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  1. IIIAmJohnWick

    ScreenShot Movie -- IAmJohnWick Sold ! Goodbye Apexko/ApexGaming <3

    Thanks bro ! ❤️
  2. IIIAmJohnWick

    APEXKO Clan DoggyStyLe Pk - Vs The Movie

    Good movie ! Amazing Edits ! ❤️ - IAmJohnWick
  3. IIIAmJohnWick

    S> FLL ROGUE ITEMS PM: WickysLeftNut

    bump 5 sold more stuff
  4. IIIAmJohnWick

    S> FLL ROGUE ITEMS PM: WickysLeftNut

    bump 4
  5. IIIAmJohnWick

    S> FLL ROGUE ITEMS PM: WickysLeftNut

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  6. IIIAmJohnWick

    S> FLL ROGUE ITEMS PM: WickysLeftNut

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  7. IIIAmJohnWick

    S> FLL ROGUE ITEMS PM: WickysLeftNut

    Bump 1
  8. IIIAmJohnWick

    S> FLL ROGUE ITEMS PM: WickysLeftNut

    Selling Items ! Amulet of Dex +3 / Elf Belt +3 ( DEX SET) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD Draki Pendant of Dexterity S.S.S. / Iron belt +3 (Iron Set) --------------------------------------------- (Iron belt 3 sold ) Belt of Quickness +3 (Jamadar Defense) 2x Elf Metal Earring +3 --------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD 2x Ring of Life +3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD Krowaz Assassin Pauldron +11 Reb /19 Dex ----------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD Krowaz 4 piece +5 reb /15 dex(helm/pads/boots/gauntlet) ----------------------------------------------------- SOLD Chitin Shield Scorpion Shield FP AD +7/17 (Axe) FP SD +7/17 (Sword)
  9. It's been a long time. I've spent many glorious years here and made many amazing friends and memories. Much love back to the KO community. Here's some moment's I would like to share ❤️ Best of luck to all in real life. ❤️ Until next time....... Maybe we meet again........ in server restart ^^ @[email protected], you both did phenomenal work and I congratulate you on promoting the longest lasting private server thus far. I wish you many more years of success with this server and hope the community continues to grow!
  10. IIIAmJohnWick

    Post-Halloween Event Decision

    Bump 2
  11. IIIAmJohnWick

    MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)

    you guys still playing apexko? o.0
  12. IIIAmJohnWick

    Post-Halloween Event Decision

  13. IIIAmJohnWick

    Post-Halloween Event Decision

    @[email protected], Given the success of the recent Halloween event with the introduction of the items such as duration pot/ undy sc/ red pot/ blue pot and the past poll with majority giving a yes to the addition of these items, what is the current process in terms of implementing these items in-game for the general player base? Furthermore, a good addition to boost this would be to create more incentive in-game for players such as re-introducing farming with a spark such as Bifrost. I understand a lot of players seek to resume farming holy armor and that's okay but perhaps create a small mob or fragment of xxxx amount enable a voucher for players to try out dragon weapons. From here, potentially creating more venue to change anvil rates for krowaz weapons to 14 REB perhaps (just a thought, not necessarily encouraging this). Sincerely thank you for all your hard work and consideration, the Halloween event was amazing and I and a lot of the players really enjoyed it.
  14. IIIAmJohnWick

    Client drops frames when loading in many spawns

    Lets end the event. Its boring now . xd
  15. This time used to be good pk because of ultima but now it is dead pk. We need to do something that stimulates players to play at this time frame. Perhaps tweak up ultima to stimulate players to attempt it like before but with a twist or something. Im not saying bring back drains. @twostars