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  1. Codeine

    Will you ban bug abuser?

    we reported 2 weeks ago and Alpha said he warned them as well.
  2. draki sss and chittin gauntlet +11 are sold
  3. Selling : EVERY THING IS SOLD. CONGRATZ TO THE NEW OWNER:) -The only full warrior krowaz 11 set so far in the server -Chaos wiri 11 -sos+3 -ROF+2-----SOLDDD -str SSS --SOLDDDD -Roc3 opal earring 3 -Chittin gauntlet +11 -- SOLDDD Offer.
  4. Codeine

    Lets Make ApexKO Great Agin !

    why would u wanna take away players from cz? I remember draki tower almost killed the server because ppl were too concentrating on farming in it in emc/luff
  5. Suggestion for invasion. If bosses are spawned and drop small rewards like krowaz chest in emc/luff during invasion, it might encourage the loosing side to defend.
  6. Codeine

    Wall hack or bug abuser or w/e

    https://s23.postimg.org/ym6crhz9n/image.jpg yea right nice VS under the water
  7. Codeine

    Wall hack or bug abuser or w/e

    this is a clever way to npt.
  8. Codeine

    Bifrost NPT

    Thank u for reporting, at this time they already put the item into other accounts or sold it
  9. Codeine

    Trade duo Rol+2 for duo Roc+2

    traded 1, 1 ROL2 left
  10. Codeine

    Trade duo Rol+2 for duo Roc+2

    I have duo ROL+2, pm me if you wanna swap ROC2 with ROL2. Thanks
  11. Codeine

    Warrior Aoe (Balance idea)

    +1 Rougean. That's why i said only unbiased suggestion should be welcomed and listened.
  12. Codeine

    IronRoqu3I bug abusing in BDW

    @killersumphony, u can be patient with this matter since u were in the same pt with this dude so many times. You even tped him when he got altar so yeah. I never said apexko staff is not on-point. I said our staff should be more on point than ever during this difficult period and " feel" that the staff don't care.