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    Holy Knight Armors+11 CSW Reward takes fun out of the CSW!

    We're looking into possibilities to remedy this issue. The main goal is to remove the rewards for people who leave the winning clan. If it's not possible we'll go back to the drawing board.
  2. Vivaldi

    rogue skills

    I'm sorry but I wouldn't know how to answer this as well. The damage is what it is supposed to be, me and Aesteris recently ran some tests and everything is accurate so I guess that the official developers are the ones to blame here. Same as the answer above. This is not entirely true. We request evidence when people push on subjects accusing us with false claims (e.g. "Apex damages are completely different from USKO").
  3. Vivaldi

    Gem of [stat] Hepa Pupil recipe doesn't work.

    Not a bug. This feature is purposely not present in ApexKO.
  4. Vivaldi

    Holy Knight Armors, Warrior&Sin Damages.

    Again, and now for the last time: everything is and was tested with actual rates calculation, a vast gathering of data and collection of precise evidence to actually be able to reverse engineer it all and emulate a server, a process of years. This is an actual scientific method, you must learn to differ it from visual claims and guessing games. So your view and complaints remain on being null, I'm sorry.
  5. Vivaldi

    Holy Knight Armors, Warrior&Sin Damages.

    Unfortunately, no. I won't say it because there's no reason to keep repeating myself to the same exact people with the same exact complaints. I'd like to offer you with this piece of advice so, remember: if you ever want to get a point across and be listened therefore taken seriously, you must provide evidence to your claim, bring data to the table. Provide us with proof that the damages are different between Apex and Official Knight Online servers and we will take it seriously. Saying "it's not true" means absolutely nothing. We thankfully have the blessing of being able to count with twostars' and Aesteris' expertise and work based on reverse engineering, long sessions of testing and gathering data to build something reliable and precise. We don't work based on videos of people "two hitting each other" and empty claims like yours. Best regards, Vivaldi.
  6. Vivaldi

    PLEASE ALL apexko user's can read that topic

    That's not true. Stats are precisely the same. If OP still have any doubts regarding this issue I suggest making a video showcasing every single item, achievement and stats' page of a warrior in the Official Servers and I can personally replicate here and show that the AP will be exactly the same. best regards, Vivaldi.
  7. Vivaldi

    Solar Tattoo

    Exactly. You answered your own question, we can't see a difference since we have a small sample. But as you can see, the market and the server are not only composed by KC, the prices of accessories are very low and same goes for weapons, which is great for newcommers. Enough arguing about economy though, we're confident that the best is being done.
  8. Vivaldi

    Solar Tattoo

    But that's the thing, it ends up helping them by making the market prices go down therefore making all the other items that they need in order to gear up, from accessories to armors and weapons (which are infinitely more important than the tattoo) more accessible. And @novas7 , we want to make the quest for Lunar Tattoo to be done in war's invasion. It's always great to provide different reasons to attend wars/invasions. We just don't know what exactly for now so still designing it (feel free to shoot some cool ideas). When we launch the expansion a new quest will be there as well to kill all the 7 Keys NPCs, when invading, for a trina; so it would be something along those lines.
  9. Vivaldi

    Solar Tattoo

    The intention with Solar Tattoo is to drain a good amount of coins out of the server. It is designed for those who are already geared enough that can spend extra money on that feature. Making it available for KC would defeat it's purpose. It actually favors KC prices to go down because an user can just buy KC and sell it on merchant to acquire coins and then buy the tattoo, consequently making the amount of KC in merchant higher (higher supply) causing the price to go down. This line of thought is the same for making its price lower, so this won't really happen. What we're going to do is provide Lunar Tattoo (a slighty weaker type) to be obtainable via quests. Best regards, Vivaldi.
  10. Vivaldi

    UTC: Scrolls deleted on entry & exit

    This is a new report. Thank you very much, we will check if it's valid and then reward you promptly.
  11. Vivaldi

    UTC: Disconnection on priest resurrection

    Was already reported by "wulala". But thank you very much for participating!
  12. Vivaldi

    EveryDayImHustLin Always Afk. In Events/Bdw/Juraid

    He's warned. If he repeats the behaviour he'll get banned. Thanks for the report.
  13. Vivaldi

    Gear Dispenser

    Will do as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay again, these topics created between the main holidays went unnoticed.
  14. Vivaldi

    Implement Option

    I apologize but unfortunaly I don't have much information regarding this. I'll speak to Aesteris who implemented it and get back to you as soon as possible.
  15. Vivaldi

    Rules / Kurallar

    FORUM RULES AND REGULATIONS I. GENERAL FORUM RULES OF CONDUCT: Do not disrespect, threat staff members/server and/or argue their decisions on public chat, lie or fake evidence for personal gain. If you believe that a staff member's punishment is unjust, please formally report it to another higher ranked staff member privately and it will be resolved. Do not advertise any other pornographic material, hacks or any potentially harmful application/software. Do not post offensive material. Messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist or discriminatory. Do not spam, flood the chat, type in all capital letters. Please do not double post or cross-post the same message in multiple forums or reply with pointless or meaningless posts which do not contribute to the thread. You will not post for the sake of increasing your post count - this include reply's like "good job", "I like it" - use LIKE button, it's there for a reason. Do not ask staff members for free ingame goods. Do not expose any private information of other members/staff without their consent even if not considered harmful or taken as a joke. Do not use inappropriate user names. May lead to a rename or permanent account/ip termination in severe cases. Do not impersonate staff members. Do not openly argue with a staff member. Contact them via a private message. Do not share your account. Forum accounts are intended for the use by one person. Do not post links to phishing sites. Do not derail a thread's topic. Do not create alternate, backup or multiple accounts. Do not publicly post or otherwise share PMs with other users unless you have the expressed permission of the sender to do so. Private Messages are intended to be just that - private. Do not discuss staff decisions. This includes the hiring/firing/promoting process of staff members. If you have any concerns or queries relating to a staff decision, please take it up in private with a member of the administration team. Do not revive old topics. Threads should only be “revived” if: There are no other topics pertaining to the thread that are newer and the thread is still legitimate. This is up to the Moderator's discretion. Do not advertise any website, forums, email address, business, activity, or other entities that you have an affiliation with (i.e. no self-promotion). Asking why a post was locked, a user was banned, or talking about policy in general in a neutral way is allowed -- threads of this nature will most likely be locked the minute posters can't keep their cool. Argue objectively and clearly rather than letting emotions get the best of you. If at any time the thread is definitively answered or has outlived its usefulness, a moderator may lock it to indicate the issue has been resolved. If you encounter a bug, report it on the forums. In case it is game-breaking, please send a PM to an admin directly to prevent abuse. Depending on its level, it could get you rewarded. Do not post real life currency trades in our forum, they are not supported. Do not expect help in case anything goes wrong. Do not use the shoutbox for requesting support. PM a member for the staff instead. Do not openly accuse anyone of being a scammer. First open a topic in the proper section detailing the case and what exactly happened. Cases of ingame betting are instantly disregarded. Do not open topics with sole purpose of targeting or challenging an specific person, group of people or clan. *Breaking the rules above may lead to a temporary or permanent mute, account termination and ip ban in severe cases. II. SIGNATURE RULES: Do not use inappropriate signatures. Staff will ultimately decide if something is appropriate or not. No signatures may include text or images that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist or discriminatory. No signatures may have promotional language or offers for paid services. III. NOTES: These rules can't include every specific offence, so use common sense when doing something that you think may be against the rules. If you don't understand any of the following rules, personal message any member of Staff to help get a better understanding. There isn't such a thing as "I didn't know". By creating any account on Apex KO, you agree with our Terms of Service and have a duty to acknowledge and respect all server rules. All punishments are based upon an impact severity system. The more severe the violation, the more severe the punishment to your forums access and it may extend to ingame access as well. Staff decisions are final. If you feel you have been "wronged" in some way, Please PM an Administrator (@Aesteris, @twostars) for a secondary review. Remember to follow sub-forum rules. The Rules can be updated any time!
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    Your topic is posted but you are accusing a staff member without any evidence, again. All we see is a PM from a random user of our server, it's empty. Assumptions are not worthy. Topic locked.
  17. Vivaldi

    [Guide] How to delete a character

    it's not a regular game feature. This feature is not available on official servers. It's also very important for the game's economy to have ways of draining noahs out of the server. Best regards.
  18. Sure thing, the topic already served its purpose. About the remaining points: 1) We'll be thinking of ways to deal with Ice Mages. First move would be making the casting of the skill able to get broken by melee hits; 2) We have reasons to keep this as it is; 3) UTC is coming. As for fail damages, weapon types play absolutely no part on it, meaning that fail rates will be the same no matter what weapon you use, this is a certainty. 4) Also coming on UTC; 5) We'll monitor how this plays along now and are up for future changes. Once again, thanks for everyone's input. Best regards, Vivaldi.
  19. Hey there, again we highly appreciate this detailed topics and the effort to improve. I'm glad to say that we're about to release a small but very important patch to adress some of this issues. In the contents of the patch you'll find: Kurian Pull skill rate decreased to 50%. (it was 100% before the patch, the times you see it fail is because of odd terrain and movement issues but this is default of the skill, meaning that will still happen so the rates will actually be lower than 50%). Also, we've checked this officialy and unfortunately it isn't 20% but it is indeed 50%. Note that we can nerf this even further in the future. Bifrost will be closed. And on the times that the event is supposed to start the mobs will be spawned in CZ instead. Ultima will stay for 45 minutes in cz. Instead of 30. With this we hope to provide a longer PK session specially with the addition of the change below: Will add a requirement of 5 thousand Ladder Points in order to be able to pick up Felankor and Ultima quests. This will prevent the players from logging alternate accounts just to slay the bosses and quit. We hope that with this we will achieve more people to stay on their main characters therefore generating a more balanced fight for the bosses. Those are the topics that we're about to release asap to remedy current issues. As for the rest, I'll try to adress it real quick: GBS/KC Price in Apex: Our economy is currently healthy even though people may think otherwise due to KC prices. I'll try to explain why: the general pricing on items are very fair, such as unique accessories, krowaz armors and weapons. The only issue is KC prices that are currently high but this is easily explainable by the current lack of supply we have and very high demand. This means that there's a lot of people wanting to buy KC but not many selling it. This is happening because of our old age, meaning that most users have already geared themselfs and have no need to buy KC so they can sell and make money and also because of a low influx of newcommers that would also buy KC to sell on merchant therefore increasing the supply and lowering its price. We believe that this will be fixed once we release the expansion and a new wave of people join in, if not, we'll address it. As for turkish GMs and balancing other classes, I'll ask for some patience, this will all come with the expansion and we'll make sure to properly advertise it and make something big out of it. We're just releasing this patch prematurely to remedy some issues and provide a quick fix and better overall gaming environment on the server. Best regards, Vivaldi.
  20. I think you didn't read what I just wrote, which is alright but I'll kindly ask you not to diminish our work by spreading misinformation. We do care about our players opinion and suggestions as you can see below: 1) It was suggested to deal with Bifrost -> dealt with; 2) Nerf Kurians: We checked the pull rates and will follow it asap; 3) About bosses: we've upgraded Felankor's stats last week as per requested and now will increase Ultima's stay in bowl. The above are just small examples that we adressed in this single thread just show that, yes, we do care and always did by doing constant changes and updates to the server. So one more time, do not spread misinformation, that's a disservice to our work.
  21. Hello, I've replied to your topics in bolded red. Best regards, Vivaldi.
  22. Felankor stat points will be brought back to default in no more than 24 hours. (aka will make it stronger). Best regards, Vivaldi
  23. Hello, this is a common misconception some people make. I've already adressed this in the past but I'll explain it again. Those bosses do not kill PK activity, they increase the average activity by calling everyone to be in CZ at the same time. What this means is that people who otherwise would not be PKing, now are. It introduces peaks of users in the zone. Therefore without the bosses it would be just like it currently is but without peaks on activity. So, you need to stop thinking that it lowers the online users count in cz, the numbers without the bosses would be like what you right now believe is low after they are dead but for the whole day. So basically: 1) without the bosses = what you consider to be low after they're dead but this scenario for the whole day; 2) with the bosses = what you consider to be low after they're dead but with activity peaks on specific times. They were great additions for PvE mixed in PvP and it breakes the usual PK routine. What we aim right now is to bring a lot of new users with the expansion and increase the average numbers of people in the Colony Zone. Best regards, Vivaldi.
  24. Vivaldi

    Muted 24 hours for no reason

    Hey there, Issues regarding versus, challenging and betting ingame goods are getting out of hand lately. It's leading to general flaming, misbehaviour and other actions that we deem not healthy for the server. It starts to affect unrelated people. We want to avoid seeing spam related fights and general flaming in ingame all chats since it bothers other players and the environment of the server. Because of that, we are taking stronger measures for these cases. Best regards, Vivaldi.