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  1. Nanaharu

    Auction System

  2. Nanaharu

    Chaos cheater "Dirac"

    Bullshit or not. The admins can check if it's true what he said. The connections are all logged (I bet). Also remember, this is a private server. There are still a few bugs arround (I found some too the past days). @Dirac: Why didn't you make a screenshot of it? So you'd have a proof you're (probably) innocent.
  3. Nanaharu

    [HUMAN] Seeking Mages!

    Hey guys! I want some badass AOE partys! I'm planning to mass AOE estland mobs. i.e. all mobs near doom soldier/knights, death wizard and so on. Or simply killing falcon/cw for some nice exp Send me a pm in forum (with your IGN) or ingame. (If I'm offline, you can send me a letter. I'll try to pm you when I'm online again)
  4. Hey guys, as you can see from the title, I need background music for my pk video I currently make. The problem is, I have no idea what I shall use. Dubstep, Rock, Metal, Hardcore etc.... There are some good bands like pendulum and so on, but that's all licensed music and I need creative common / royalty free / unlicensed / free to use music. Let me know if you guys know/find some good songs. Else I'll just trash the project because I'm not getting further. Cheers
  5. Nanaharu

    MyNameIs ApexKO Beta PK

    I watched both videos in 1080p. Your quality is really bad compared to the other video. Use obsproject.com to record. It's better than fraps imo. Btw, as you said, it's not crystal clear. That's what I meant with the quality.
  6. Nanaharu

    MyNameIs ApexKO Beta PK

    *Ignore/Delete this post. No idea why it was posted twice.*
  7. Nanaharu

    MyNameIs ApexKO Beta PK

    No, it's not my internet. I just downloaded it in 1080p and replayed it on my 42" screen. The quality is SHIT. As I allready said, you probably recorded it in 480p and rendered it in 1080p. This wont work. Just checked the video of P0LEMIK & the quality is perfect.
  8. Nanaharu

    MyNameIs ApexKO Beta PK

    Rendered in 1080p but recorded in 480p? I can barely read/see anything on 1080p.
  9. Nanaharu

    [Mage] Instantly Magic bug

    Class: Mage Skill: Instantly Magic (15 Master) The skill instantly magic will be used, the cooldown of using a pot will not be used after hitting it once, but trying to pot again I get i.e. 'Water of bless failed' untill the regular cooldown of a pot would reset.
  10. Hey there! As many of you may know, in other games (such as WoW i.e), there are NPCs to sell items w/o having to stay online. Imo it's a waste of time + energy. Having a PC running all night/day consumes alot of energy and it's not very economic. My suggestion is to make a offline shop/auction system to sell items. It doesn't have to be ingame, as I can think of it'd be hard to integrate. I'm not sure but I think I've seen a web-based system on any PSKO-Server years ago. Also I think it'd be easier to be done. Tell me what you guys think about it! Edit: If there'd be a web-based market interface, a option to trade items would be nice. i.e.: Sell/Trade-> Iron Impact +7 XXX Coins or trade for Raptor +7. If someone got a Raptor +7 it'd be traded over the web-system and both get their new item via letter. Also, items should be removed from inventory and transfered into the database for the web-market.
  11. Nanaharu

    Gotti's Selfie's :P

  12. Nanaharu

    [Suggestion] Official Server Start

    @sebast44 It's not that hard as you may think. I don't know how the database looks like. I worked with 1298 DB's only back in time. If I'd work into that kind of stuff again, I'd manage to do this. Also twostars is a great dev. He knows what he does and I think it wont cause him so much trouble to do that.
  13. Hey there! When the official server start comes, the server will be wiped ofc. My suggestion is to keep all chars on the accounts including the clans. If everything would be wiped, ppl may use the name of others and it will be hard to figure out who's the real player. Also some ppl don't know each other outside the game and have no possibility to communicate to group up again (i.e. for clan remake). Just wipe all lvls, NP's, items and so on, so that we still have the clans + friend lists. This would give every1 a much more comfortable start in the game.