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  1. Built4CZ

    How long is the Halloween event?

    yea a few weeks
  2. Built4CZ

    Jack o lantern transformation scroll

    i see well thanks mate see what you can do
  3. Built4CZ

    Jack o lantern transformation scroll

    im sure it can be fixed tho just the admins get busy
  4. Built4CZ

    ItzMDMA/LauraWells/ESPANYONLEEEEEE Big Problem!

    sad to hear that man keep reporting him to Facebook on all his accounts if need another voucher for fb ill support you it is very low of him to do that to you and your family karma will come back to him it's only a matter of time.
  5. Built4CZ

    Jack o lantern transformation scroll

    @Aesteris @twostars @Eos
  6. Built4CZ

    Jack o lantern transformation scroll

    @twostars most likely its a bug
  7. Built4CZ

    Halloween event

    just keep on topic
  8. Built4CZ

    Halloween event

    he means them pumpkins he has to take off his bow in order to kill them leaving him defenseless in cz vs attackers of the other nation when all other class's can keep there weapons / shields on he also got a transformation scroll from the Halloween chest that he cant use because of his bow ....
  9. Built4CZ

    Winter IS COMING!

    dude it starts at 4am my time it is possible sexyko did it make it 3 or 4 hours longer
  10. Built4CZ

    Winter IS COMING!

    well i am Australian and its almost summer here and my timezone is gmt +10:00 Brisbane CSW is at 4am my time and i can never go to it i think it needs to be fair for all timezones and it is possible.
  11. Built4CZ

    Buying Eagle eye

  12. Built4CZ

    Buying Eagle eye

    Buying Eagle eye +14 or +11 will pay 700 kc 800kc PM Built4CZ
  13. Built4CZ

    SELLING +5 rev warrior Krowaz Helmet

    Or i will l trade it for a EE +11 OR +14
  14. SELLING +5 rev warrior Krowaz Helmet for 20gbs or 500kc PM me in game Built4CZ