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  1. speak in your language (propably turkish) and wait for response from tr gm
  2. you cant use scrolls if they finish while you are debuffed even if you get cure
  3. Well i saw them working hard for long time to get drop. They tried it for 2-3h You should help them this one time Just my opinion
  4. well look how long i am here and i was playing with best gear on server also with start gear but i never asked they to give me info what they plan in next expansion and what item should i buy/sell this is your fucking problem you dont have gear and dont know how to play you should run with full +11/3 on all your chars even if you farm cardinals since 3 years but you dont, guess why?
  5. i think you are the only 1 guy that cant gear up since 3 years on this server and doesnt metter if they give free items or not you always crying because you dont have full iteme even if you playing here 3 years COME ON STOP CRYING
  6. Okej i want to know of my chaos wiri+3 burn at +11 or no I dont want spend money for tears
  7. no need dark knight ingame the problem is old players with full items +11 they should open upgrade to +14/15/16 for everything and let old players burn those all +11 krowaz weapons/armor this would balance market +change drop list from medals/chests or add new farm spot
  8. Not playing sin anymore just selling items from inn Solo mage > sin
  9. Dual EME+3 Dual ROL+3 Judi+3 Draki SSS pm me with offer
  10. Once you finish 400 kills cz queste they are back restored
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