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  1. MERET

    Dark Dragon

    Gerisini onlar düşünsün artık. Elçiye zeval olmaz :)
  2. MERET

    Dark Dragon

    Players cannot pick up items from Dark Dragon at Castellan Dungeon.
  3. Hi There is a bug. It occasionally happens like respawn animations.
  4. MERET

    resign king

    As far as I know, senators were king nominees who lost election at the time, not at the top 10 of the clans.
  5. MERET

    resign king

    [Election Official] Roben NPC Impeachment Impeachment Vote (A proposal of impeachment can only be made by senator. You can view the list of senators that agreed to the impeachment and cast your vote for or against impeachment) In Favor
  6. I try to say that every clan leader cannot be commander at Official KO because there is a rule there. Why do players want to be commander? Because of skill like light feet? Players use TP SC in a bad way, yet we want to do PK .They merely defeat NPC by escaping from battle.
  7. I think Scrool of Teleport friend should be brought cooldown. We want to do PK as well at Lunar War. We don't want any Tom, Dick, or Harry abusing with commanders. Every one makes a new clan in order to be commander that it is impossible from Official KO, however, that ruins PK. You'd better be a par with Official KO.
  8. I can only speculate that change to NP store will merely do old players the world of good. Admin will be supposed to deliberate for one second before adding the items. Newest players log in the game and have to abandon hope of playing here. Because so-called old or royal players who are fully geared rout them easily. I request of @Aesteris and @twostars that I reckon that you will fuss over all the details. Newest players play a vital role in the server circumstance.
  9. In my opinion, you must take account of rankings if you change something. I feel this way for a number of reasons, including that server is bad going when you change something because you don't take heed of our advices, but I am going to try nonetheless. 1. Players can pay the NPC 1,000 or 2,000 NP for each Fabric +11 reverse items separately for Battle Priest. You'd better possibly add specific items much better than Fabric Set for priest class. We would like to see what battle priest can do at CZ and it is hard to seek a party. Therefore, we should go solo. It's very rare for us to obtain unique items such as Hero's Valor, Legionnaire Band, Lillime's Earrings, Minotaur's Earrings, Cockatrice's Earrings, Elemental Pendant and so on. I agree with @Melody about prices (30,000 NP). No one demands to join events anymore such as Juraid Mountain. Old players have completed their achievement. Player generally receive these unique items from gems. Plus, you shouldn't have destroyed poision kurian. You need to restore kurian character. Why? You might add all of draki S.S.S because it is hard to obtain draki's pendant and combination. 2. You needn't have added shell armours, secret armours, the items on page 7/12 and accessories to the NP store for the simple reason that no one uses none of them with the expection of rare player(s). 3. I would rather purchase accessories +3 and UTC weapons +7 instead of its +2 and +5 respectively. Because we can obtain the essential accessories from chests. Good luck!
  10. MERET


    Why didn't my character transfer nation? I don't understand why my character has left clan when it confirmed NT. My character (MERET) is appropriate for NT as follow: Nation Transfers (Patch Notes) Can you check it please? @twostars @Aesteris
  11. At Official KO Commander 10 minutes after the Lunar War opens, Commands are given to the 5 clan leader that have the highest national points. Summon Unable to use Teleport Friend Scroll (PUS item) and Calling Friend Scroll cannot be used. Loading Screen It is possible to use Calling Friend Scroll and individual summon skill I think commander rule should carry out. Many players make new clan, being commander easily even if players are newest. I think we are all in need of cooldown for Teleport Friend Scroll. Therefore, we can battle against each other at war. What do you think about it? @Aesteris @twostars
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