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  1. Currently selling: Chaos Wirinom +11 Reverse Krowaz Warrior Pauldron, Pads, Boots +11 Reverse Draki's Pendant of STR S.S.S 2x Opal Earring +3 String of Skulls +3 2x Hero's Valor +3 2x Minotaur Earrings +3 2x Platinum Earrings +3 Krowaz Rogue Pauldron +11 Reverse Currently buying:
  2. Sad to hear these words from you Supa, I think you have tunnel visioned yourself massively. You say that exp/farm version of Apex was great. I agree with you, it was something unique and very well balanced but how come you say that the PK patch that was introduced in late April 2016 iirc is the thing that killed ApexKO? The idea of PK patch is the only reason Apex exists to this day. Your beloved farm server lasted ONLY for 3 months (I am not going to count April as we were only 10-15 people in Moradon trying to guess when admins were going to wrap everything up). From now on, full farm/exp server would be a complete bullshit because this kind of server don't last long (WELL, we all have seen it twice with Apex). Server hoppers will join and leave after the very beginning. At the end of the third month what was left will be the core players that form up Apex's present playerbase. Have a nice day!
  3. İfşa derken macrosunun veya pedalının ifşası beyler yanlış anlayan olmasın.
  4. Gift maybe?!?! Thanks in advance ❤️
  5. If you have an nVidia Graphics Card, you'd better use Shadowplay instead of Bandicam.
  6. Are you surprised that 7 good-coordinated mages can kill you with 2 novas? This is the reason that people are forming up mage teams lol. Sorry but if your priests can't handle 2 novas in time, they are retarded. I don't even want to mention that 2 warriors can kill the whole mage party in no time with Torment + focusing the same target. This is not Ares or Gordion where mage teams run with 2 or 3 parties to kill 1 melee party lol.
  7. If I understood you correctly, you claim that you have been kicked out of a clan in which you had donated national points. Consequently, you've lost part of them. There is a feature that was introduced a while ago that is meant to help people in these kinds of situations. You can buy NP Recovery Scroll from PUS and go to the NPC where you nation transfer a clan for coins (next to the Clan Bank Manager). After choosing the right option, you can get rest of your national points back.
  8. These kinds of achievements are not meant to be granted to every player lol. 100 Defence is the best achievement no matter the class It should and is supposed to take a little.
  9. I totally agree with this suggestion. 150 Juraid wins for Apex's current state is extremely hard to achieve, even though some people have already unlocked the achievement. Imo, the reasons for that is either they had been able to attend at least more than one Juraid a day and they had been lucky enough to be on the winning side, or they had been a part of the community for a long time and been constantly playing If I have to talk about myself, I have less than 80 wins(I guess :D) in more than 2 years. I haven't had the opportunity to participate in most of the JRs due to personal issues. In addition, I feel like I have been on the losing side all the time. 10, 25, 40 wins requirement is low. My suggestion is to reduce it to somewhere between 50 and 100 wins.
  10. If you type Elf-Metal Earring, you will see that there are 2 options. The bottom option is actually White-Silver Earring
  11. I guess this is the topic that may help you. It says you need 450,000 NPs + Felankor Quest to go Royal
  12. As far as I know impeachment feature can be used by the senators a.k.a the candidates who lost the election. One of them can offer an impeachment and if all the other senators agree, it is brought to public vote where, finally, players can call their vote "In favour" or "Against" the impeachment.
  13. It seems like if somebody dies, or enters UTC and attacks the mob, it immediately gains maximum HP. At least this happened to my party
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