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  1. - What is your main language? (Do you speak English fluently?) Well im from Lithuania, but i can speak English easy. - How old are you? Im 23 - How long have you played KO? Since Myko - What class are you going to play? I will play warrior since im doing it for a long time - What timezone are you in? Same as turkish - How many hours can you play daily. From 4 to 10 mostly - What are your past clans, and your past names? List as many clans and names that you've used as possible. I always was using same name TeDi. Clans was WeHaveStyle, OldButGold, IamHorse... - Do you use Ventrilo, Skype, or TS, and do you have a mic? Yes, i use ventrilo, skype and ts. - Do you plan on buying premium and/or genie? I hope i will be able to buy premium. TeDi. This guy is awsom.-Dogamon