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  1. optional

    Buy List

    BUY Platinum earring +3 Ring of courage +3 draki's pendant str sss iron belt+3 PM OMGLGM with your offer in game
  2. optional

    can't launch

    bitdefender is free version, only can play when it be deleted. :S ty reply
  3. optional

    can't launch

    after install bitdefender
  4. optional

    Sell dual rol +2

    what is RANGE_TLB ?
  5. optional

    Sell dual rol +2

    sell dual rol +2, pm Optional in game and offer your price ring of life +2 x2 (sold)
  6. optional

    CrazyTime warriors range

    i am sorry that i have not enough information for macro bacause i didnot use it :S if i had said some wrong, i say sorry in here.
  7. optional

    CrazyTime warriors range

    it just a macro action lead to character be looked like further and further, but the guy is aside you so that can attack you. btw , it just need you inter the attack range of the guy at first so that he can do the macro action.