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  1. We're looking into possibilities to remedy this issue. The main goal is to remove the rewards for people who leave the winning clan. If it's not possible we'll go back to the drawing board.
  2. Vivaldi

    rogue skills

    I'm sorry but I wouldn't know how to answer this as well. The damage is what it is supposed to be, me and Aesteris recently ran some tests and everything is accurate so I guess that the official developers are the ones to blame here. Same as the answer above. This is not entirely true. We request evidence when people push on subjects accusing us with false claims (e.g. "Apex damages are completely different from USKO").
  3. Not a bug. This feature is purposely not present in ApexKO.
  4. Again, and now for the last time: everything is and was tested with actual rates calculation, a vast gathering of data and collection of precise evidence to actually be able to reverse engineer it all and emulate a server, a process of years. This is an actual scientific method, you must learn to differ it from visual claims and guessing games. So your view and complaints remain on being null, I'm sorry.
  5. Unfortunately, no. I won't say it because there's no reason to keep repeating myself to the same exact people with the same exact complaints. I'd like to offer you with this piece of advice so, remember: if you ever want to get a point across and be listened therefore taken seriously, you must provide evidence to your claim, bring data to the table. Provide us with proof that the damages are different between Apex and Official Knight Online servers and we will take it seriously. Saying "it's not true" means absolutely nothing. We thankfully have the blessing of being able to count with twostars' and Aesteris' expertise and work based on reverse engineering, long sessions of testing and gathering data to build something reliable and precise. We don't work based on videos of people "two hitting each other" and empty claims like yours. Best regards, Vivaldi.
  6. That's not true. Stats are precisely the same. If OP still have any doubts regarding this issue I suggest making a video showcasing every single item, achievement and stats' page of a warrior in the Official Servers and I can personally replicate here and show that the AP will be exactly the same. best regards, Vivaldi.
  7. Exactly. You answered your own question, we can't see a difference since we have a small sample. But as you can see, the market and the server are not only composed by KC, the prices of accessories are very low and same goes for weapons, which is great for newcommers. Enough arguing about economy though, we're confident that the best is being done.
  8. But that's the thing, it ends up helping them by making the market prices go down therefore making all the other items that they need in order to gear up, from accessories to armors and weapons (which are infinitely more important than the tattoo) more accessible. And @novas7 , we want to make the quest for Lunar Tattoo to be done in war's invasion. It's always great to provide different reasons to attend wars/invasions. We just don't know what exactly for now so still designing it (feel free to shoot some cool ideas). When we launch the expansion a new quest will be there as well to kill all the 7 Keys NPCs, when invading, for a trina; so it would be something along those lines.
  9. The intention with Solar Tattoo is to drain a good amount of coins out of the server. It is designed for those who are already geared enough that can spend extra money on that feature. Making it available for KC would defeat it's purpose. It actually favors KC prices to go down because an user can just buy KC and sell it on merchant to acquire coins and then buy the tattoo, consequently making the amount of KC in merchant higher (higher supply) causing the price to go down. This line of thought is the same for making its price lower, so this won't really happen. What we're going to do is provide Lunar Tattoo (a slighty weaker type) to be obtainable via quests. Best regards, Vivaldi.
  10. This is a new report. Thank you very much, we will check if it's valid and then reward you promptly.
  11. Was already reported by "wulala". But thank you very much for participating!
  12. He's warned. If he repeats the behaviour he'll get banned. Thanks for the report.
  13. Will do as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay again, these topics created between the main holidays went unnoticed.
  14. I apologize but unfortunaly I don't have much information regarding this. I'll speak to Aesteris who implemented it and get back to you as soon as possible.
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