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    Hello, bro
    4. I don't understand bro, you say "2. nice bloodline (while having 2 people from another clan)" bro but that was the same exact party as in "Selam Czesc" video that your clan leader said that took us down in 5 secs bro. Bro?
    5. Sorry bro I don't understand what a good party composition is bro Long time no play USKO. Is this good party composition?

    Sir, thank you for writing in my topic. I'm honored. I never thought that an user who had played USKO in the past and most of all, the apex of professionalism, SteamKO for like 2 months would come down to my commoner level and write for me. Truly. Honored.
    Have you seen the gear of my warriors and mage, sir? I don't think you did.
    Sir, your clan member once said this:
    I think maybe you have different opinions inside your clan, sir.
    I also saw a very nice book, sir:

    Best regards!
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    Both of hes heals went off faster then the casting.There is no second priest on the video but you guys claimed there was.Now your saying its a bug.I dont mind that hes cheating,ok people cheat its fine nor that some of your warriors dont have eenough skill to spam skill r skill and pot at the same time in the year of 2016.What i do mind is that you guys played the server with TBL for quite some time,you did not report it to anyone,you got a realy lame punishment,3 days ban and that was it,even tho you made fools of the whole server,the players,the GM's and the owner,you didnt even say sorry guys,you showed no respect and you still aint doing it.And now,again,after all that crap,you guys are STILL cheating,even tho you were forgiven once,and not only that,again you have no respect to anyone else,making the players and the GM's fools by doing this.My only question is why ? Is there any mature players in that clan that can talk normaly or only curse and cheat ? Why do you guys do it,and why is the GM team taking all of this so casually. Please elaborate.
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    xCalaMiTY reacted to Markuss in LostUjio   
    There is no 2nd priest on in the video,if there was he would have been near that tree in the middle,why we still have no answer from the GM's about this ? And why cant you people play legit its an ancient god damn game,and yet people still have to cheat to be good in its realy realy sad.
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    if i collect all those tears you cry i can write a poem
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    theres also range tbl being used by some warriors btw
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    xCalaMiTY got a reaction from Dwarf in about kurian's devil skills   
    thanks for sharing ur knowledge
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