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  1. Firstly Thanks to warn people about this ofcourse with some KSC's and proof's it would be better. We'll warn him for now if he keeps try to scam we'll take an action on it. Regards, AdonisTR
  2. AdonisTR

    AdonisTR İFŞA & Disclosure of AdonisTR

    Well I'll reply again just to make it clear , Most of the ( Turkish Players ) are happy about me being as GM. About the NT , ofcourse I'll ask first to Alpha because he's making the balance between the nations.Once again I don't need to proof you something cause I've the chats with Alpha on skype when asking to NT a clan. 2ndly When I've nted Bloodline it was cause Alpha was offline for 1 week and the balance was horrible. Oh yes do you remember when I nted u guys to orc just bcs u guys wanted to be king on orc side ofcourse firstly u guys said cause there was no balance afterwards I've learned that u guys just wanted to be king. Well explaining all the past is just pointless I can talk much about you or your clannies but this isn't my CHARACTER. P.S: LostLegends was calling me at 2 3 AM when he had problems so please next time find better excuses. Regards, AdonisTR
  3. AdonisTR

    AdonisTR İFŞA & Disclosure of AdonisTR

    Hi everyone, As @Aesteris said I've limited access ( I can just Teleport, Arrest , Ban , Mute someone) and make ofc NP events (I can't even summon bosses to make any boss event). Even If I make a character I won't be able to inject items on it (just to make it clear). I won't waste my time on explaining everything or "proof " anything about who I am but remember this "VATAN" clan was banned by me also. I've plenty messages in my inbox helping ur clan even at 3 AM 5 AM ( I even gave my phone number out so you guys can Call me at any time not every gm would do that it's my privacy) and I don't really see a problem a GM playing as a normal char cause ( they've a limited access). I'm helping people from Teamspeak to make it easier (When the server had many turks).Don't forget I've logged your teamspeak aswell to help u guys easier and all the other turkish clans (Legacy, OttomanAnadolu, ANADOLU, etc..) so this doesn't mean that I'm playing there. P.S: I'd like to talk a bit about you on this topic but I will leave it here. Whatever thanks for the topic , now everything is clear. Regards, AdonisTR
  4. AdonisTR

    AFKER in BDW

    You can kick them with 3 votes
  5. AdonisTR

    About Archers

    I mean like even only with Dark pueser 1x arrow is easy to cancel a priests heal.
  6. AdonisTR

    About Archers

    Well First of all thanks to all to share ur opinions with us and we'll look into that %100. I'd like to share my opinion aswell. Firslty I think PK is more then just attacking and killing people. Sometimes you'll have to play defence aswell what I mean by this is actually a priest can easily slide to 5x and 3x arrows. 2ndly In a melee party you've more than 1 priest Like 1 DB + 1 Buffer (Party Cure) or even sometimes 3 Priests so they can easily help each other. Actually strategy speaks more here in Knight Online Warrios can descent on priest and play tank so the priests can stay alive. Each class has his own skills like Mage can stun or slow , Asassins can deal big damages with critical point (Jamadar) etc etc. In my opinion the only succesfull thing on the archer is his cancel rate well there can be worked on archers ofcourse their light shock and ice shock can be checked aswell. P.S: This was just an opinion ( my opinion) Regards, AdonisTR
  7. AdonisTR

    Server Gidisati Hakkinda

    Sunucu'da kesinlikle saldiri yoktur Sunucu firmasi kablo duzenlemeleri yaptigi için server malesef kapali kaliyor en kisa surede tekrar online'iz bu durum için gerçekten uzgunuz. Skiller hakkinda zaten herzaman biz userlerimizin gorusune gore herseyi editliyoruz fakat anladik ki damageler çok yuksek gereken duzenlemeyi yaptik mesafe eskisi gibi ve damage azaltilmistir. Son olarak bize olan güveniniz için tesekkur ederiz elimizden geldigince en iyi hizmeti vermeye haziriz. Kesinlikle server kapatma gibi bir düsüncemiz yoktur. NOT: Ufak bir sir paylasiyim dedim yeni yenilikler için hazir olun !
  8. AdonisTR

    ICity Starting

    Welcome ! Hosgeldiniz !
  9. Macro Ban Sebebi degildir ve sekmek v2 de çalismiyor seksede birsey farketmez. There's no rule for Macro so we can't ban him and glitching with cure doesn't work properly in this version. /Topic Closed.
  10. AdonisTR

    Wh Sh

    Bu hile degildir bir bug gibi gozukuyo zaten magelerin girdigi gibi descent'i kullaniyor buyuk ihtimalle yinede gereken konrtolu yapicaz.
  11. AdonisTR


    He'll be checked.
  12. AdonisTR

    Yan Charı Silmek İstiyorum

    Merhaba, Malesef boyle bir seçeneğimiz mevcut degildir. Saygilarimla, AdonisTR
  13. AdonisTR


    I need to repair my banhammer +11 rebirth but I don't have enough coins
  14. AdonisTR


    I'm not professional true But this guy is really pro photoshoper
  15. AdonisTR


    Photoshop !