more than just 1 kill towards your Collection Race and daily quest! Random spawn times have been reverted, monsters in EMC / Luferson / Moradon now spawn at set intervals (aside from those monsters that weren't doing so to begin with). We're reverting this as this is contrary to what we want to achieve (promote active play rather than passive) Collection Race EXP rewards have been changed to coin rewards. As part of our ongoing effort to promote "active play", Collection Races now reward coins instead of EXP. Implemented Merchant Tax Lottery system A percentage of the tax collected from merchants is now put in a pool, be online when the pool is full and you'll automatically join the raffle! Implemented zone drop rate and coin rate modifiers This allows us to boost overall rates in specific zones, and furthermore allows us to specifically reduce rates for using Genie. Drop rates are reduced by 20% while using Genie in Moradon, EMC, Luferson, and Eslant. NOTE: EXP gain is not affected by this change. Drop rates in EMC and Luferson are increased by 10% while NOT using genie. NOTE: EXP gain is not affected by this change. Drop rates in Ronark Land are increased by 33%. This is on top of the bonus drop rate Ronark Land was already offering. NOTE: EXP gain is not affected by this change. You may now use genie on only 1 account per IP simultaneously. You may now enter events with only 1 account per IP simulateneously. We're adjusting the rules: One person (not account, not character, not computer) may only have 1 genie active at any one point in time, violating this rule will permanently remove your ability to use Genie ON FIRST STRIKE, and your accounts will be banned for 3 days. Rental gear is now available as a trial during this weekend, if we receive positive feedback on this - it will remain activated permanently. The gear costs 500k to rent, lasts 6 hours, and can only be rented once a day. We believe the gear to be fairly under-powered, however we're looking for your feedback here; We'd rather be conservative and buff it, than overdo it and upset everyone that's worked hard for their gear! P.S. We will be moving other items over to be account bound rather than character bound in the future - please let us know which items you'd like to see get changed first!
  3. Dear Apexians, Today, during the Kill the GM event we'll be holding a giveaway event on our stream! You may find our stream over here: How will the giveaway work? We will be giving out 5 codes, which once you've put them together allow you to claim your (random) reward! We will announce codes 1, 3, and 5 in-game during the Kill the GM event. Codes 2 and 4 will be announced on the stream only! There's a claim limit on how many people can claim this code, so make sure to stay alert. How to use your code? Press the "C" button located in the left downside of your screen A new window will pop-up, like below All you have to do is simply enter the code (4 characters at a time), and click "OK". Your random reward will be sent straight to your inventory (or letter, if your inventory is full) if you've entered the correct code! Good luck & have fun! The Apex Gaming Team
  4. Dear Apexians, This is the 8th post in this series, hoping to shed some light on what we'll be working on. In this post, we hope to be able to give you an oversight of all the things we're working on in the upcoming month. Please note that anything written down here should be considered tentative - it is on our schedule and we strive to finish this in the given time period, however unforeseen circumstances (emergencies, both in-game and in real life), may lead to a change of plans. So, what will we be focusing on this period? Run regular giveaways and stream events to attract new players Limited-time starter packages via codes, great chances for players to (re)start, and generally promoting the server. Add more daily and weekly quests (PvP oriented) to keep things interesting Potentially adding a daily that'll allow you to save up for a much sought after Apex' Piece.... and more! Implement scheduled Isiloon & Ultima spawns in Ronark Land We know you lot are eager to have some great PK but can't all be bothered to wait around (as is evident from our Kill the GM event being great, every single time!), setting these up to spawn at certain times will ensure you guys have a nudge in the right direction. Improve Lunar Wars attendance Nation-specific Mini Chaos Stones for both attackers and defenders during Lunar Wars are on our bucket list! Re-evaluate pricing on Certificate of Event Participation exchanges Including, but not limited to, the Apex' Piece (both required amount of vouchers and coin requirement may be reduced) Look into adding upgrade-able "paper" anti-defense armors If added, we'll add it in such a way that it requires lots of PvP dedication to obtain! Re-balancing farming We'll be exploring ways to make manual farming much more attractive and rewarding for those that are willing to put in the time and effort - this generally means you may see both drop rate increases as well as additional mechanics being introduced. This is a sensitive matter, and thus changes will be made very gradually - unannounced micro adjustments are a consideration. Farm invasion events We'll be adding farm invasion events that spawn lots of tuned mobs with (much) higher drop rates, for small periods of time - it'll be worthwhile for anyone to party up and take these on! Opening up rental gear for anyone to rent This allows newcomers to put up at least somewhat of a fight while battling their way to the top. The actual items included, as well as pricing, will be discussed with the Community Council. Updating Mining rewards Mining rewards will become better to be better in-line with where the server has progressed to, making it more worthwhile to do. Lay the ground work for "Farming Seasons" You heard it right, this is at it's infancy and definitely won't be completed during this upcoming month, however we've got some great ideas on how to keep farming interesting in the long term, even for those that are maxed out! ... and more, as things come up and require our attention! Looking forward to the upcoming month! ~ The Apex Gaming Team
  5. I don't think we'll ever remove auto loot - looting is just too painful to do for hours on end.
  6. I'm not against disabling genie in Ronark Land and keeping autoloot enabled What do you think?
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    I've sorted you out, please be careful from now on
  8. Exceptional is marked as (Exceptional), meaning it can be both exceptional and normal.
  9. Thank you for your suggestions, we're evaluating them now
  10. Changelog Increased Dark Mithril Fragment drop rate in Ronark Land on Booro and Balrog and increased their resistances. Increased Dark Mithril Fragment drop rate in Ronark Land on Titans. Decreased Dark Mithril Fragment drop rate in Ronark Land on Crimson Wings and Dark Stones. Added Dark Mithril Fragment drops to bowl Bifrost monsters. The stronger the monster, the higher the rate! Changed Dark Mithril Fragment drops from Collection Race events to have a 1/3 chance to be tradeable. Implemented event ban functionality Being AFK or intentionally grieving other players in instanced events will now get you banned from joining events for a certain period of time (upto permanent for repeat offenders) Fixed an issue with Isiloon automatic downscaling. Automatic downscaling after she's been alive for 1.5 hours was disabled right after the bug was noticed, this is now re-enabled as well. Implemented support for limiting genie to one account per IP This is not activated yet, however we're evaluating the option to enable this. Improved support for limiting event signups per IP This has not been re-enabled yet, however we now support the ability to whitelist IPs for a specific amount of signups. Implemented giveaway events for live streams Anyone may participate in these events, and rewards are distributed randomly! Our first official stream will happen during this weekend's Kill the GM event over on Added daily PvP quest to Ronark Land, called "[Daily] A small personal goal" The rewards for completing this quest are 1x PK chest (season 2), and 5 million coins. Get cracking! Increased EXP is now gained all the way up to level 80 (up from up to level 75) Fixed a bug where CZ EXP gain wouldn't be boosted as much as non-CZ EXP gain. Farm Collection Races are now based on last hit (for you & your party) instead of all those who tagged the monsters. This change is aimed to prolong the activity these races give PvP
  11. Dear Apexians, As our last Castle Siege War on Sunday the 26th had some issues with the <Center Artifact> not being attackable, this resulted in a war where no one could try and overthrow the current castle holder. As a result of this we will hold a new Castle Siege War for this week, and the winning clan will hold it up until Sunday. It will be held Wednesday at the usual CSW time, server time 21:00. The current holder will be keeping the castle up until then - so that they can get a fair start of the event as holder of the castle. See you there! ~ The Apex Gaming Team
  12. Thank you for the report, this was fixed with the last restart
  13. Changelog Added PK chest (season 2) to PvP kill rewards and removed PK chest (season 1). You may exchange PK chest (season 2) at [VIP Manager] Juliane for 2.5 million coins. Below is a list of items you may obtain from exchanging them: High-class weapons (+1) (Shard, Raptor, etc) (tradeable) Chitin Shell armor (+1) (tradeable) Monster Stone Red Potion (10) Blue Potion (10) Certificate of Event Participation Water of Favors (500) Potion of Soul (500) 2000 HP scroll (30) 350 AC scroll (30) Gold Bar Dark Mithril Fragment (untradeable) Added account-bound daily PK chest quest. This quest is automatically started when you obtain a PK chest from a kill in PvP. You may only receive PK chests as long as the quest requirements have not been completed. Finishing this quest will award you with a bonus PK chest. This quest cannot be abandoned. Removed the ability to exchange PK chest (season 1) from [VIP Manager] Juliane. Fixed an issue with Dark Mithril Fragment (untradeable) being unable to manufacture Super Shell armors. The Super Shell armor manufactured via untradeable Dark Mithril Fragments will also be untradeable (unlike normal, tradeable Dark Mithril Fragments!) Re-arranging your inventory via the re-arrange button will now automatically merge stacks of the same item (where possible). We're aware of some interesting interactions with magic bags which can cause multiple stacks in your inventory. As the resulting stacks can be tedious to fix individually - and impossible, when magic bags expire - we're hoping this change should help give you the ability to easily free up some of your wasted inventory slots. This includes untradeable stackables! Saw blades in the Chaos event will now move as they're supposed to. Implemented timed stat reduction for monsters and NPCs. This will be used to weaken Isiloon after she's remained alive for 1.5 hours, gradually making her easier to kill. Fixed an issue where certain class transfers would not properly transfer the level 72 skill quest. VIP storage items will no longer be mailed to you when it expires, nor will its contents be automatically moved into your inventory upon login. Instead you may withdraw from the storage at your own pace while you're in Moradon Castle (only). When setting up a selling merchant stall with multiple of the same item (that is, non-stackable items, consumable items with the same number of charges, or stacks of the same size), all of their prices will be set to the last price used. We'd see instances of users putting up the same items at different (but visually similar) prices, in an attempt to scam buyers. While ultimately you are responsible for double checking what you're buying (and you should continue to do so!), there is no reason for a seller to price these items differently, so we're removing this particular behaviour. As players are more prone to abuse this skill in random parties, Escape may no longer be used during Juraid Mountain. In general, its most frequent legitimate use is to skip ahead when the bridge drops, which is just as easily replicated individually with /Town. Doing so also heavily cuts down on the run back after dying, so we feel that outright disabling it here brings more benefit at very little cost. Implemented E-PIN system to be used for events (streams, giveaways, etc). Fixed an issue with Monster Summon Staff not summoning bosses and forcing you to relog. Removed the ability to purchase Elemental Stone from [Hepa Pupil] Shozin for 1,000 NP. This item is not currently used anywhere and will remain this way for the foreseeable future, so this should clear up any confusion. Reverted the /Town HP requirement back to 50% while Genie's been active for some time. As the increased requirement interferes with its inbuilt ability to return back to town, this should ensure that Genie is able to do its thing when used legitimately, but not be able to be toggled on-the-fly to negate the regular requirement & escape in PvP situations.
  14. Adicionado o Chaos Event na programação semanal Chaos Event está programado para ser executado toda Quarta, Sexta e Sábado. A premiação é a seguinte: #1 - 1x Fragment of Avarice, 1x Blue Treasure Chest, 2x Silver Bar #2 - 1x Blue Treasure Chest, 2x Silver Bar #3 - 2x Silver Bar #4 ~ #5 - 1x Green Treasure Chest #6 ~ #10 - 1x Red Treasure Chest Adicionado "Apex' Piece" ao [Misc. Exchanges] Apexia O preço para esse item é 50 Certificates of Event Participation e também 1.5 billions coins Foi habilitado o upgrade de unique items para (+1). Você vai precisar de 100 milhões e 3 uniques iguais que não sejam old, e também o Accessory Compound Scroll para tentativa de upgrade. A taxa de sucesso é a seguinte: 33% sem uma "Apex' Piece" 100% com uma "Apex' Piece" Adicionado a função de fabricação de Super Shells Você poderá fabricar Super Shells combinando "Augmented Armor Mold" com "Dark Mithril Fragment" e Chitin Shell armor (+1) no NPC [Hepa Pupil] Shozin em Moradom Por favor tenha atenção que você tem que ter a receita certa para a peça correta, e também a peça de Chitin Shell armor para a classe que deseja fabricar a Super Shell Adicionado "Augmented Armor Mold" no [Sundries] por 15 milhões de coins. Adicionado "Dark Mithril Fragment" como drop dos seguintes monstros' tabela de drops apenas para Ronark Land: Crimson Wing Falcon Dark Stone Titan Balrog Booro Refeito Eventos de Collaction Race e seus premios Todas Collection Races agora tem duração de 60 minutos, e o início delas foi revisado. Elas visam a sustentação da atividade PVP, melhorando durante o dia, e um anúncio vai ser realizado antes do inicio da Collection Race. Reduzido o prêmio por vencer a Juraid Mountain de uma Silvery Gem para Yellow Gem. Estamos cientes que o mercado está saturado de items de Juraid. Esta alteração é para que os items de Juraid Mountain e acessories tenham mais valor. Aumentado o preço de 1500 HP, 300 AC, e ATK+ scrolls no Sundries por 2 milhões de coins.
  15. Changelog Added the Chaos Event to the event schedule The Chaos Event is currently scheduled to run only on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Rewards are as follows: #1 - 1x Fragment of Avarice, 1x Blue Treasure Chest, 2x Silver Bar #2 - 1x Blue Treasure Chest, 2x Silver Bar #3 - 2x Silver Bar #4 ~ #5 - 1x Green Treasure Chest #6 ~ #10 - 1x Red Treasure Chest Added "Apex' Piece" to [Misc. Exchanges] Apexia The cost for this item is 50 Certificates of Event Participation as well as 1.5 billion coins. Unique accessory upgrades to (+1) have been enabled. You will need 100 million coins and 3 of the same non-old unique accessories, as well as an Accessory Compound Scroll to attempt an upgrade. The success rates are as follows: 33% without an "Apex' Piece" 100% with an "Apex' Piece" Added the ability to manufacture Super Shells You may manufacture Super Shells by combining "Augmented Armor Mold" with "Dark Mithril Fragment" and Chitin Shell armor (+1) at [Hepa Pupil] Shozin in Moradon. Please note that you must have the appropriate mold for the appropriate piece, and the appropriate Chitin Shell armor for the class you wish to manufacture Super Shells for. Added "Augmented Armor Mold" to [Sundries] for 15 million coins. Added "Dark Mithril Fragment" as a drop to the following monsters' drop table in Ronark Land only: Crimson Wing Falcon Dark Stone Titan Balrog Booro Reworked Collection Race events and their rewards All collection races now last 60 minutes at most and the times they run at have been revised. They're targeted at sustaining PvP activity in Ronark Land throughout the day, and an announcement will be made prior to the start of a Collection Race. Reduced the reward for winning Juraid Mountain from Silvery Gem to Yellow Gem. We're aware the market is currently over saturated with Juraid items. As such, this change is aiming to increase the value of Juraid Mountain weapons and accessories over time. Increased price on 1500 HP, 300 AC, and ATK+ scrolls from Sundries by 2 million coins.
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