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  1. ReborN

    Luring again

    Everyone trying to screw other's game should be banned! We waste our asses off to play , to get lvls, xp, coins, so comes someone to screw our work? for me is the same of cheating!
  2. ReborN

    Sulten luring on us

    After that happened, I Died, lost 5% xp that was hard to get!
  3. ReborN

    Kung Fury

    What the hell did I just read? lol
  4. ReborN

    MyNameIs Beta PK Part 2

    Nice Video bro! kick their asses \o
  5. ReborN

    Reks NPT

    I was at CZ and caught Reks NPTing, killing HornyBitcz. He also said That I Was NPTing, so I I've made a video to proof I wasnt. Dont award him even 1 KC please, ty!
  6. ReborN

    PietroMaximOff NPT

    Oh I see
  7. ReborN

    PietroMaximOff NPT

    Correct, he has 20-25k of nps, he would have now 2.5k KC for free cheating, now he wont even have 1 kc.
  8. ReborN

    PietroMaximOff NPT

    Well, this morning Ive logged in, gone CZ and saw tons of kills from PietroMaximOff an orc Sin against a naked human. In the end, he had 4800 nps, that cuz he problly gone and come back to erase the nps sometimes right? I got proofs enough to take him down from all of his prizes Now the video to be 100% clear Please, Don't award even 1 point for him, ty.
  9. ReborN

    Scorpion Schyte

    Its not crying, its just something very dumbest easy to understand that we r trying to make this server better than usko like Tequila said there, If i'm not on USKO theres a reason... and none of the skills of any class beats a spear that recovers ur hp on that speed, u can tank a whole pt with that, and a rogue is able to be killed with fast minors, just stun;slow it, but a warrior with a ss +8 just hit someone / a mob and then it regains all 100% U should really rethink of ur opinions and stop being rude with others, if we all r saying its OP its cuz we dont want that PK be screwed, its cuz we care for the server... Next time be a lil more mature pls.
  10. ReborN

    Scorpion Schyte

    A little sample of how it is OP
  11. ReborN

    Scorpion Schyte

    I know right? wtf man, there was a warrior, the leader of the 4Prisoners clan, I totally forgot his name... And I was with 2 peoples, he was TANKING us, wtf man? This is insane and It has to stop! :S
  12. ReborN

    Scorpion Schyte

    Well I think that not only me but everyone noticed that is getting out of control!! Everyone is abusing scorpion schyte since u can regain 70% of ur hp in less than 10 seconds, And that is screwing the PK, and that cause im not even mentioning VS either... Please remove or nerf that weapon that is really being abused by every single warrior of this server!
  13. ReborN

    MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)

    What about me? ReborN as Kurian or NecrophobiC as Priest;
  14. ReborN

    More ppl abusing towers

    I agree with him, cant even stand at my town, repair and etc...cant xp either, they should be banned as a warn to dont abuse bugs. if theyre abusing at beta time, realize at official?!