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  1. what's the reasoning behind not adding duration pot or anything like that to sundries?
  2. ya man ultima is such an interesting event fuck dude youre right sorry man im so fucking stupid wow how could i forget about that
  3. you want a solution? how about having events that are actually interesting or having content that is exciting?
  4. 0/10 music also nice fps you playing on a snail?
  5. this server breeds the stupidest people ive ever seen
  6. @MDMA @Miguannnnnnnnnnnn both of you pls stfu and learn to record in 60 fps, pls sell your microwave and play KO on a computer
  7. how many apex videos am i going to watch with 5 FPS? please, i already have english school, i cant open video-making school too wtf
  8. ya true all the usko parties that use 3 priests are totally shit and wouldn't even be able to enter CZ without 3 of them please stop living in this world of fantasy of yours. if something is super overpowered and super good why wouldn't people use it, especially if it will never be nerfed? I can name so many clans in USKO that run 3 priest that also play 2 priest 1 mage and do perfectly fine. warrior is extremely OP to the point where playing sin in any *competitive* (KO is hardly competitive but you get the point) environment is useless, and most mage clans are completely irrelevant on 83 cap servers because of their inability to kill warrior parties (frenzy, hp booster, descent, outplayed). Why don't you go and complain about that in every single thread known to man? honestly, at this point I think all the people complaining about 3 priests are just trolling and probably play archer.
  9. When we were helping Aesteris fix the gab adamant, this was the only question we had no idea about. Us and Aesteris agree'd that we would just follow basic logic (so magic damage is blocked by gab's blessing (such as warrior AOE and rogue drain) and physical damage is blocked by gab's adamant (spike, cry echo, and in this case, mage staff), so that's why it works that way, we couldn't find a video to find out if we were wrong though. It makes sense from a programming perspective, but I guess its NTTGame after all. Also on the topic of priest cancel rates, they were adjusted a year ago:
  10. I didn't even do anything to you, and yet you get so mad and start insulting me immediately, hmm... Maybe you should just get mad at Aziz instead of trying to get mad at me, besides, I am just a poor american boy called Cindy
  11. Oh hey, it's my pet! Thanks for following me around like the loyal dog you are, I appreciate it! Doesn't matter who I am, this is just some great drama, pls keep it going.
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