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  1. MERET

    Passowrd problem

    Oyuna girmeden önce şifreni tekrar sıfırlar mısın? Şifreni oluştururken özel karakter kullanma.
  2. MERET

    Christmas Event Deadline

    When will the Christmas event end?
  3. What do you mean "unbalanced gear"? You think the only problem is national point? I don't understand.
  4. MERET

    VIP Vault Key

    But no one of staff doesn't know for sure what happens. I just try helping players. That's it.
  5. MERET

    VIP Vault Key

    So players can buy it to put monster stone in VIP Vault Key?
  6. MERET

    VIP Vault Key

    Some items cannot be traded, sold or stored such as quest items, monster stone and so forth. Which items don't we store in our inn? I will store monster stone item (receive it from mine, juraid mountain event, hunting mobs or achieve. I don't know it doesn't matter) or other If I buy VIP Vault Key in PUS. Thus, players can decide to buy VIP Vault Key from PUS or not. People ask me several time. Let me know that so I let them know. Regards... @twostars @Aesteris
  7. MERET

    Ininal kart ile kc çekme

    Bana(Aesteris) özelden hangi hesap adıyla işlem yapmaya çalıştığını yaz. Senin için neler yapabileceğime bir bakayım. Not: Yöneticilerin sayfası sağdaki linktedir. >> https://forum.apexko.com/staff/ Not: Mesaj gönder (Send Message) butonuna basıp mesaj gönderebilirsin.
  8. MERET

    Ininal kart ile kc çekme

    I invested 70 Turkish Lira into "ininal card". I wanted to recharge Apex points as $10 package selection but I came up against error such as "Forbidden Card Issues". What should I do? @twostars @Aesteris
  9. MERET

    Christmas Event

    Hello everyone. First of all, thank admin @Aesteris @twostars for preparing a little something for players. I know you would like to return to old PK but it backfires when you create new things generally. Frankly, this event is killing PK. Crowded nation manipulates the event. Human players cannot get closer to the monument at Ronark Land. Human side nearly does nothing. In my view, unfair event! In addition, many players don't attack these mobs. It doesn't matter your nation. Regards...
  10. Bifrost event can bring old PK back. Thus, Apexians can enjoy if admins jazz it up!
  11. MERET

    Attention, please! :)

    People with the fear of spider which is arachnophobia cannot join the game because of you admin Admin screws PK up. No problem When are you going to activate the Bifrost event? Players are getting impatient at delay. No one joins the Forgotten Temple event. So, how will we complete Halloween missions? We want to destroy these token owing to not complete mission but you don't want us to do it on our inventory. Well, what is your suggestion apart from waiting for finishing Halloween event?
  12. MERET

    server lagg

    The server is too much lag now. We can't do PK now. We can open NPC, use chests and so on. That's all
  13. MERET

    Halloween Event

    We can't destroy any 'event token' item because of you admin. We bear the brunt of unremovable items thanks to you. Thank you for not helping.
  14. MERET


    Hey everyone Can I make royal 1 clan without the cape, if possible? Selam. Pelerinsiz Royal 1 klan yapmak mümkün mü?