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  1. Kurian is good. Not super powerfull or powerless
  2. that's what yurtakalanlar said
  3. kankam ya :D:D:D:D yok lan ne pokelik yapması makara yapıyorum. ne 100 kcssi kanka pot yok aq
  4. ya kürt ismail sen kime şekil koyuyorsun. yemişsin yarrağı
  5. krqwğroğqworğwq player? let me laugh to this one.
  6. Your players DIE bcs of you don't use other heals. Just spam torment nice tactic
  7. and karim stop spamming torment. try to heal sometimes. ı guess you think you just have 10 k for pt try other heals.
  8. omfg they have 3 kurians but zero brain. full random stun divide priest when nobody attacking. nice vs with worms.
  9. Retard. Im playing in here like 2 years. Cry more little shit. So you just want restart for taking symbol easly? Most retard reason ı've ever heard.
  10. Everytime you guys play in turkish servers till they close max 2 months and you guys coming back here crying about new server. Start now or stfu
  11. Omfg pls stop cry. There is no new server or restart.
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