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  1. actually not as thats a mage from my clan
  2. wtf.. seems that +1 elemental damage does not work
  3. i can agree on this one, we need something like that. it need to be done right though so its not just warder warder keeper win.
  4. as long as people play on the server they have a voice!
  5. that is just wrong this is me helping people exp.. im 83 100% already.. Thats why human side is so much better, people help eachother here.
  6. so sins who alreadu do 2500 + 2000 dmg in the first 2 hits is fine? (to 1300defense)
  7. i totally agree that we probably need a new reward for bdw
  8. KrepiN

    S> HB +7

    Selling HB +7 5.5k kc or 16gb coins! Pm KrepiN
  9. stop making excuses, if he share then he plays warrior too
  10. are we really gonna delete the no's that where there before ? i voted no, i posted my name! yet you delete my vote
  11. yep i agree.. ban xrus! not only did he tp them to die.. he also had an agreement with orc not to kill him.
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