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  1. LostQueTamo

    Client drops frames when loading in many spawns

    I have the same issue. Now that you explained what causes this, is there any solution that we could try?
  2. LostQueTamo

    Sell Rogue Krowaz +11

    Selling Krowaz Rogue Gauntlets and Helmet both reverse +11 You can pm me here or in game 'Xwun'
  3. LostQueTamo

    UTC difficulty

    The solution is simple; Do not attack at all, keep hiding in the corners and when bosses have 5% hp go to the gate as many players do!!
  4. LostQueTamo

    porut useless / forgothen temple unused

    You are complaining about rogues? I wonder if you ever played one. Your argument is that kurians are not same as they are in USKO neither are rogues. The cp barely works, m20, 75 barely works and these undy scrolls, red potions and durations are also used in USKO why are you just complaining about your own class even though you deal a shit ton of damage!
  5. LostQueTamo


    yes np
  6. LostQueTamo

    Drain issue

    For instance, yesterday's boss event when 2 or 3 sins gather up and try to get some drops they hardly get any drops due to the fact that they cannot use more than 1 drain. I will not insist on this subject but I am just telling you except for those 3 bosses this restriction is unfair for sins, just consider this please and thank you.
  7. LostQueTamo

    Drain issue

    I am sorry but I do not agree with you on this. It cannot be described as unfairness when it comes to the drains. It is a skill which is crucial for sins and It shouldn't be restricted this way just because some people abuse it.
  8. LostQueTamo

    Drain issue

    The other day we were 4 assassins in JR and we couldn't even see the DEVA since our drains were useless. Drains are our most effective skills against high HPed mobs. I sometimes do farm on bowl and it just takes too much time to kill even an atross alone.
  9. LostQueTamo

    Drain issue

    I understand that drains have been restricted but this is not a good idea in general.I am OK with that sins can't drain more than once(Ultima,Felankor,Isilion) but except for those It's so absurd that we cannot use drain on other mobs such as Juraid, Ronark Land, etc.In my opinion it would have been better If this restriction had only been for those 3 bosses. Greets.
  10. LostQueTamo

    TS & Stun & Slow

    I don't have much to say about stun/slow rates but I definitely agree on; Duration and undy SCs should be here already and the range of staffs is really way too much!
  11. LostQueTamo

    Well Needed Suggestions

    In this topic ladies and gentlemen, you can see many of the things that we are complaining about! I completely agree, well done!
  12. LostQueTamo

    Juraid Mountain stair bug

    I'll try that thank you!
  13. LostQueTamo

    Juraid Mountain stair bug

    These pictures are from today's Jr. I couldn't go up the stairs @twostars
  14. LostQueTamo

    INSANE lag after new update?

    These improvements have improved nothing ! Only made it worse.. People are indeed flying !