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    Selling "Sick" (SOLD)

    UPDATE: Sick has been sold and now has a new owner.
  2. Sick

    Selling "Sick" (SOLD)

    ~-< S-O-L-D >-~ "Sick" has been sold thank you for the wonderful expierence Apex!
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    Ininal kart ile kc çekme

    Merhaba, ben de aynı sorunu yaşıyorum. ama benim için farklı bir e-posta kullandım ve ödeme kabul edildi. İyi şanslar ve lütfen sizin için işe yaradıysa bana bildirin Turkish translate
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    Selling "Sick" (SOLD)

  5. Sick


    @Nath I will try to stream more I'm not so active lately. Thanks for your feedback!
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    ApexKO Twitch I've had several request, people asking me to stream and show the pk/server. I will try to stream a couple of hours a day maybe even bring in some new players.
  7. Sick

    When can we log in the Game??

    LOL. Trust me, the past few days have been hell. I mean I found myself playing Leauge of Legends running around in ARAM smh. I say give it a little more time. New dedi! I'm excited!