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  1. trade pri items for rouge :D?
  2. My team and i have been wanting to come back to apex ASAP but everything is changed n pk was better before the stun didnt suck were considering coming back if things change so please change the stunrates and the other things for the better of the pk. Thanks !
  3. He does have a point, i agree atleast something should be done.
  4. hey if ur in america freedom of speech hahahah
  5. I sent it to twostars, let me know if you guys need anything else
  6. check ur pm let me know if its that
  7. @twostars when you get dced it says would you like to report it i said yes , but we cant take the crystal at all.
  8. just dced but i reported it.
  9. Selling Items: Priest Krowaz +8 set , Holy Animor+11 / Gabs Adamant+8, Dual SSE+3 / Dual Rocs+3 / 1 PE+3 PM ME HERE OR IN GAME xHomiez.
  10. I have been in this clan since i came back so please get ur sentences correct before you talk and ur not even worth my time cause if i challenge u to a vs you wont take but run away like a child that you are . So now please stop typing in my topic.
  11. HA HA HA ur really old dude thats not funny at all and we won the vs i never got slapped by u or i would have killed myself already
  12. Im sorry that you are mad but i dont understand ur english please learn the correct english and we can vs anytime for 10k kc too stop crying
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