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    Built4CZ reacted to KissOfNeo in How long is the Halloween event?   
    few weeks  says so in info   about event 
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    Built4CZ reacted to twostars in Jack o lantern transformation scroll   
    It appears the client only explicitly allows archery-based skills from a handful of models, which I believe all have their own bow included in their model.
    Ignoring this for testing has the fun effect of the model throwing each arrow at their target. I suspect unless there's no other way of approaching this, I might just have to resort to this.
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    Built4CZ reacted to twostars in Jack o lantern transformation scroll   
    I'll look into it.
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    Built4CZ reacted to Chrisaq in ItzMDMA/LauraWells/ESPANYONLEEEEEE Big Problem!   
    ❤️ u Wickie. Sweet and kind and very helpfull like always.  
     I think prison is a better place...
    I will crush him in there no worries  I don't want anyone to waste their time on this piece of shit and specially not much as i did today ... But everyone has to know and even ForumTR will know.
    But i thank you all for this great and amazing support. ❤️ 
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    Built4CZ got a reaction from Chrisaq in ItzMDMA/LauraWells/ESPANYONLEEEEEE Big Problem!   
    sad to hear that man  keep reporting  him to Facebook  on all his accounts  if need  another voucher  for fb ill support you 
    it is very low of him to do that to you and your family  karma will come back to him it's only a matter of time. 
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    Built4CZ reacted to red123 in Jack o lantern transformation scroll   
    It's been like that since Halloween 2016
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    Built4CZ reacted to 1Shot1Kill in Jack o lantern transformation scroll   
    Just wondering if anyone else has used the transformation scroll jack o lantern I did and could not attack anything so had to delete it or sit in maradon 
    I could transform but could not attack as an archer 
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    Built4CZ got a reaction from red123 in Halloween event   
    he means them pumpkins he has to  take off his bow in order to  kill them leaving him defenseless in cz  vs  attackers of the other nation  when all other class's can keep there weapons / shields on  he also got a transformation scroll from the Halloween chest  that he cant use because of his bow ....
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    Built4CZ reacted to IIIAmJohnWick in Halloween event   
    why u are mad? u spam kurian OP DOT ALL TIME. STOP COMPLAIN ENJOY HAPPINESS.
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    Built4CZ reacted to 1Shot1Kill in Halloween event   
    This Event is un-fair to Archers , In cz an Archer has to lose the bow and be un-armed when everyone else can zr with there weapons on leaving Archers at a disadvantage 
    so that gutless attackers can easily make nps because Archers are un-armed 
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    Built4CZ got a reaction from KissOfNeo in Winter IS COMING!   
    well i am Australian and its  almost summer here  and my timezone is gmt +10:00 Brisbane 
    CSW is at 4am my time and i can never go to it i think it needs to be fair for  all timezones and it is possible.  
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    Built4CZ reacted to Melody in Ronark Land Base {WAR}   
    Ronark Land Base {WAR};
    So basically this Event happening  twice in a week [Sunday's].
    Atm, not many players participate because it's boring as is it now.

    Before many Players would Participate and join to this Event, because they were getting Nation Potions & Ladder Points per Kill.
    But now, it just Nation Points per Kill [ but don't get me wrong, it's good but not many players really go to RLB / WARS for NPs]...

    My Suggestions is:
    1st is to add Felankor to Any of the stages; I recommend to 1st - Begin Stage and to 4th - Final Stage, [ I like the idea that only 1 assassin can drain per 60 seconds ].
    Adding two Felankors would give a chance to both sides to win a Felankor BOX..

    2nd add NPC to RLB WAR would give options to Players Gain Free Apex/Krowaz Chests.
    For Example Add Missions/Quests;
    A. Felankor Chests.
    B. Killing 100/250 PPL during RLB Wars = 3/5/10 Apex/Krowaz Chests.
    C. Killing 3x Sanke Queens = 3/5 Apex/Krowaz Chests.
    D. Killing 3x Troll Kings = 3/5 Apex/Krowaz Chests.
    E. 3x Etorath = 3/5 Apex/Krowaz Chests.
    F. 1x Atross / 1x Riotes = 3/5 Apex/Krowaz Chests.
    G. 3x Talos  = 3/5 Apex/Krowaz Chests.

    And so on, they're plenty of monsters that Players don't bother to kill them, because they don't worth the time - effort to kill them.
    For example; SQ & TK they drops IN+0 / AOD+0 / AOS+0 and so other Accessorize where ppl can buy them from NPC's at +2/3...

    @[email protected]

    Eden || Melody.
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    Built4CZ reacted to Melody in Winter IS COMING!   
    Winter IS COMING!
    Let's make ApexKO, Enjoy-able Again, the WINTER IS COMING!

    And so we need / wants new Events!

    I would start and say here is my 1st Suggestion for making RLB WAR Enjoy-able once again.

    Okay so basically, I recently had a Good-Conversation with Chines / TW Clans.
    And it's seems to be unfair, that they never can't participate of any of Castle Siege WAR because of their Time Zone!
    But they been on this Server for EVER! they supported your server than most of the old Players Here, included me.

    But here I found a solution where I spoke to some of the Chines / TW Clans; CrazyTime & OoMASTERoO & PLAYER...
    The thing is that Castle Siege WAR atm is every Sunday's at; 21:10 GMT+2 // for them as I know it's 02:10 AM Monday which they've to wake up at 07:00 am to WORK and so on...

    So my Suggestion is: to move the CSW to Saturday where they don't have to work at Sunday's and so they can stay late till Sunday's Morning.
    Soon the Game Time will changed; -1 Hours less. which mean it will starts for them at: 1:10 am and Ends at 2:10 Sunday's Morning.

    As I mention earlier, I spoke with some of them and they told me if it was on Saturday they could COME!
    Which it will make the Castle Siege WAR even activer than today's CSW.

    +1 for this aswell: http://forum.apexko.com/topic/7157-sundays-ultima-after-csw/

    @[email protected]

    Eden || Melody.
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    Built4CZ reacted to twostars in Patch notes (15/10/2018)   
    Fixed a bug causing various data to not be sent to all players in an instance consistently. This was directly responsible for the death notices not being shown to everyone. Added diminishing returns to stuns, slows and skill cancellations. We'll continue to monitor consecutive hit behaviour and tweak this as needed, but it should help stop stuns/slows/interrupts hitting multiple times in short windows, which we believe to be the main source of frustration experienced with this. Note that resistances are very important, so if you're being stunned/slowed a lot, you should try to get more gear with lightning resistance (for stuns) or ice resistance (for slows).
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    Built4CZ reacted to Omega in How many nps needed for long capes?   
    This should help with that math.
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    Built4CZ reacted to Kdub in How many nps needed for long capes?   
    I wanna make my friends clan have long capes i have 1.37mil nps whats the total amount for long capes
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    Built4CZ reacted to lilorc6 in Well Needed Suggestions   
    Hopefully Aesteris can give input on this topic as soon as possible. Whatever suggestions that are reasonable I'll edit the OP of this so it's easier kept up with.
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    Built4CZ got a reaction from IIIAmJohnWick in Well Needed Suggestions   
    well i got faith in your abilities Twoey  and  want to thank you for your hard  work mate .
    i know you will sort out everything   as it comes   so keep up the good work mate. 
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    Built4CZ reacted to twostars in [Question] what's the most clan bonus you can get per clanmates online?   
    +65% EXP, +7 NP, +50% drop.
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    Built4CZ reacted to TukeOP in Well Needed Suggestions   
    no need undy / duration / redpots or blue pots here sin / warrior already too overpowered classes... better boost mages damage more! fully geared sin can kill once at month 1mage "maybe" if dont get instant stun or spike dont do 300dmg instead 2k  
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    Built4CZ reacted to twostars in Well Needed Suggestions   
    The posts you're referring to are usually just like your one, which only serve to antagonise, not help. They're not productive in any way. Ordinarily I would have deleted this post as well so consider this a warning. Then there are others still have come up before and have been responded to in some fashion; I'm not going to respond to every single one of them.
    As far as 'ignoring' the rest of the points made, all I can really personally say is that we do have plans to deal with most of that stuff once the server stabilises. Beyond that I felt there wasn't a whole lot I can really contribute to the thread, so it didn't feel worth responding to it all.
    I will try though.
    Events in general we have plans for, Ultima (and drains) I responded to in another thread regarding possibly putting a cooldown on the drained mob to prevent further drains for all players for a time.
    Stun/slow rates are something talked about all over the place and we're specifically analysing this week (to see the exact situations people are complaining about). As far as those go, honestly they look fine - the couple of complaints that have given us a timeframe to see what they were referring to don't really show anything abnormal, typically like 2 consecutive stun hits amongst many, many, misses, with reasonably low rates (moreso when using resistances). It's a little early to say for sure, but I find it likely people mostly just have issues with the occasional consecutive stuns, which is where I feel implementing some form of short diminishing returns would help. As a whole, stun/slow rates look fine so far though - nothing really has an obnoxious rate or is being able to be spammed to force enough attempts to cause a problem.
    There was, however, an issue reported with the slow debuff getting stuck in the client. While I doubt this was the case for others (not the case for the couple of checked reports at least), it doesn't really help things either. So I'll be looking into what caused that to not be removed correctly in the client.
    " I can also say that level 18 solid skill has a stupid slow rate too. It practically works 100% of the time."
    On that note: this statement is purely anecdotal. There's nothing wrong with the skill. I'd be interested in seeing your resistances, but even without any resistances the rate should be somewhere around 30%. RNG is RNG though, so naturally there's nothing stopping it from hitting multiple times in a row if it truly wants to.
    We do have plans for Kurians in particular to be reworked. As far as mage damage (and resistances) goes, from memory that always matched official data but I'll verify resistances are still affecting damage correctly.
    I am aware players have been abusing some things with archers that we've yet to perfectly fix, so I will be looking at trying to perfect that logic when I get the chance.
    Nation Transfers are a fickle thing. Restrict it too much, things get unbalanced and GMs get called upon to try to correct. Reduce it to allow people to self-correct and people will abuse it.
    Perhaps some sort've penalisation system for clans that do this would be a better approach, though that is also fairly difficult to enforce. Not much I can really say here; regardless of what we do, there will always be problems.
    With regards to blue pots, I thought we used them; I recall adding support in their scripts, so I'm not sure what the go is there. Aesteris probably knows what's up with that.
    This is something that keeps being stated but I also haven't been able to fault it either. It should be the same.
    I think I'll have to add extra logs for these too, so I can see if anything looks off.
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    Built4CZ reacted to lilorc6 in Blink Bug and TP Bug   
    I'm not entirely sure if you're aware of these issues or not... but they're fairly annoying when playing, it's actually caused me to die a few times. Sometimes Blink will just completely fail. The cooldown will load but the skill will not go through. Sometimes it will also cast like I'm casting swift or something in which it's not supposed to do that lol. Blink is supposed to be 100% working always so something is certainly going on with the skill. If I ever catch it on recording you will see what I mean. 
    TP skill also randomly fails. It usually happens when for whatever reason the client decides to cast the skill super fast. Sometimes it will just fail completely for no reason. I've noticed that the client will cast other skills super fast too and then they will fail. 
    Either way, if you guys need video evidence for the Blink I can try and see if it will happen when I'm recording or something. Def needs checked into though as soon as possible because I have a strong feeling that other classes skills are failing often too.
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    Built4CZ reacted to TheSupplier in Well Needed Suggestions   
    Dear god... im so afraid for the server and hope admins dont read what u write and think you have any idea what ur talking about
    you are honestly talking out of ur ass
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    Built4CZ reacted to lilorc6 in Well Needed Suggestions   
    First of all, no, this is not the case. Mage is broken. I'm a mage main, and I can whole heartedly say the class is broken. Anyone who says otherwise, plays in mage parties, simple as that.
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    Built4CZ reacted to Sick in Sick's Buying / Selling