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  1. undying sc and duration item totaly f.cks the server, no need indeed.
  2. hahhahah true xD dual eme +3 should 700 kc now. elf belt +3 is 1800 ~ 2000 kc. if you are lucky enough you can find elf belt +3 for 1500 kc.
  3. hello, we have a a1 grade clan. we want to make felankor quest and be royal knight 5. but when i want to make felankor quest at npc, it says we need 25.000 np more. first a friend donated 45k np, and then i donated 30k np, and npc still says we need 25k np more to go royal knights. what's wrong?
  4. we just want equal and fair items. while garges shield has adamant, while garges dagger has lpp raum curse, it's very normal to be fire rain curse on garges bow. please pay attenteion.
  5. is it really nerfed? could 6 player can kill it?
  6. agree to YouGotPwndByMyAss . garges bow with undef curse is useless. chance it to fire rain... all other garges weapons have best curses except garges bow.
  7. thanks mate. i hope gms will support us too and change curse...
  8. Hello. All of garges weapon's curse is the best but garges bow's curse is the worst. Garges sword = Chaos Garges shield = Adamant Garges mace = Mean leonard Garges staff = Aztec gold Garges dagger = LPP RAUM Garges bow = Undefetable I think bow's curse must change to fire rain or lousy pickypocket windforce curse. This is a injustice balance for garges weapons i think. Regards.
  9. "There's no honorable way to kill, no gentle way to destroy. There is nothing good in war. Except its ending." — Abraham Lincoln - bump
  10. "We must be prepared to make heroic sacrifices for the cause of peace that we make ungrudgingly for the cause of war. There is no task that is more important or closer to my heart." — Albert Einstein
  11. "They died hard, those savage men - like wounded wolves at bay. They were filthy, and they were lousy, and they stunk. And I loved them." — General Douglas MacArthur
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