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  1. BulletClub

    Melody's Selling List [For All Classes]

    Upcake Cupcake
  2. BulletClub

    about low class items.

    I tried this before Eden. They wouldn’t change. I sold fabric +9 pauldron to josh
  3. BulletClub

    ALLANOOOON leaving

    Milk boy:(
  4. BulletClub

    Nice Wings

    I personally think they’re ugly. But I’m not one to say no to any diversity in the game. There is a set list of items that are used by every class because they’re tip top. The only diversity we have is what PUS armor you use and your pathos gloves.
  5. BulletClub

    ALLANOOOON leaving

    Lol. Edit. Was talking shit. But just decided to keep it casual
  6. BulletClub

    Fire Rain WF

    Yep. Chances of the curse granting with single shot is very low rng 1/100... imagine guessing a number 1-100 if you get it right. You win. as opposed to 8/100 with multiple/shower combo. Theoretically with the as/ms combo you get 8/10 for the curse. which is a great rate...
  7. BulletClub

    About achieve system

    129/150. I don’t care either way. Make it easier so I can get the achievement after patch or don’t. I only have 21 left. Pk expansion sounds cool
  8. BulletClub

    server need something new!

    That dark knight mace tho 😂😂😂 hahahahaha
  9. BulletClub

    Selling Priest Kro set 11 2x roc 3

    Up. Pm CediOsman Insdide game
  10. BulletClub

    Selling Priest Kro set 11 2x roc 3

    Selling: Priest Krowaz set +11 2x roc +3 Gab adamant +8 Mage Krowaz Helmet +11 Buying: Mage Krowaz set +11
  11. BulletClub

    Anvil ?

  12. BulletClub

    Killing Felenkor Knights Quest

    It’s nerfed. I did it with me and Andrew and a priest. It’s easy now duder
  13. BulletClub


    Warriors are fine. Don’t give them more. Don’t get give anyone else a nerf. And we’re all good here it’s fine as is. Everyone cannot be pleased
  14. BulletClub

    1V1 Warrior VS With Start Item

    Not home.