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  1. oha full babashopper
  2. why not just make it start 83? pk gear ready? use the thing that made the last server great (when the actual pk official was announced)
  3. even with full resist on you still get spam stunned/iced
  4. mages and warriors attack from close tho, archers shoot and run, ice and stun up to 90%
  5. archers wouldn't be as big of a problem if both nations had archer party going.
  6. mages are glass canons. also nothing said about mages here. archers are fast, tanky, and do soo much dmg. they also tend to run with more then 1 pt, completely unbalancing pk when there is only an archer pt on 1side
  7. hope one day you realise that archers are the aids that make cz run empty every day.
  8. Archers are ruining every chance of decent pk in the server orcs leave cz cause there is no chance against this bs
  9. Chayni

    King capes

    do kings get to choose which king cape they want? i only see the current ones using the newest ones, i was wondering if you can change it to the previous white ones
  10. there is only orcs pking lately at our time zone, so we would like to go human..
  11. i left and came back multiple times to this server. there is no private server able to compete with apex. i gues as new updates come out, like maybe the new Knight battle royale? a smaller pk zone for the time being like RLB could also make pk a little bit more enjoyable? anyway. apexko will be around for the long run, just gotta get players to come back and have fun at this point.
  12. So all those hours of prem/cospre used to get all those nps arent lost ? 🤔
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