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    pheonsly reacted to BroOk in afk in chaos ICEBOX and IMusticDream   
    i think u are the only person in the world who can record 3 players on chaos to proof 1 guy went afk because its faking bored to do chaos with 3 players myb?
    your topic should be?
    Q. why the hell just 3 faking players going CHAOS?
    A. dunno myb cuz theres no hell drops appart some randomly wings which not really worth?
    Q.why theres no real drop on the best PVPevent has been made since kingaurelio learn how to styx?
    A. myb admins have not good moderators/gms who can let them know how to make better a perfect event like that.
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    pheonsly got a reaction from red123 in Codex Gigas QUESTION   
    20K for a staff+5 is nonsense...
  3. Thanks
    pheonsly reacted to Aesteris in Patch (09/03/2019)   
    We've got something for y'all in the upcoming patch
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    pheonsly reacted to Sick in Selling "Sick" (SOLD)   
    ~-< S-O-L-D >-~   

    "Sick" has been sold thank you for the wonderful expierence Apex!
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    pheonsly reacted to Melody in about low class items.   
    there is any chance to put them at higher plus?
    Like +5/6/7 or maybe even +8/9.. because they're useless anyways so.

    I would like to play bp.
    @[email protected]
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    pheonsly got a reaction from Sick in FIRE RAIN SKILL (Double tested)   
    HELLO AGAIN!! I decided to double test fire rain with KingSick (aka @Sick) because I knew something was wrong, so skill works with single shot in a very very low rate (It used to work fine in the past so maybe and update fucked it up), so I recorded 2 videos:
    Windforce Undefeatable (1%) skill worked in 35 secs on single shot
    KingSick (Garges Mace 5%) vs IPheonSlyI (Fire Rain WF 5% with single shots) - Fire rain never worked and garges skill worked 10 times in 3 minutes
    PS: I already know skill works with single shot but it needs to be check, I'm sure its pointless to have 5% skill chance and bugged. Thank you in advance.
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