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    clearring bank of junk items!

    Noticed my bank is getting too full and i can't put another item in bank lol... Clearring bank from junk items... notice that more items will be added later and i'm trying to keep this up-to-date as much as possible WEAPONS: Undef Molok +7 Undef Windforce +7 Undef Fulitol +7 Undef Leonar +7 x2 Weak Dwarf Windforce +3 Weak Dwarf Nebiros +5 Chaos Baal +3 Ice Garges staff +3 Aztec Gold Molok +7 Weak Downpour Windforce +3 Aztec gold molok +7 Weak Dwarf Raum +3 Trainer Kate Molok +3 Aztec gold molok +5 Sweet kiss wirinom +6 Chaotic staff +8 Avedon +8 Hellbreaker +8 Smite hammer +6rev Elysium +8 Holy Animor +7rev ARMOR: krowaz priest Helmet +3/+5rev Boots +5 Pants +3/+3/+3rev Gauntlet +3/+5rev warrior Helmet +3/+5 Boots +5 Pants +3/+3 Gauntlet +3/+6 Plate +7 rogue Helmet +3/+6 Boots +5/+5 Pants +3/+3rev Gauntlet +5 Plate mage Helmet +3 Boots +5 Pants Gauntlet Plate +3/+3 Dragon scale armor top +5 Dragon scale armor pants +7 Pauldron of trial +5/+7 x2 Helmet of trial +5 Gaunlet of trial +7 x2 Ron's helmet +5 Mythril boots +7 Rogue chitin shell pads +8 JEWERLY Black dragon necklace +0 Lupus pendant +0/+1 Lobo pendant +0/+1/+1 Amulet of curse +0 Belt of intelligence +0 Priest pendant +0 Cleric earring +0 Agate earring +1 Amulet of health +1 Bronze belt +0 lillime's earring +2
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    Miguan PK Moive

    I dont understand why this mdma noob is getting all the attention he wants. Just ignore those nooby people for once....
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    BUY Priest krowaz +5rev boots, lower and upper garment OR Full krowaz priest set +5rev SELL FLAME RING +1 AND +3 RING OF FELANKOR +0 Tears of kariv
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    Event Schedule [UPDATED: March 23rd 2018]

    Change the times back please. These times are not handy. Bdw is in the middle of the day now. Which means i (and i think alot more from my timezone) will miss bdw because of work (both morning and afternoon!). Which means no more bdw, ever.... (P.s. nolifers (24/7's) dont hate me for this :))
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    Suggestion [Certificate of Victory]

    I have alot of those in my inventory, (waste of space). Would be nice if there will be something like a wing or chest reward indeed... Its a small reward for a period of saving them. I think thats fair enough...
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    Nigga's S/B List

    S> rof
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    Making human clan for farm purpose

    Addlar clanu plys
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    Start Of Something Great

    Finally someone who wants to have fun, good luck with your clan. ^^ Sadly most people are bot playing this for fun. They see this as their lifes and take it too serious. Flaming when dying, shout on teamspeak etc... So have fun and enjoy the server. If you need help or have questions you can always contact me
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    Buying WoE +11 and LE +11

    @blackaq: please submit your bug report here.
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    Also buying full krowaz priest set +8 now. Kinda hard and expensive to find parts instead of a full set. Also updated the list ^^
  12. warcrawl

    Buying WoE +11 and LE +11

    No interest, ty for post and spam onetruedildo
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    !!!!!!!! New Server Suggestions !!!!!!!

    If you reduce prices people will get heared faster and easier, which eventually leads to boredom. People will get bored fast... and that means they'll leave the server after a while. Bb
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    Thats normal for turks say. Just ignore that idiot cuz he says that to everyone ;).
  15. warcrawl

    Cartel 2vs2 LoseYourSelf

    No wonder u won. They used 1 priest now instead of 5... :|
  16. warcrawl

    Juraid shenanigans

    Exactly that. I played multiple juraids where priests are too lazy to help and only heal...(some do not even duff...) but to be honest, 9/10 times humans are the first to arrive at the deva bird.
  17. warcrawl

    Juraid shenanigans

    I dont agree with 1) because if youre not fast enough in the three rooms, the bird is indeed killed. If youre fast you het rewarded with pvp or the deva bird kill... i see it as a punishment (for being slow) or being rewarded (for being fast). What youre trying to say is you want 100% pk in juraid... For me juraid is the fastest event, so i want it to stay fast. Instead of pkin 30min juraid without a winner...
  18. warcrawl

    36 Monster Stones with DC Prem. Results Inside.

    Nice, if u need to get rid of those old rol's, i'll buy them!
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    Lol. Always when u hit him he towns, and when u message him 'nice town' he rages hehe
  21. warcrawl

    New server

    Good luck, wont happen. But why do u want this? Two servers means population will drop even further..... use brain pl0x
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    Always /towning But also show your chats... i wont believe you didnt do anything back? Maybe started and/or provoked him?
  23. warcrawl

    AfterMath Csw pk video (Apexko)

    As if u are skilled...(NOT). Only paying with real money to get some gear, so sad... go play ur 'skilled' kurian class and stay arrogant. Enjoy the game ^^
  24. warcrawl

    Harzi Selling / Buying List

    B> dagger of Hharzi
  25. warcrawl

    AfterMath Csw pk video (Apexko)

    LOL x'D