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  1. I've been getting DC'd randomly, lagging like hell sometimes and my char jumps 2 - 3 steps backward everytime running, descenting around. Even moving down from a high ground (hills, Tree Boss spot)
  2. 10-30m and if you buy merch you could buy it for 10m each but if you wanna sel it ye go for 40-60m
  3. You could unlock some by changing class, aren't you bored playing priest all the time?
  4. You got strong accessories, OMG so much resistance!
  5. Welcome to ApexKO, Macroing is not considered cheating here because if it was then server would die without players And that's illusion skill indeed when you spam it fast (Macroing) it'll look like glitching.
  6. Where were you when people upgraded Raptor+11 and then it became worthless? We've been trying to fill the gap between new players and old ones over the years by introducing beginner items but guess what? They're shit compared to krowaz+11/Holy+11 and you say it's good that holy armor can't be farmed anymore? So what about those who farmed them already? shouldn't be deleted to make it fair for everyone? Or should be farmable ASAP? If you really think going PK will be the end of us well they could test it and see. Just 2 days a week go full PK and see the difference. and most PU items should belong to PU store to support developers with donations. By full PK I mean NPCs to sell krowaz items+11, accessories+3 and make some essential PU items like scrolls purchasable from Sundries and make coins farming much harder so players would have to either donate for PU items or farm coins for hours to buy KC in game or something from Sundries. That's it. We'll have farming alongside a fair PK server. Players would still make merchants in moradon but it'd be KC/PU items for coins which is now harder to obtain in game. We could introduce new mining, fishing, AFK farming, new farming areas to farm coins. Some feature of the game could end up dead like Anvil, Chaotic generator but we could rework them. How about obtaining premium scrolls( like undying scrols) or cospre items through exchanging felankor/ultima/apex/krowaz chests or basic scrols/ibex/crisis pots from Juraid gems. Even could add gold coins, silver and gold bars to Chaotic Generator/mining/fishing/CZ farming. So with going full PK I don't mean a boring server. We'll have to farm for coins and some other stuff but there won't be a significant gap between players in terms of items and with current stun/ice rates every new player could use Juraid accessories at +3. We still could have UTC farming too for those new items. And Bifrost / personal quest weapons upgradeable to +14 Maybe that way Anvil will have a purpose too. In conclusion ( just a few ideas): - Add Krowaz items+11 for free. - Add accessories+3 for free except ROF and UTC ones - Keep UTC and Draki farming and Bifrost +14 upgrading as it is - Wipe coins from server to start a harder coin farming - introduce new farming for coins like AFK/Genie/mining/fishing/CZ farming - Ultima/felankor/Apex/Krowaz chests should be reworked
  7. Enough with this farming crap. Nobody wanna join Apex to farm when the majority of players are fully geared /baba'd. We need to go full PK in order to attract new players.
  8. You're mad because Chris exposed your true skills in PM. I'm still LOLin at you playing a warrior without descent. No wonder why you're playing sin bcz you couldn't find a room for descent on skill bar. HAHAHAHAHAHA
  9. it's high for you because you got low resist or you're getting damage from an archer party. why do you think I call @IIIAmJohnWick @ImmortalOne noob assassins? because they run into a ful party to CP someone and they get stuned /iced/ and die and cry about it in forums. Now I'm beginning to believe you're pretty much alike them. 😂
  10. and you idiot think that reducing stun will bring more players back? where were you when archers ice/light arrows were broken? did we have 1k users back then? fuck off with your stupid logic, people left server bcz of other reasons.
  11. you got a noob orc sin who logs sometimes during ultima and when gets killed a few times, cries and quits cz lol as far as i remember your partner was a skilled player but you always ruined her mage/warrior char by playing retarded. if that's you, maybe I've mistaken you with some stupid one else.
  12. Everyone was bored a while ago when it was 7 warrior 1 priest parties. So they gave mages and archers more dmg and stun/slow rates. Now it's more diverse and fun but maybe it's a little too much for "some players"
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