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  1. Insta

    Previous PUS Pots

    Hello, With the introducion of the new mastro potions i lost my old ones. Why? Been away a while was comming back and had no potions. People with the old ones just loses them? Best regards, Insta
  2. Insta

    Archer Dark Pursuer

    Hello, As archer I'm failing skills on arrows that I'm 100% sure they had to hit (Nothing in the way, close enough to the target, etc). I can't explain how it happens for about every 2 hours I need to restart the game so arrows hit again, and for a while they work fine until it repeats, i follow a target and about 90% of arrows don't hit the target. The skill goes off, the mana is spent, I see the arrow flying and hit the target, but no damage is done. I've felt it for the first time on monday (1st of August) and since then it happens everyday, several times a day. Was there any change on the server? I'm the only one with this problem? How it can be solved? Best regards, Sniper aka Insta