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  1. ImmortalOne

    CZ Quests

    Once you finish 400 kills cz queste they are back restored
  2. ImmortalOne

    [Rules ] War Bug Abuse use party !

    wait wait wait you were banned for raiding town on ship war not rlb they can do same in cz and its not against rules there are guard towers so whats wrong?
  3. ImmortalOne

    fps option

    bump still not fixed
  4. ImmortalOne

    Kurian's AP/Skill bugged? V2

    Wait wait wait You want kurian spam same dmg as warrior? +spam rush/pull/divine/stun +spam heal And maybe light feet and torment?
  5. ImmortalOne

    Event for all maybe

    O.o They drop like this for everyone Doesnt metter how much dmg you do
  6. ImmortalOne

    Lost my item and NO money

    i dont think it was scam but its problem with money limit which is 21gb in inventory
  7. ImmortalOne


    800-1000 km from server location and i have same lag at utc and boss war
  8. ImmortalOne

    something wrong with server

    as i said i dont get any crash report there is plenty topics on forum with bugs and you not doing anything to solve them and as "gm" i mean whole staff because you are a team and i dont blame single person but you all you should put more effort in server and be more active or find new staff members if you dont have time for your server/players no offence
  9. ImmortalOne

    something wrong with server

    i know you cant help me and gms wont help me too because they dont do anything to fix bugs and they dont care about this server sad but true
  10. ImmortalOne

    something wrong with server

    again 20min on merchant and game closed i can play for few hours without dc/crash but cant leave fucking merchant do something with this bullshit and all bugs
  11. ImmortalOne

    something wrong with server

    i dont know what going on here since ~2 weeks but i cant leave my f***king character online for merchant because my game is crashing few minutes after i open merchant it happen every night when i try to buy/sell some items no dc/no crash report to sent
  12. ImmortalOne

    The server is too much lag.

    yeah lagging as fck
  13. ImmortalOne


    21k kc? for what???????????????
  14. ImmortalOne

    lag issue

  15. ImmortalOne

    Nice Wings

    It was thier own work and now you want steal it.