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    kurtis got a reaction from Ronnen in Hey Aesteris & Twostars & community   
    Welcome back BEN! I started playing again about 3 months ago!!! saleen
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    kurtis got a reaction from BulletClub in Meat dumplings.   
    I think this is a wonderful idea. It would encourage people to pk for sure. I know lots of people have 100s saved up. I for one would love this. Adding more options like this is always a good idea for the server. 
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    kurtis got a reaction from BulletClub in Well, Admins gonna watch server die ?   
    Server is fine. Just need more events. Should NEVER restart the server. 
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    kurtis got a reaction from CFoR in Old player back and looking for human clan.   
    It's all about the shitty Vancouver Canucks!!! ... 
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    kurtis got a reaction from slionemc in Make things more interesting IN Moradon /EMC/Luferson   
    Add Shaula/Dragon Tooth/kekurikekukakaback to Lufferson and EMC. Make there current spawn rates 1/3 faster.
    Add Hyde and Anteras to Moradon
    For Ronark Land
    Add Dark mares back into the zone and make them have a decent drop of silver bars and high class weapons/armor. Maybe even a very low chance of gold bar.
    Add Troll king, Talos and harpy queen, and snake queen to randomly spawn in one of there spawns groups on the map. Example at trolls and Titans.
    Add Paramons back into the area they used to be at.
    Add Hyde and Anteras to bowl spawning. 
    Add buffed isiloon servants (4) to spawn with Isiloon. Make them auto agro anyone close to make the fight harder and longer. 
    What do you guys think?? XD 
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    kurtis got a reaction from Int91 in Time to lower all prices in Power Up Store.   
    I think it's time to lower prices in the power up store to help inject more items for buying and selling into the community. As it stands right now, people are scared to buy KC with the current server population. At this time, I think it would be a smart move to lower all Premium services by like 30% or something. Also You need to lower the USD price on Knight cash. This would REALLY help the current market in game and help attract new players. It would also help with advertisement. Thoughts?
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    kurtis got a reaction from twostars in I'm gonna be brutally honest with admins   
    I won't jump ship. I'll continue to buy my monthly War premium  
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    kurtis got a reaction from Ronnen in Server?   
    Don't relaunch for the cry babies...