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  1. slionemc

    Recruiting archers :D

    Not enough archers in server, now the plan is kurian party human side, to bang those nooby warrior parties on orc sinde
  2. slionemc

    Expensive Selling list

    lol my bad im just selling as for the rest yes raum got sold,
  3. slionemc

    Leonards / BP

    wuuut? kurians are not op
  4. slionemc

    Expensive Selling list

    i already sold like half my stuff to you lol
  5. slionemc

    Expensive Selling list

    Sell Mythril +7 gaunlets Raum +8 (lousy pickpocket) Rol +1 (dual) Cockatrice earring +1 (dual) Cockatrice +0 Dual roc+1 Ib+1 Roc+2 Exc ib +11rev Warrior shell set+8 Buy Dragon scale +8 Krowaz +7 (warrior and rogue) Roc +2 Raum +7
  6. slionemc

    Sell Iron Belt

    As the topic says Im selling an iron belt pm me here or ingame <cloud>
  7. slionemc

    Cloud Buy Sell list

    S> Rogue shell set +8 Shard +8 (no rev) Exc Shard +5 rev Helenid +8 (no rev) B> Dragon scale set +7 Rols+0/+1 Pm me here or in game (im human) ty I accept gbs, kc or warrior/rogue items
  8. slionemc

    Recruiting archers :D

    An archer clan hasnt been a thing in this server, but it should, archer pts are op, send me a letter or pm Cloud if interested See you in game
  9. Agreed, it just fills chat
  10. slionemc

    Moving generator

    Also, move my computer to my bathroom so i dont have to get up to take a dump
  11. slionemc

    Juraid Mountain Problems

    I believe the easiest way will be to report the leechers, and staff banning them or something like that, seems like the only way to me
  12. slionemc

    Farming elixir staffs?

    yep thats right, i get a ton of them on red chests, plus you can get each for 600k soo
  13. Rates are fine, what should be changed in my opinion is % that tears and trinas help, its ridiculous how some people use 5 trinas in a row all burn, while some guy without it succeds.