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  1. TheGreatEvil

    Just a curious question ...

    Mages aint broke or whatever, yes they hit lower then most other private servers, but melees would be crying over it if they would hit any higher, cause they still struggle outhealing mages with 2+ priests. However, mages used to hit way harder in the past, and about 50% of the server were mage party and meteor used to hit for 1.6-1.8k. And as far as I can see, well played mages can still rule in both CZ and CSW.
  2. TheGreatEvil

    Suggestion for improvement of PK

    I remember suggesting something similar to that in a different thread. However, peaple were simply crying over it, for invalid reasons in my opinions, and nothing came out of that... I still like that suggestion, and it would actually make pk more competitive in my opinion..
  3. TheGreatEvil

    Cannot fully connect to the game

    The launcher works, I can log into the acount itself. Once I'm trying to connect to the world, there is a minor lag between clicking enter and the ''connecting to the server...'' Then it just keep saying connecting to the server, but never actually connect. Sometimes it disconnect. PS. the problem is not for me, it's for a friend who wants to join Frank
  4. TheGreatEvil

    CZ pk idea.

    Wouldn't it be complicated? csw is about clan. what the clanless guys would do in cz? how would the party creating would be made ? maybe if party made in moradon would be transported into cz, so the CZ party creation would be kind of fixed in some way. I like the idea overall, however deeper explaination would need to be made to make that work in any ways. My suggestion would be, make several safe zone in cz, and allow anyone to party with anyone. then just go out of the safe zone to pk. However, pretty sure the ammount of coding needed there would be a lot.
  5. TheGreatEvil

    User always in a clan

    Oh thanks then ahah
  6. TheGreatEvil

    User always in a clan

    It fixed on its own !
  7. TheGreatEvil

    User always in a clan

    Char ID : TheGreatEvil Problem : My clan get NTed yesterday, and for some reasons, it kind of kicked me out of the clan, but it kept me in it, so I can't make any clan/nt.
  8. TheGreatEvil

    Bye Bye Argents

    Rofl, melee party killing a mage party does not even impress anyone when they have 2 priests. And you come up with 3 priest. Hope you did not expect anyone to say WOOOWWW some good skills right there when mages party tank other mages party with 1 priest.. I miss when KO communauty used to be good, before that 3 priest bullshit, and warrior aoe stuff.
  9. TheGreatEvil

    Possible Bug? Need help regarding that

    I wanted to make this post in the bug report section, however, it seems like it been disabled. I try to activate my account but it doesnt work.. http://oi67.tinypic.com/2uhr414.jpg Could you manually activate the email? Regards, Frank
  10. TheGreatEvil


    Uhh, without being mean or whatever, how long u been playing mage? Cause Mythril is OBVIOUSLY not for mage. Change it for Ron, will make more sense.
  11. TheGreatEvil

    Self-DC via panel

    Due to all the DCs that are going on around Canada, witch is definitly not me, since i've never DCed in the past, I just think it might be a good idea to have a self-DC threw the panel command. So if we actually dc, and the character is still ingame, we can just log Panel and allow us to DC ourself. Hope you'll take that into consideration. dced 4 times in 20 minutes just now.. Regards, Frank
  12. TheGreatEvil

    About the recent ban and some more

    I'm deeply IN for unbanning those players. As far as I know about programming and that kind of stuff, it is not a glitch, it is a mistake that was made by the Administrator/Developper that should of been easily noticable. However, the fact that some of them ''Abused'' it a whole lot of times is, indeed, a stupid thing to do. But on the other hand, someone who killed one of those monsters only once should not get a permanent ban, that is quite a stupid reason to ban someone, since basicly, he did not abused it. And so on, if that unban would happen, all those looted items should be deleted. By the way, think about the server's fate. I've seen players on KO4Life that was telling the server was comming back to life, and that several clans have came back, but as far as I've seen in game, everyone are telling that the server is dead due to that massive ban.. Just think about it.. Regards, Frank
  13. TheGreatEvil

    B|Magic draki pendant S.S.S

    As title say Inbox how much you want. or simply reply to this topic.. Regards, Frank
  14. TheGreatEvil

    Warrior Aoe (Balance idea)

    has absolutely no sense to what I posted. kbye.
  15. TheGreatEvil

    Warrior Aoe (Balance idea)

    -1 for increasing mages HP/AC. That would mostly make mages too strong. Why not making the warrior aoe skills kind of similar to mages.? For a mage party to 1 hit another mage party while throwing novas on them, they need at least 6-7 novas. Why does warrior only need 2 warrior to 1 hit a full mage party threw torment. So here's my suggestion. Balance the warriors AOE to make them similar to mages aoe. Make them hit near the same Meteor fall hit other mages for, witch is 1200~1400. and that should be threw torment.. 1200~1400 * 6 = 7200 ~ 8400. witch is more then enought to 1 hit a mage party if you have any skills at the game... ps. can any of you explain me... you guys have 2x a mage hp;about 300 more ac and at least 2 priest in your party. how comes you warriors can't tank a mage party that nova on you. BUT a mage party who have 7k hp and 1 priest can tank all mages novas... right, I doubt you can blame mages hitting too hard or w/e... Regards Frank