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    Staff applications are open!

    Position being applied for: Game Master My Age: I'm 36 years old Experience: I started playing usko in 2004 on c-west server. I also played many private servers. I'm a gm on myko server. I just really enjoy helping others out in the game. A lot of people have questions that most don't take the time to answer. I would be happy to answer them and help other out. Landuage: English Timezone: I live in the united states and I'm on the east coast Availability: I would be available in the morning my time from the hours of 8am to 11am. Then in the evening from 4pm-1200 pm midnight. I could possible be online more if needed. Contact info: My skype name is masta247 Time u can contact me: anytime of the day or evening Thank you for taking time to review my application. I hope you choose me for be a game master. I believe I could make a difference and help out al those who are lost or have questions. Thank you again. Have a nice day.