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  1. Chayni

    Magpie TS

    not 100% sure, but thats how they work on usko aswell (only 30mins)
  2. or atleast get the krowaz set that i bought. ban the char and trade me an untradeable set? idk i'll wait for admins support.
  3. So i was buying krowaz set+11 from IThinkYouNeedHelp/4suns. he logged out on the character with the krowaz set on (IThinkYouNeedHelp) and logged 4Suns i traded him the CSS to seal the char he claimed he dced and he then sealed the character the guy didn't dc. he logged out and made a new char named LThinkYouNeedHelp. which ofc didn't have krowaz or anything on. i lost a Rosetta set 11/ 4 kc kc (2 k involved in the trade, 2k for the CSS) and 10gbs!!!! i traded on the character ItzChayni. i hope you can restore what i lost. or give me what is rightfully mine. you can see IThinkYouNeedHelp still has the set.. (trade happend around 17:00 Belgium time) https://www.apexko.com/character/Ithinkyouneedhelp https://www.apexko.com/character/4Suns i wanna add that this wouldn't happen if all the items were indeed tradeable and ppl wouldn't have to take this risk. i did a similar trade yesterday for a moonlight 8 and that went without problems...
  4. https://www.apexko.com/character/Chayni gift offer
  5. Chayni

    King capes

    do kings get to choose which king cape they want? i only see the current ones using the newest ones, i was wondering if you can change it to the previous white ones
  7. there is only orcs pking lately at our time zone, so we would like to go human..
  8. i left and came back multiple times to this server. there is no private server able to compete with apex. i gues as new updates come out, like maybe the new Knight battle royale? a smaller pk zone for the time being like RLB could also make pk a little bit more enjoyable? anyway. apexko will be around for the long run, just gotta get players to come back and have fun at this point.
  9. B< Priest krowaz set+8 Holy Animore+11
  10. 2x LKP+3 ~ EP+3 & LBOL+3 ~ SSS Int & Glass Belt+3 & 2x IR+3 & 2x Fr ~ SSS Magic & 2x FR+3 ~ Aztec Gold Faun+11Reb ~ 3x Mage Rosetta Armors+11Reb (Pauld, pads, boots)~ 2x Mage Krowaz Armors+11Reb (helmet/gauntlets)~ pm me for offers.
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