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  1. PM here or PheonSly in game
  2. 20K for a staff+5 is nonsense...
  3. Does anyone know how to craft Light Codex Gigas, when I try on the NPC only drops Fire Codex Gigas?....... Is it random?, Is it bugged?. Thanks in advance.
  4. You should make all tears of karavidis obtained from events (BDW, CHAOS) non tradable without expiration just like you did with Ultima.
  5. I mean it gets calculated from the physical damage and not the magic damage of the staff, you can clearly see hp recovery from melee atacks in other characters.
  6. 1.Hp recovery should work with mage staff skill since every class recieve hp from Draki. 2. Aztec curse should give np to the owner and take np of the defeated.
  7. Sometimes I get stuck in this bloodseeker spot, you can delete the objects in order to make it better. TY Image below: http://imgur.com/a/lY7uz
  8. Aztec Gold Curse should get back as it were before and give the person np reward for the kill. Light/Ice/Fire armor should work with arrows. I suggest it since mages have lots of disadvantages. TY
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