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  1. hey if ur in america freedom of speech hahahah
  2. I sent it to twostars, let me know if you guys need anything else
  3. check ur pm let me know if its that
  4. @twostars when you get dced it says would you like to report it i said yes , but we cant take the crystal at all.
  5. just dced but i reported it.
  6. Selling Items: Priest Krowaz +8 set , Holy Animor+11 / Gabs Adamant+8, Dual SSE+3 / Dual Rocs+3 / 1 PE+3 PM ME HERE OR IN GAME xHomiez.
  7. I have been in this clan since i came back so please get ur sentences correct before you talk and ur not even worth my time cause if i challenge u to a vs you wont take but run away like a child that you are . So now please stop typing in my topic.
  8. HA HA HA ur really old dude thats not funny at all and we won the vs i never got slapped by u or i would have killed myself already
  9. Im sorry that you are mad but i dont understand ur english please learn the correct english and we can vs anytime for 10k kc too stop crying
  10. We do help each other and we don’t really have a clan leader everything that happens in clan we take a vote and the majority of votes win whatever we want to do.
  11. Hello apexko, We are PurpleFuzzyUnicorns and we are an English speaking clan and we are looking for some geared english priests and warriors/kurians mostly with teamspeak 3. We pk all day long and we just need more players to play with if you are interested please send me a pm ASAP! We play to have fun nothing too serious we have a laugh and we are close friends and help each other always. Pm me in game or here Amori.
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