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    nazy symbol clan BAN TIME

    I agree with keeping politics out of the game, this should not be tolerated in my opinion
  2. If you have ever played a mage you would know that blinking in certain areas would cause you to get stuck on the other side and he probably tped them without knowing it you should provide video like others mentioned
  3. SoMuchFilth

    Party Heals Fail Upon Teleportation

    personally it fails 8/10 times
  4. SoMuchFilth


    That happens because you X previous events
  5. SoMuchFilth

    Sins using dual ets+11 in cz

    Sorry, double post
  6. SoMuchFilth

    Sins using dual ets+11 in cz

    Dual ets+11 is only good if you are up against iron set, but most players have drakis and belt of quickness at this point
  7. SoMuchFilth

    Stun rate going crazy again

    Why is it that smallbrain members always cry on shoutbox or make a topic without any proof after every bdw they play?
  8. SoMuchFilth

    Sudo the funny Raider

    Lmao what a savage
  9. SoMuchFilth

    Sudo the funny Raider

    I would understand raiding farmers if there is no one to pk otherwise its pathetic
  10. SoMuchFilth


    th3endofline left my bdw as well a few days ago i just forgot to report him
  11. SoMuchFilth

    Feb 5 patch appreciation thread

    This is indeed a problem right now
  12. SoMuchFilth

    Competitive PK Solution - Enhance Town(ing) Req.

    I am not suprised this suggestion is coming from a rogue
  13. SoMuchFilth

    new dc bug

    Might have something to do with fps dropp
  14. SoMuchFilth

    !!!!!!!! New Server Suggestions !!!!!!!

    Horrible idea to open a new server, wont solve any problem ur having