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  1. Sotakone

    Melee passion

    not only the weak classes but all classes, this is the way its in official and they dont much complain about this issue there do they?
  2. Sotakone

    Melee passion

    sure those powerfull mages are complaining when strong melee parties are playing good together and kicking their asses. i think the best solution for this would be to add that undy scroll to pus, this would make them weak classes stronger.
  3. Sotakone

    CrazyTime warriors range

    i have also seen these chinaman having incredibly long range on their warriors.
  4. Sotakone

    Make elite items non-tradeable

    maybe make it like when put on, then it becomes nontradeable.
  5. There has been a trend of people selling elite items like irons and superior weapons/armors for real money. This has been going on at apexko v1 aswell as v2, im suggesting a simple idea of how to make this impossible and so better the gameplay and have people stay at the server. Just make all irons and elite weaps/armors (above +8) absolutely non tradeable, this simple thing would fix alot of current problems with people quiting and selling clan rewarded items for real money. thanks.
  6. Sotakone

    Aziz - VS Video

    nice vs vid! exellant makromouse/ pedal actions! gg
  7. Sotakone

    The Pride of Apexko!

    i once win karambit in vs event final round :| but seriously would it be so wrong if somebody was to learn something new from someone elses videos?
  8. Sotakone

    Buying rons set +7 and old uniques for ingame coins

    bought robe and boots, still buying the rest.
  9. buying rons set +7, dual old sse, dual old rol. selling sash of sorrows +1, warrior chitin dd helmet+7 warrior chitin spear boots +7, spear of murky+7. with ingame coins, pm warru with offers!
  10. Sotakone

    ApexKO Random in-game screenshots

    This is me ksing a riote in bowl! also kurian has some attack power!
  11. Sotakone

    [Voice your opinion] new war times

    i vote for wednesday and sunday, 1 for wednesday and two for sunday. and these should be scheduled so every time zone has change to go there on their prime times.
  12. Sotakone

    Pro player?( nice program bro )

    haha busted! i can already smell the banhammer!
  13. Sotakone

    Pro player?( nice program bro )

    haha this proves hes illegal makro even more: http://postimg.org/image/mtj6zi7g9/
  14. i actualy agree on this trina thingie, for example going 7-8 i have made far more succeeds without than with (about 6 trinas so far). but another thing that drives some people crazy is this new anvil which is slow as hell to operate.
  15. Sotakone

    bring paper weapon defences to MSS

    yes agreed they should be those +6/25 rare ones.