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  1. Hello, As many of you may know who I am, I want to request I get my VPN Restriction uplifted. I own and use two computers for Apex and I class changed one of my priest on Account ID : (removed) to genie him along with my warrior. After spending $20 USD (and much more to support ApexKO), setting both genies up I noticed genie is restricted to only x1 per IP address. I've never used VPN but, I attempted to use a VPN to see if this would fix my issue. This did end up locking my account where I can't trade, send letters or place items in my clan bank as well as remove them. I need this
  2. Hopefully! haha. It's looking promising . <333
  3. Hello, + Buying + Opal Earring +0 / +1 Thanks,
  4. @Dartanyanlet me know what warrior items you got kanka
  5. ^ I'm ready to come back gel gel
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