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  1. Thanks Twostars didn't want you to do more work was just wondering
  2. Just wondering if anyone else has used the transformation scroll jack o lantern I did and could not attack anything so had to delete it or sit in maradon I could transform but could not attack as an archer
  3. This Event is un-fair to Archers , In cz an Archer has to lose the bow and be un-armed when everyone else can zr with there weapons on leaving Archers at a disadvantage so that gutless attackers can easily make nps because Archers are un-armed
  4. GiantHi All, I need +11 Eagle Eye or a determined decision +11 bow to the equivalent of the Bombastic BAAL or I will take 500 kc pm me in game 2018_10_12_21_44_37.ksc
  5. - What is your main language? (Do you speak English fluently?I can try to speak English but I prefer to speak Australian and I do this bloody well. - How old are you?ntIm old school so Im dam ancient as most of you know Im usually the Dad of the clan and those who dont know me well Im 50 years - How long have you played KO I was mni way back at the start been following most for years had a rest from Ko however got the taste for it again - What class are you going to play? (Preferably want people who are going to play their main class.) Im always an Archer and a dam good KS'r - What timezone are you in? GMT10 - How many hours can you play daily. (I honestly expect at least 4 to 6 hours daily from everyone.) Please do not bullshit when posting this. Be as honest as possiblE Well I have been on another server as you know Rick and been very active inbetween things I must do I still get min 4 hours make the wars and events - What are your past clans, and your past names? List as many clans and names that you've used as possible MNI, Bloodlines,TickleThisElmo,......Names 1Shot1Kill,MasterofSouls,DebtCollector - Do you use Ventrilo, Skype, or TS, and do you have a mic? As odd as this may seem to some clans, I don't really require voice communication. You can use it free willingly if you wishI have been using TS atm will do others depends what clan uses, atm no mic but $10 at the shop no problem - Do you plan on buying premium and/or genie? (Not really required, but useful information.) No Rick I dont buy
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