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  1. Chayni


    how much for gab
  2. B< Priest krowaz set+8 Holy Animore+11
  3. 2x LKP+3 ~ EP+3 & LBOL+3 ~ SSS Int & Glass Belt+3 & 2x IR+3 & 2x Fr ~ SSS Magic & 2x FR+3 ~ Aztec Gold Faun+11Reb ~ 3x Mage Rosetta Armors+11Reb (Pauld, pads, boots)~ 2x Mage Krowaz Armors+11Reb (helmet/gauntlets)~ pm me for offers.
  4. So all those hours of prem/cospre used to get all those nps arent lost ? 🤔
  5. I understand his point tho.. the top np holders worked/spent alot on these characters And now They are worth the same as players that had millions less, And No reward has been given out to those Who lost alot more Then others
  6. Ye, I Think a Total wipe would of been better, or atleast a reward for the top 10 Np holders as They lost the most..
  7. and when we played melee we also made alot more then mages did. having skills in your class helps
  8. just because you are not good at your current class. doesn't mean its unbalanced.
  9. Chayni

    Undy Sc failed!

    they're fine like they are thanks for adding them to this nice event.
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