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  1. please do krowaz expansion before rossetta expansion.
  2. @Aesteris, @twostars. Please comment.
  3. Dear @Aesteris, @twostars. How long do we have to wait for our beloved krowaz weapons to appear? I am very estatic for this patch! #2. Could we also get update to medals system. I still haven't gotten 1 mysterious fragment yet. Make it simpler like old apexko where there were NPCS in moradon for ladder points in exchange for medals for items. I really liked that and im sure a lot of other players did too.
  4. @Aesteris, @twostars, please bring back medal system. ladder national points for 5k, 2.5k and 1k medals for items. It will fix server pk and farm issue for items. Please bring back medal system! It will stimulate the economy too.
  5. Also can we do something about the 2nd UTC. no one goes to that event.
  6. @twostars, @Aesteris, please I would really like your input on this matter.
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