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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Humburger in RELAUNCH   
    - In my opinion the best thing to do right now is a relaunch and make the server hard/medium farm just to make the server more healthier,players don't like to see shiny items everywhere.
    -Put events to drag people to cz in specific times ( 24/7 pk is not fun is it?).
    not to mention that most of people can pk only 2-3hours a day.
    -alot of people like to chill and farm example: open bifrost land and let people farm there.
    - you have to open all expansion/features from the beginning ,people don't like losing value of their items because of that( just like what happend when you put rosseta armor +9rev/+2 uniques on npc)
    -The people who suggested Apex to be a fully pk server they are the ones who left.
    -Increase warriors digging skills  because most of KO players are warriors and by them your server will not be dead.
    -Last but not least,ApexKO has gained the trust and by making a restart and planning for a new server that can last 5years is in your hand right now.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Aesteris in NP Items+21   
    Exceptionals are available from Booro / Balrog already and are upgradeable to (+21)
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to BigGrumpy in What Happend With ApexKO???   
    Hi everyone I have some free time again and I wanted to play some Knight Online. So I thought about ApexKO because I played this in 2016 & 2017 and I really enjoyed it but unfortunately had to stop because of real life.
    But I soon found out that the server is no longer like the old ApexKO. As it was back in 2016 & 2017. And then many of you start to think I'm just talking about the activity, but that's not true. It is a part of it.
    And I would like to discuss the reasons for this with you and therefore also with the admins. @Aesteris @twostars
    I have seen huge differences compared to 2016 & 2017 ApexKO. Let's get started!
    1: Firstly i want to talk about Stun & Ice rates. How is it possible that every lightning shot and ice shot of an Archer is almost 100%? I have even tried complete ressistances uniques and it has the same result. And the mage stuns & slows don't make any sense either! This is probably the reason why the server is full of mages & archers and almost no sins. Means that the stuns & slows are wrong way to overpowered!! And I've talked to many people about it and they all say the same thing. And even the Turkish people start swearing when I'm talking about stuns & slows. So this is a very big reason why the server has just a few players at the moment! Because it doesn't attract warriors, priests, sins. But only attract Archers. And everyone knows that the majority of the population is in the warrior & sin class! and ofcourse fire mages. So please do something about the Stun&Slow Rates. @Aesteris And I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking that way!
    2: Now I would like to talk about Apex Points. It is very, very expensive! I asked around people ask around 12GB for 100 Apex Points. And I saw that CSW no longer gives 5000KC as a prize. But a Holy Knight Set +11 for two days. This is a big reason why the CSW is now very boring and have 2 parties to join the CSW. The market for Apex Points is very bad! And if CSW no longer gives 5000KC, CSW would also stay bad! Please try to do something about this.
    3: I see that there is now a small slide in the game like in usko and even the descent is now worse than in 2016-2017 it is as if everything has been copied from Usko except the Stun & Ice rates. But why would you copy things from such a bad server, it makes the ApexKO server not unique, but a thick copy paste. Priests cancel rate is also huge 1 archer can stop all heals and debuffs from far away attacks! And this has always been the case and is not usko either, so why should there be a special slide in the game?
    4: And of course I also want to be positive about your server. You have for sure a record Longest Opened private server for that I give you my compliments! And should also be happy that you have made the Kurian class better than before it now has 250 Stamina which is fantastic! And you finally have red pots, blue pots, and duration pots in the server, I am also very proud of that! Very well done! But unfortunately this is not nearly enough! And even I don't want to play this way. I was playing warrior and sin but that is almost impossible with all those stuns & slows. I am towning more then attacking. But I am 100% sure if you turn the patches back to 2017. That you will get many more players. But this way with these stuns & slows I will never think that this server will ever be good. So this is my advice! @twostars I would love to play ApexKO again with many melee clans and fire mage clans. But I don't want to play here if I have to town all day and chasing archers.
    BigGrumpy AkA Milo.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to twostars in Patch notes (17/03/2019)   
    Players will no longer receive additional clan CONT bonuses when selling back to the [NP merchant]. Additionally, these sales will no longer count towards your total NP gained for achievements. Fixed some of the PK chest items expiring when they shouldn't (e.g. Duration Items, Offline merchant emblem voucher).
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Aesteris in Patch notes (15/03/2019)   
    Reenabled Clan Nation Transfers through the NPC for this weekend (until 18/03/2019)
    NOTE: You may only change nations ONCE during this weekend, trying to pay extra to transfer again will result in nothing happening. Fixed an issue with certain items from the [NP merchant] being unable to be equipped after purchase without a relog. You may now sell items purchased from the [NP merchant] back to the NPC for full price. This should help those who have had issues purchasing items by mistake. Kurian's devil curses now apply their damage buff to the attack tree skills as well. Added automated temporary NP events to help boost PK activity. Added the new PK reward system;
    This system will reward players with "PK chests" for participating in PvP (participation here being killing, assisting, or dying) in Ronark Land.
    The chests can be exchanged at [VIP Manager] Juliane in Moradon, and they hold a variety of loot - there's stuff in there for everyone.
    This week's release only sees the "base" PK chest added. In next week's release, there will be PK events that will change the type of chest you get from participating in PvP.
    We've currently come up with the following types: Bifrost, Ultima, and Under the Castle. Each holds loot exclusive to it's type, as well as some commonalities with the base chest.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Aesteris in Patch notes (22/03/2019)   
    Added the remaining PK rewards to the new system;
    The Bifrost Chest can only be obtained while the Bifrost Event is active.
    The Ultima Chest can only be obtained while the Ultima Event is active.
    The Under the Castle Chest can only be obtained after Plwitoon has died during the Under the Castle event.
    What's inside is something you'll have to find out for yourselves, but we can tell you we wouldn't want to miss out on any of them
    Note, items from these chest can both be tradeable and untradeable (in the case of armors / weapons) Re-enabled the Bifrost event.
    It will run at the same times as indicated on the website Ultima event has been tweaked.
    The event now starts 30 minutes prior to Ultima spawning, and last for upto an hour in total. Fixed collision detection in wars for prisons and warder castles.  
    P.S. We're working on a Castle Siege War and Lunar War (+ invasion) chest in order to spice up those event some more as well
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Aesteris in NP Items+21   
    I think it's just fine as it is, and only opening up hepa's for certain classes doesn't make sense.
    Statistically, making a (+21) really isn't as cheap as you make it out to be.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Aesteris in Patch notes (09/03/2019)   
    Added the renewed [NP merchant] to the game;
    Prices shown are in National Points (NOT Monthly National Points!).
    All items from this shop are PERMANENTLY untradable (but can be shared between characters on your account through your inn hostess). Juraid Mountain achievements have seen their required wins lowered. Enabled upgrading to (+21) reverse for old high-class weapons (Mirage Dagger, Shard, Exceptional Shard, Chitin, and Chitin Shell). Added high-class items (+8) to Balrog and Booro in Ronark Land. The Tears of Karivdis received from the Ultima quest has been made untradable. All potion prices have been reverted back to their official prices. Kurian rework:
    Kurian's are now pulled inline with what official believes they should be like. The Oreads Voucher [1hr] is now automatically exchanged upon completing the quest.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Wintrading in Dark knight   
    TukeOwnz sucks i won him 1vs1 with hellblade and iron impact for 50k kc and i think best way to make this server active is spawn more harunga in bowl. kkthxbb
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Aesteris in [MUST READ] NP reduction   
    Dear Apexians,
    Today marks the start of the new year, and as such everyone in the Apex team wishes you a very happy new year!
    What we'll be doing today will lay the groundwork for Apex in the future. We know it may come as a blow to you personally, but everyone is equally affected.
    Here are some of the future updates we will be pushing now that this band aid has been ripped off:
    1. We will be adding gear to the NP store (purchasable with NP, not LP), which'll allow you to advance your character.
    2. We will be adding expanded rewards for those on the monthly ranking board (up to the top 200, subject to change), indulging more of you (and more newcomers!) in some sweet upgrades by simply playing.
    3. We will be adding a weekly ranking board, which will also be used to reward a whole bunch of you with some gear.
    4. We will be able to activate PK more easily by triggering NP events at certain times, to quickly (re)populate Ronark Land after events (and during downtimes).
    5. We will be changing how PK rewards work; You will be able to obtain gear simply by PK'ing, with special events running to spice up what you can get, consistently, and randomly.
    6. We will be able to create an environment that allows us to provide you with more competition and activity throughout the whole day by giving more incentive to keep the nation's balanced.
    7. We might even dabble with seasons and seasonal tournaments now that the monthly ranking will actually be that, a monthly ranking, rather than a "who's bought their medals the latest" ranking.
    These updates won't come all at once, and some will come later than others, but we expect them to be implemented by the end of the first quarter.
    We hope this will give you a clear view of where we want to take Apex, and we hope it gives you something to look forward to in 2019!
    For those unaware, what we've done is the following:
    1. Reduced everyone's national points by 90%
    2. Reduced everyone's donated national points by 90%
    3. Reduced the requirements for clans to advance grades
    4. Reduced the cost for capes (except for the new Castellan capes)
    5. Remove the medal merchants in Moradon, El Morad Castle, and Luferson Castle
    NOTE: Previously purchased medals will NOT be removed, you are free to keep them, or exchange them, as you wish.
    The Apex team
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to twostars in Patch notes (31/12/2018)   
    [Hotfix] Dark Knight Crossbows once again always trigger their root on a successful proc. Previously the official behaviour was to stun (i.e. complete loss of control with no counter), so we temporarily mitigated it by not guaranteeing the stun. As the official behaviour (and thus, ours) changed to simply root (i.e. partial loss of control with counters), there's no need for this nerf to still exist - so it will now once again always root on proc. [Hotfix] Enabled HP scaling on the Christmas event Snowmen & its Star boss. This should mean they take longer to kill which allows other players to get a chance to get credited. We're aware that players are using Smoke screen to try to prevent players from tagging things to credit, which this should help mitigate. Remember, you can easily get credit by attacking or healing a player who's tagged it. Consumable items (e.g. Undying scroll, etc.) will now correctly be repurchased with the charges they had on deletion. The Undying scroll used for the Christmas event no longer targets party members. Clan Nation Transfers have been disabled for, at least, the foreseeable future. We're currently looking into an alternative way of dealing with PK balance, but for right now the clan transfers are heavily abused for the Christmas event so it'll be disabled until we implement a better solution. Please note that you can still use the individual Nation Transfer feature, available via the Power-Up Store.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to GAREZZ in SELL ELIT ROGUE ITEMS   
    S > +11 DIET RAUM
    S > +3 DUAL ROF
    S >  +3 DUAL EME
    S >  +3 AMULET DEX +3 ELF BELT
    S > +2 IRON BELT
    ONLY KC  ..
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Aesteris in NP reduction & Medals   
    Exchanged medals won't be removed, you simply can no longer purchase them.
    NP reduction is necessary for the plans we have and the health of the server. We also anticipate there'll be more competition for the ranks once again 
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Aesteris in [2018] Christmas Event   
    Hey everyone,
    It's the holiday season again, and as such we've prepared a little something for you!
    You'll find that you're now getting snowballs for PvP kills (and assists) in Ronark Land.
    You can throw these snowballs at your friends (or enemies), but they are the only effective ammunition against the increasingly tough snowmen that spawn in Ronark Land bowl every now and again!
    Have you thrown your (snow)balls at these (snow)men?
    If you have, you'll be rewarded a Christmas Chest for doing so! 
    These chests contain a bunch of things - which we're sure you're all wanting to get your hands on! We won't spoil it just yet, but I'm sure the news will spread like wildfire as to what these chests contain once the first few have been opened
    After a few waves of the increasingly strong snowmen, the final boss can be attacked by any skill, so anyone can join in on the fun.
    We hope you guys will enjoy the 2018 Christmas event!
    ~the Apex team
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Aesteris in 3 year anniversary   
    Dear Apexians,
    First and foremost - congratulations are in order for everyone! We are breaking a record every day now as the server that's lasted the longest, and we couldn't have done it without our loyal community of Apexians. We are deeply humbled by the amount of support you guys have shown us through the years, despite some of the bad decisions made by us.
    So, congratulations, and thank you to everyone that's ever set foot in this place during the past 3 years!
    As this is cause for celebration, from now until January 11th the following items will be on sale:
    - Switching Premium (1619 -> 1149)
    - VIP vault key (449 -> 299)
    - Name Change Scroll (799 -> 399)
    - Gender Change (349 -> 249)
    - Offline merchant (249 -> 169)
    Alongside this, the following items have been PERMANENTLY reduced in price:
    - 2000 HP scroll (59 -> 9)
    - 350 AC scroll (59 -> 9)
    - Scroll of Lion Strength (39 -> 9)
    - Scroll of teleport friend (35 -> 9)
    As I'm sure everyone is aware, the holiday season is upon us, and fret not - Apex will be festive soon too, as we'll be releasing our Christmas Event tomorrow!
    Prepare yourselves for some great fun and even greater rewards - everyone can join in on the fun; We promise!
    Finally, I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about the future for Apex. We have a big rejuvenation planned for the server - changing some of the fundamental mechanics for obtaining gear, addressing current pain points, making it easier for newcomers to join in on the fun (w/o increasing starter gear!), more alternatives with regards to progression, and more things to do.
    In preparation for this rejuvenation, we'll be performing a pretty big change on January 1 2019. We'll be reducing everyone's national points by over 90% (specific amount is TBD), and outright remove the current national point event. On top of this, we'll be resetting everyone's Monthly National Points, remove the medal merchants, and give clan funds the same treatment. After this has been performed, the national point event will no longer be ran continuously (it can be an ACTUAL event again, yay!). So, to compensate for the reduced influx of National Points, we'll also be lowering the requirements for clans to advance grades and tweak certain cape prices.
    These changes will be complemented by the additional changes coming later in the first quarter of 2019, with the long anticipated PK expansion!
    We wish everyone a great end of the year, and a happy 2019!
    And for those who celebrate Christmas, we also wish you a Merry Christmas!
    ~the Apex team
    P.S. Our staff will also be enjoying the holiday season with their loved ones, and thus it may take longer to tend to your PMs / support requests
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to twostars in Patch notes (06/12/2018)   
    Weekly quests should now expire correctly when logging in after the scheduled reset time. Improved database & website (forums, panel, store, etc.) performance. This consequently affects game access; throughout certain times players were unable to login while the system was backlogged with (slow) requests. This should no longer occur. Please let us know if anything doesn't work correctly with any of the websites. While we're looking at these issues, next up on my list is to swap the forums over to using an SSL certificate. The reason we don't currently is purely because of complications with the shoutbox, which is only used for staff updates now so it should be less of a concern what happens with it.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Wintrading in ScreenShot Movie -- IAmJohnWick Sold ! Goodbye Apexko/ApexGaming <3   
    Good person aswell friends with almost everyone in server. U were good for apexko and aswell the players u mentioned in ur video or, Elior, Chris , Melody
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to DRAKOOOOOOOOO in APEXKO Clan DoggyStyLe Pk - Vs The Movie   
    APEXKO Clan DoggyStyLe Pk - Vs The Movie
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    IIIAmJohnWick got a reaction from HesperiousSRB in ScreenShot Movie -- IAmJohnWick Sold ! Goodbye Apexko/ApexGaming <3   
    It's been a long time. I've spent many glorious years here and made many amazing friends and memories. Much love back to the KO community. Here's some moment's I would like to share ❤️
    Best of luck to all in real life. ❤️  Until next time.......
    Maybe we meet again........ in server restart ^^
    @[email protected], you both did phenomenal work and I congratulate you on promoting the longest lasting private server thus far. I wish you many more years of success with this server and hope the community continues to grow!
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Vivaldi in Character Sealing - a.k.a. Cypher Ring   
    Hello Apexians,
    in this tutorial I'll cover the use of "Character Seal Scroll". This scroll is an item that you can get at our Power Up Store and is used to select one of your characters to be put inside a "Cypher Ring". With this done you'll be able to move, trade or merchant your character as you wish.
    In order to use it you'll have to go through these basic steps:
    1) Acquire the scroll that is located at the Power Up Store, on the 4th page of the "Power-up" tab or simply type its name on the search box to quickly access it.

    2) After purchasing the scroll and receiving the letter containing it, go to an Inn Hostess and select the option "Character Seal / Cancel"

    3) The following window will then pop-up. Click "Seal" to start the process of sealing the character you want. Note that you can not seal the character you are currently online, only the side ones!

    4) Put your Character Seal Scroll in the designated spot and hit "ok".

    5) The following window will pop-up. In this window you will choose which of your side characters you'll want to seal. After selecting your desired option click "Confirm" and then enter your seal code (same one you use to normally seal items) and press "Confirm".
    6) The character you opted to seal will be now inside a new item called "Cypher Ring". If you right click it it will show what is inside it. The whole description of the character inside including the contents of its inventory as displayed below:

    Your character is now successfully sealed.
    7) To unseal it just follow step "3" again but pressing "Unseal" instead.
    That's all there is to it. A very simple process.
    Best regards,
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to KissOfNeo in About the time of CSW   
    Cool  its now at a time  everyone in Australia can attend little late for some but not unreasonable time so if want to go is easy for them to work around it 
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to Aesteris in [Announcement] Castle Siege War timing (2 December onwards)   
    Dear players,
    We'll be trialing a different timing for Castle Siege War than usual in an attempt to accommodate more players to attend (and ultimately, increase the enjoyability!)
    The time we're looking at is 14:00 Amsterdam time (16:00 Turkey, 21:00 China, 23:00 Australia, 09:00 Peru, 12:00 Brazil).
    We're hopeful for a greater turnout than usual (and our analysis of you guys' playing behavior seems to indicate we'll be able to do just that!), so please make a reminder to yourselves - time for Castle Siege War on December 2nd is earlier than usual.
    We can't wait to see the amazing action that'll unfold.
    NOTE: Today's Castle Siege War will still be ran at the old timings
    Have fun!
    The Apex KO team
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to red123 in Post-Halloween Event Decision   
    I'd like to see duration pot/ undy sc/ red pot/ blue pot, ... added through PK in cz  and wars with expiration, definitely not in PUS or sundries.
    Krowaz +14 rev would require stronger beginner items and possibly the need for lower class items to be upgraded to +21 rev, then we'd need stronger uniques to block such AP, nah it'll suck. I think item grades are fine.
    Agreed we need some more farming spots and events. I wanted to get set warrior krowaz+11 but I'm so worried that price will drop alot when/if Holly armor is back. Yet I don't know when it'll happen. Hopefully soon.
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    IIIAmJohnWick got a reaction from Rougean in Post-Halloween Event Decision   
    @[email protected],
    Given the success of the recent Halloween event with the introduction of the items such as duration pot/ undy sc/ red pot/ blue pot and the past poll with majority giving a yes to the addition of these items, what is the current process in terms of implementing these items in-game for the general player base?
    Furthermore, a good addition to boost this would be to create more incentive in-game for players such as re-introducing farming with a spark such as Bifrost. I understand a lot of players seek to resume farming holy armor and that's okay but perhaps create a small mob or fragment of xxxx amount enable a voucher for players to try out dragon weapons. From here, potentially creating more venue to change anvil rates for krowaz weapons to 14 REB perhaps (just a thought, not necessarily encouraging this).
    Sincerely thank you for all your hard work and consideration, the Halloween event was amazing and I and a lot of the players really enjoyed it.
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    IIIAmJohnWick reacted to twostars in Scheduled maintenance notice (15/11/2018)   
    Hey guys,
    Due to issues with our disk drives (which are lately unnecessarily contributing to lag issues), our provider will be swapping out one of our (poorly performing) drives with an SSD.

    This means they will be:
    1. Taking the server offline.
    2. Moving existing important data off a RAID array (which may cause data loss, so we need to ensure all of data is backed up & accessible in the event this happens).
    3. Installing a new SSD.
    4. Installing the operating system onto the SSD.
    Which means that due to the awkwardness with moving the data off the RAID array, we'll need shutdown the server some time before they get started and sync raw data backups (our regular backups may take longer to restore), which may take some time.
    As such, we will be taking the server down for maintenance at roughly 6:00-7:00AM server time (UTC+2), which is 5:00AM-6:00AM Amsterdam/EU-west time.
    This should give us sufficient time to ensure that all of the data is backed up in time before they begin.
    They should begin roughly 3 hours later, at 9:00AM server time (UTC+2). I don't have an ETA on how long they will be.
    Once they're done, it's just a matter of transferring our data back (a little longer if we have to restore it), installing a couple of things (couple of minutes, tops), copying over our config & firewall settings, tweaking paths to the new locations, updating the OS (who knows how long that takes!) and (give or take some other trivial things) we'll be done on our end and can start the server back up (provided all went well).
    So the server should go down at roughly: 6:00~7:00 AM server time (UTC+2) (EDIT: issues became more severe, so we're taking it down at 4:00 AM server time instead)
    It will continue to be down until AT LEAST 10:00 AM server time (UTC+2).
    It will likely be down for maybe 4-5 hours (EDIT: as we had to take it down earlier, 7-8 hours).
    We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.
    PS: Once this maintenance is over, I will be able to look at fixing forum/website performance, as lately it's been pretty obnoxious.
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