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  1. the nickname is as that posted in my signatures. ---------> "IAmJohnWick"
  2. As it says in title. @[email protected], please help fix this issue. My name is renowned on this server. It's sad to see it has been stolen. I look forward to coming back and producing more youtube content pk videos showing Apexko ! For those of you who knew , remember me get ready for some action ! 😎
  3. habibibibibibibibibibi Kaifa Haliqqqq
  4. Good movie ! Amazing Edits ! ❤️ - IAmJohnWick
  5. Selling Items ! Amulet of Dex +3 / Elf Belt +3 ( DEX SET) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD Draki Pendant of Dexterity S.S.S. / Iron belt +3 (Iron Set) --------------------------------------------- (Iron belt 3 sold ) Belt of Quickness +3 (Jamadar Defense) 2x Elf Metal Earring +3 --------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD 2x Ring of Life +3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD Krowaz Assassin Pauldron +11 Reb /19 Dex ----------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD Krowaz 4 piece +5 reb /15 dex(helm/pads/boots/gauntlet) ----------------------------------------------------- SOLD Chitin Shield Scorpion Shield FP AD +7/17 (Axe) FP SD +7/17 (Sword)
  6. It's been a long time. I've spent many glorious years here and made many amazing friends and memories. Much love back to the KO community. Here's some moment's I would like to share ❤️ Best of luck to all in real life. ❤️ Until next time....... Maybe we meet again........ in server restart ^^ @[email protected], you both did phenomenal work and I congratulate you on promoting the longest lasting private server thus far. I wish you many more years of success with this server and hope the community continues to grow!
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