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  1. lPraAnkI

    Assassin Skills Fail

    u might be pressing it fast, assasin power is way too low in this server, try use'em slowly
  2. Alpha review lPraAnkl ingame chats if you can, coz i talked him once, and he accepted it was him...Peace
  3. lPraAnkI

    lPraAnkl (Buying/Selling list)

  4. lPraAnkI

    Soapy Soapy

    B>Soap.. <3
  5. lPraAnkI

    CrazyTime warriors range

    Mahaveer made a new account on forums xD, this guy wont quit...
  6. lPraAnkI

    lPraAnkl (Buying/Selling list)

  7. lPraAnkI

    lPraAnkl (Buying/Selling list)

  8. lPraAnkI

    lPraAnkl (Buying/Selling list)

    SELLING LIST S>Dual Rol+2 S>Chitin Shield+0 S>Eme+2/SE+2/ Elf Belt+1 S>Assasin Krowaz +8/+5Rev (Helmet/Pauldron/Pads/Boots/Gauntlets) S> Rogue Chitin DD+8 S>Chitin+7 (Axe Defense and Spear Defense) S>Bombastic baal +5 Rev- Sold Mino+1- Sold Pm me for offers ingame lPraAnkl or leave a Private Message in forums (All offers to be Made In KC, no gb and Items)
  9. lPraAnkI

    Selling Priest Item

    Pm me in game
  10. lPraAnkI

    Selling Priest Item

    SElling>>Priest Krowaz +8(Helmet) Pm me for offers
  11. lPraAnkI


    Selling>Dual Rol+2/ 2xIN+0/ Assasin with 260k+ Nps/Warrior with 350k + Nps PM BoomBox Or lPraAnkl in forums or ingame for offers..